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    What has happed to this Alloy Wheel?

    Hi, my nephew has got in touch and asked me what this is on the alloy wheel. It’s just on 1 of the rims. He also has the Alloy Gators on all 4 of the rims, he says he only noticed the issue past couple days and doesn’t think it was damaged when the gators were put on. here’s a couple of...
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    Certain pics not on PC

    I have a few hundred pics from NY on my iPhone XS Max and would like to transfer them to my desktop pc. My iCloud is to the Max almost and want to clear storage. When I plug my iPhone to my pc and look in my picture section it doesn’t show any of my NY pics but other pics I have taken. I’m...
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    Anyone working at Ford

    I know this is the wrong thread, best option as i'm not a member anymore. A while back one of the lads on here worked at Ford over at Newcastle iirc, not sure if he's still on. Does anyone here work at Ford in the North East. Just need some helping out that's all. thanks
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    Ethernet cable, which one for 2018

    For the past quit a few years I’ve been using the Cat6. What’s the current go to spec of Ethernet cable at the moment? I’ve noticed that there’s cat6a or e and cat7 now. Mainly for home use, current Fibre speed is around average of 60 to 70 mbps. Do i stick with cat6 or move up?
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    Clio 2017 Seat Airbags

    my sister is getting a 2017 Clio Dynamique. Just wondering is the driver side and passenger side seats have airbags on them? As I’m getting some seat covers if they need to be air bag compatible Thanks
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    Clio 172 wont keep keep ticking over

    What happened is i turned the key all get way round and it tried to start but didn’t, so I re turned it and it started ok but after a fair few seconds it turned itself off, I tried to turn it over again but nothing. Any ideas?
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    Got a mark on my Asus monitor

    just noticed a drop like mark on my monitor today. I have absolutely no idea how it got there. Can it just randomly cause that to happen itself? It’s a PB277Q model Thanks
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    iTunes Films

    I've downloaded a few films over the past off iTunes. I wanted to watch a film just now on my Windows PC. I opened up movies on iTunes and clicked a film and it's showing a white static screen and there's sound but no footage. When i click the Esc button on my keyboard it shows the film just for...
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    New PC monitor 28" 4K Dell

    Im looking for a upgrade from my 22" Dell to a new monitor and thought I'd look at a 4K screen and saw this . What are people's thoughts about going for 4K , never had one before and it will be handy for my new pc possibly a Mac Mini...
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    PS4 Controller Issue

    Ive got 2 controllers and been using them both with no issues. I sold one and the buyer says the controller won't sync using the cable and it's flashing a white light? I've got it back now and it is blinking a white light. Now I can't even sync the controller to my PS4 with the same cable it's...
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    Ticking noise from rear on 172

    First thought was it might be a wheel bearing but it sounds different as this is not a drone or a whining noise coming from the rear passenger side. It does get a bit faster when you drive faster. It only just come on just a couple days ago hadn't got any better or worse. Any other possibility...
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    ADSL to Fibre Querry, Help Needed

    Where i use to live it's got ADSL broadband through the phone line with the white filters in 4 rooms. I'm likely to move back there soon to have Fibre broadband installed. But have questions. My router was in my bedroom along with my Sky, PC and Playstation and 1x white filter. 1x white filter...
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    Silver ph1 A690 Durham 08/11

    As above was turning off the A1/A690 roundabout heading into Durham. Saw a ph1 giving it some beans with another car poss BMW. Don't see many ph1 round here like
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    Rear suspension knock noise 172

    Past fair few weeks I've been getting a knocking noise when I go over a bump on the road. Coming from the rear passenger side. I've had the exhaust hanger changed and it's not that l. My mechanic looked at the rear shockers and their not leaking. What suspension parts is there on the rear, any...
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    Intrest in a EF 17-40mm or EF 24-105mm?

    Anyone intrested in these lenses? Might get rid of one as i'm thinking of getting an Ipad Pro, need some cash Both L lenses
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    Portable Speaker for Holiday

    I'm looking to get a portable speaker to take away on holiday. It needs to be hand held that will sync to my iPad 2 and HTC 10. I don't know much about these sort of things but i know BOSE is pretty good as a brand but not sure on specs and so on. Here is a link that i've come across...
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    1*2 Powerflex Exhaust Mount Bush

    I've always been tired of been replacing these but lately it's getting rediclous and i'm looking into getting something like Powerflex rubbers for the exhaust. I saw this site...
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    Battlefield 1

    Well the time has arrived for the next BF5, so looking forward to this game. I wonder if it will be set in WW2 or set in the Cold War? There was a leak that there might be 4 DLC maps which will have: Goldmud Railway 2016 Siege of Shanghai 2016 Operation Locker 2016 Zavod 311 2016 Battlefield...
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    HTC 10

    I'll be getting this, i believe it will be coming out early this month, this week hopefully.
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    Call of Duty - Modern Warfare and MW2 / Next Gen

    exiting times ahead people, been leaked that the MW will be getting released, there's been pics shown of the front cover for MW2 too. One release date was 6.11.16 iirc . Both will be remastered and maybe just a couple little tweaks / changes. So can't wait
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    Whitby 4th July Saturday

    I'm heading over to Whitby tomorrow with my nephew, if any of you photographers want to pop along, i'll be there aroound mid afternoon taking landscape/urban and seascapes photo's for my portfolio. Let me know if you want to tag along, i'll be there for quit a while until i get tired, might...
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    Whitby Photo meet Saturday 4th July

    I'm heading over to Whitby tomorrow for a fair few hours to take some landscape photo's most likely be heading over after dinner time. If anyone wants to join me just post up or pm me.
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    NEC The photography Show 19th-22nd March 2016

    Since getting into photography and i know that car shows have been to the NEC and googled the NEC for photography shows and it came up as i didn't know they did. So next year in March i'm going, any of you lot interested? could go round in a little group or something. here is a link...
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    Need new exhaust for my ph2 172

    As above had my magnex cat back stainless steel for close to 10 years now and been repaired twice. And the back box is going badly on it now What after market cat back systems stainless steel are available at the minute? Wouldn't mind going for a stealth one this time but with mild noise to it
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    North East Millennium Bridge Meet 08.03.2015

    edit, wrong size pics. sorry. sort it out soon Also still a noob editing on Photoshop as well
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    PS4 PSN ID List

    Just to get a list going as there isn't one. Be good to get more people involved in a party or what ever. Just need your PSN ID and Games your currently playing. Feel free to send a friend request if you fancy a game. 1. LordGedi - Playing mainly BF4 and GTA5
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    Flame Red 172 in Gilesgate Durham

    Is this someone on here? seen it a fair few times recently i thought i was the only flamer in this area lol
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    Assasins Creed Unity

    Just amazed on how this game looks especially on the last video
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    HTC Butterfly 2

    Looks nice and wondering if this will be the new smartphone, also if this will/is released in the UK? Here is info/spec on it
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    Photography National Meet

    Thought I'd get a thread up and get this going. Could be up for a meet in Town or at a local Park or by a River? Could do this once or twice a year if need be, be really good to see the good photographers helping out the novices and that. Be good if it was somewhere central, just an idea...