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    EML & MOT

    Do we have any MOT testers on here? Is the EML an MOT fail now? It never used to be but I think they've changed the rules?
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    YN54 YAX (iirc) 182 Northwich

    Today at 5.10.
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    iPad / iPhone Bluetooth Speaker

    Any recommendations under say £100ish? Doesn't have to be portable as it'll purely for in the house, in fact one with a plug is probably preferable. There's so many on the market.
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    iPhone 5 - 3G/LTE issue

    Hi guys, got an iPhone 5 upgrade as a replacement for my broken 4S, have been changed onto an LTE plan with EE etc. Phone works fine whilst it's on LTE, but the minute it uses 3G nothing happens, Facebook doesn't load, twitter etc. Anyone else have this issue? Is it a network issue or a...
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    iPhone 4S Front Screen Replacement

    Does anyone have a reputable company on eBay they've used to purchase a replacement front screen from? Not interested in go to Apple when there's a new phone due in a matter of months :sleepy:.
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    F1 2013

    For all things F1 2013. Announcement today :D.
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    Monday. What we expecting/looking forward to/wanting?
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    Saints Row IV

    Loved the multiplayer on 3. Out 23/08/13. ​
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    iPad Mini

    The Daily Mail is going mental recently, lol. Event happening on the 17th apparently.
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    Black 182 Canada Water, London

    Facing the Thames. Looks standard.
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    Budget camera

    Hiya :o. Looking for a digital camera, probably around £100-£150. Original purchase will be for use during a couple of weddings I've got and will need to be small enough to fit into a sporran :o, or easy enough to carry about. However, I then might start using it for outdoor shots around...
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    E3 2012

    Not long now. Most looking forward to Forza Horizon announcement. It's been pretty quite on that front. Doubt we'll see much, if anything, of the next gen consoles.
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    Jonny Ive knighted

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    Computer Parts

    Where's the best place to buy them? Looking for a graphics card slot (not the card, the bit the card slots into) for my ProServer N40L. Google is just bringing up links the purchase the whole system. Thanks :o.
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    Graphics card.

    Quick question :o. Installed a graphics card into my NAS and when I watch something, every so often, normally when there's white playing, there's some vertical lines that appears. Graphics card broken? Not installed right?
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    Eddie Stobart - black 182

    Old episode, Owner works for Stobart ;).
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    GL04 Arctic 182 - Surrey Quays gym

    Just now :).
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    Free stuff from Apple.

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    iPhone vs all - Gadget Show

    Anyone else watching it?
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    Cupped Inferno - HOW 5IE - Canada Water Stn, LDN

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    Spreadsheet app?

    Any good one for the iPad without spending ££££? It's the only reason I have to keep turning my netbook on. Needs basic functions and IF and SUMIF etc. Danke.
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    PC Guys - Any game for £1, incl things like Deus Ex. Thought it might interest some of you.
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    182 Cup F1

    Nice.. remapped to 200bhp.
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    Didn't even know this game was in the pipeline and got really excited when I noticed it was done by the same guys who made Black (awesome game!). But apparently Stuart Black who made Black left mid-way through so don't think it'll be that good :(...
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    Data busters Vee in Glasgow town!

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    Freeview HD help

    Recently bought a new full HD TV which was described as having Freeview HD. Excuse my stupidity but how do I get the Freeview HD to work :o Is it a intemperate channel? As i've looked through the full TV guide and don't see any BBC1 HD channels. I'm trying to watch the F1 in HD :)...
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    NA02 YDL - Flame red 172 - Canada Water

    Driving past Canada Water station at 20 past 7 this morning.
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    XBL Membership 12 months

    Who are people using to buy theirs? Where's the cheapest ATM?
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    2 x 197 in Glasgow

    Red R27 in Mount Vernon yesterday about half 5ish, private plate. White 197 SA08 on the M8 heading west this morning about 7am.
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    iPhone/iTunes Error

    Evening... Off to the Apple store tomorrow to see about getting my phone replaced, there's a crack at the headphone jack port. Anyways, I've plugged it into my PC and opened iTunes and it's not recognising it to back-up... All I get is a Windows pop up that says: Found New Hardware...