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  1. sofaboy

    Hugely Homo Pretty red Mazda

    So a long time lurker and ex poster but since joeyd dropped some gratuitous pictures in his thread I thought Id copy and paste the rubbish I wrote on MX5Nutz, so some of this wont make sense. So THE update. Friday morning at 5am me and my mate set off from Manchester down to some place...
  2. sofaboy

    (yet another) MX5!

    Most recent purchase is this 2009 2 litre sport, absolutely loving it, such a nice car to be in. I do have a few plans but for now im just enjoying the bose and heated leather. Only pictures I have are iphone ones after me and christopher spent hours cleaning it. My driveway as it stands.
  3. sofaboy

    Soooo after nearly 2 years of owning my red car, something came up for sale literally just after I megasquirted it. It was a car id lusted/admired since i first laid eyes on it. Simply put... I had to have it. spec is Forged engine build which has covered 13.000 miles since its build, this...
  4. sofaboy

    Gt86 Roadtrip

    Awesome video so hopefully not a repost, Its a hungarian guy who lovingly filmed this in not only hungarian but english too.
  5. sofaboy

    V2 pro racing helmet
  6. sofaboy

    R60 CUP

    Most spotted CS member of 2012, was the r27 with you too?
  7. sofaboy

    The Big manchester meet

    Some pics and a writeup by one of my mates who attended in the Red FC vert.
  8. sofaboy

    Black 172, Trafford road

    At about quarter to 1. Yellow wheels and a fair dose of lows.
  9. sofaboy


    1pm Trafford centre.... Hids a blaring cars looking well :)
  10. sofaboy

    My new uber camp automobile. MX-5 Project.

    Picked this up last tuesday to replace the clio, it is an epic wagon, had the roof off in minus temperatures.... though it broke the rear screen :(, to say getting it was difficult is an understatement. I originally spotted the car on wednesday the 1st of December... then rang them on the...
  11. sofaboy

    My MK3
  12. sofaboy

    RB182 Princess parkways 10.30 am

    Car looked awesomeeeeee.
  13. sofaboy

    My trax pics :(

    Well some may have noticed another presence for an hour or so at the CS tent. The AA man, Yep, that was for me. What a shitty weekend ive had, Basically on the way in obviously we were sent through the tunnel because thats where the CS stand was, as i got to the tunnel one of the marshals...
  14. sofaboy

    Silver ph1 in urmston (pics)

    Saw this on sunday, had a rollcage and camera mount.
  15. sofaboy

    MK3 canasta offset

    Hi does anyone know the offset of the MK3 canasta wheels or where I can find it out? thanks
  16. sofaboy

    My car on speedhunters!!!!

    Yes im an ASW but half way down thur she is with a mates micra and C2. yay!
  17. sofaboy

    Urgent coilover help!!!!!

    Just fitting my coilovers on my MK3 and hit a snag at the first stage, heres a picture of everything we got. I figure you need to re-use the two rubber bits to sit inbetween the body but they wont fit on the new coilovers. Or am I doing things completely wrong? Can someone please list the...
  18. sofaboy

    Mk3 Clio one year on, 56k Beware (Non RS content)

    So after Owning FFG for a year I thought I may aswell put up its first proper thread. After Seeing F0xy's MK2 on ZSOC I fell in love and was put off a MK5 zetec-s, then I saw Biohzrd's car at the start of its life on coilovers and standard wheels and slowly fell in love, Then as I passed my test...
  19. sofaboy

    Jesus in a subaru

    N/A ftw, at eccles west one at about half 9.
  20. sofaboy

    Last minute mini meet init

    Me and a few people have suggested a mini meet to get some pictures in Urmston or wherever local is photogenic, Were thinking tonight is anyone else up for it?
  21. sofaboy

    Trophy Chorlton

    Coming out of texaco on Barlow moor road.
  22. sofaboy

    MV55 Trophy

    Tonight in shell petrol station in Chorlton.
  23. sofaboy

    Left hand side lights dead?

    Hi guys, Basically my car has just had a new front and rear bumper fitted due to getting rear ended and pushed into another car, Since ive had it back the left number plate light was out, So today I went to change it, As I've pulled out the blown bulb, the other number plate light went out, as...
  24. sofaboy

    Vibe sub :star:
  25. sofaboy

    Turbo'd 1*2, Cat and fiddle

    Just off the cat and fiddle, 90% sure it was turbo'd and 100% sure it wasnt Ryan K, Must have been about 12 oclock at night.
  26. sofaboy

    With Pic, Naith yo

  27. sofaboy

    Nimbus 197, Chorlton

    At about 4.15, driving past the lesbian bar. Pretty darn sure i saw a club sticker.
  28. sofaboy

    MK3, Sub and Amp

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has pictures of the hole in the bulk head for the live to run through. Thanking you
  29. sofaboy

    5th Ave, Manchester, Walking person

    Shouting CLIOSPORT.NET GET ON IT!!!! as I turned around, Forgot your username.
  30. sofaboy

    dimmed dash lights.

    Basically I had the 4 LED sidelights in my headlights for a few months, then yesterday they started flickering and 2 of the LED's died, so i pulled the bulbs out last night and will replace them today with standard ones. However and I have no idea if this is related my heater controls etc are...