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  1. trophy380

    Wheres good for ECU mapping?

    Can anyone recommend somewhere thats decent for ecu mapping?
  2. trophy380

    clio 197 rear tow point?

    Does anyone know where the rear tow point is on the 197? I'm getting the car ready for a track day but cant find where it is? or do I need to sort my own?
  3. trophy380

    Recaro 197 seats in leather and alcantara

    Hi guys, how much would a mint pair of Recaro 197 seats in leather and alcantara be worth?
  4. trophy380

    Towing eye

    Does anyone know where i can get one of these towing eyes?
  5. trophy380

    Track spec 197

    I've been on this forum for years when I first had a FF182 and later a 182 Trophy. I've finally got myself back into Clio ownership but this time with a 197. I haven't picked the car up yet but have paid the deposit today. My intentions are only to use it on track days and sprints so wanted...
  6. trophy380

    Clio 197 throttle bodies

    Is anyone now producing a throttle body kit and ecu for the 197?
  7. trophy380

    KW Clubsports on 197

    Has anyone on here fitted KW Clubsports to their 197 or 200's? I'm just interested in finding out if they're any good? or if anyone can recommend alternatives?
  8. trophy380

    Blue Cup near Redditch 5.30PM 30-12-10

    Nice blue 182 Cup near Redditch today at around 5.30! Reg N18*** Lady Driver!
  9. trophy380

    RS200 MPG?

    What mpg's are you guys getting from the new RS200?
  10. trophy380

    What's the difference?

    Can anyone tell me what the difference in spec between the '197 cup' and '197 R27'? Thanks
  11. trophy380

    197 Brembo's on a 182?

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if the 197 Brembo's fit a 182, under 16" turini wheels? Has anyone done this? Cheers
  12. trophy380

    New Member

    Hi Guys, I thought I better introduce myself. I'm the proud owner of a Clio Sport 182 Trophy. I've owned the car for about 2 years and absolutely love it! Having had a string of french hot hatches in the past (2 x 106 gti's and a FF 182). I'm currently a member of the clio trophy forum...