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  1. matt|H

    Renaultsport Twingo 133 Cup on eBay
  2. matt|H

    Flame Red PH1 172 with PH2 rear, Godalming

    Didn't see a sticker but tis modified. Flame red ph1 172 with what looked like CF splitter and ph2 lights/rear bumper. Passed on meadow in godalming today and yesterday about 1pm.
  3. matt|H

    D3100 or wait for another new model?

    Looking to upgrade from a D40 to something a bit better and with video. The D3100 looks perfect, but there's two things that put me off.. 1) Non-rotating screen, 2) No external mic input. Both of these are mainly because I want to have a go at making some short vids and they would help a great...
  4. matt|H

    RS Monthly Meet - Essex One tomorrow night, few of us going at least.
  5. matt|H

    Car photo hosting...

    Need some ideas/thoughts for a new project that I've been asked to take on. Basically it'll be another site that you create an account on and upload your car related photos to share on websites/forums. Just wondered what everyone would look for in such a site? Obviously quick and easy is the...
  6. matt|H

    Going to financial ombudsman.. any experience?

    Have had some issues with my insurance and have got to the stage now (a month later!) where I'm fed up and want to get some real help so am contacting the financial ombudsman. Question I have though, this is obviously going to take some time and I've already lost out on a months insurance -...
  7. matt|H

    Bell Direct - Cancelling claim issues

    Recently cancelled my claim with Bell Direct and thought everything was sorted.. got the car back and was assured that I'd have one free recovery and all other fee's would be covered. Phoned them today to suspend my policy until I get a new car (only just found out I can do this...) and was...
  8. matt|H

    Swapping hubs?

    If I were to get hubs and discs from say a 2004 1.2 16v would they fit onto a 1999 1.2 8v? Little project I want :)
  9. matt|H

    PH1 172 shocks on PH1 8v

    Has anyone done this before? What exactly would be required? Front hubs, but does this mean front discs too, which means messing with the rest of the braking system? Reason being I want a 1.2 8v slammed but obviously can't get coilovers :( The other option is to get the 58mm coilovers and...
  10. matt|H

    Cat C PH1 172

    Well, that didn't last long! Police said the tyres were fooked and the tracking/camber was well out which probably didn't help, but lost the backend while coming round a sweeping bend on a dual carriageway at the start of the week. Tried getting control of it but span the other way and then...
  11. matt|H

    Silver ph2 with f1's Guildford hy520fb

    Ph1 vs ph2 ;) looked good on the f1's fella!
  12. matt|H

    Sold wrong cat for 1.2.. options?

    My 1.2 has now been sold but unfortunately they couldn't pick it up yesterday as I was sold the wrong cat for it! The overall shape is identical but the flange on the manifold end is different (it sits flush whereas the one that's on the car (buggered) sits inside the manifold (donut?)). Few...
  13. matt|H

    Knocking at front when shaking wheel + humming noise

    It's hard to tell where it's coming from but I can hear a slight humming noise that sounds like a bearing.. could be front or rear but definately on the near side. Also when stationary if I shake the steering wheel there's a knocking/clonk coming from the front somewhere - could this be linked...
  14. matt|H

    Pioneer HU with standard CD changer?

    Is there an adapter available so I can use the standard CD changer with a Pioneer headunit?
  15. matt|H

    Red Trophy with CF bonnet from the weekend at Leake St.

    I didn't catch your name but you were down Leake St with a bunch from Guildford area.. I got there late and you left early, but I got a few snaps! After you left I remembered that I'd seen you at a Camberley meet before (I would have been in the lil' Blue and Yellow Dynamique at the time).
  16. matt|H

    Stiff throttle

    I've noticed my throttle pedal is quite stiff. I compared it to my bro's 172 and his is free moving as you'd expect, but mine often gets stuck. PITA when you're trying to pull away and end up over-revving because it got stuck and jumped too far down. Do I just need to get some lube in there...
  17. matt|H

    Bye bye blue and yellow 1.2, hello black and yellow 172...

    Had my little 1.2 Dynamique for a year and 8 months now and decided it was time to upgrade. I learnt in my bro's ph-quick 172 and loved it, got myself a slower version and now I'm on par! Here's where she got to (currently back to standard trying to sell)... I was pretty specific with what I...
  18. matt|H

    Bell insurance windscreen cover!

    Phoned Bell at the start of the week to arrange for my windscreen to be replaced. The guys came out today from national windscreens, looked at my policy and said "Oh, not seen this number before". After phoning their head office, they confirmed that this is the code for no windscreen cover. It...
  19. matt|H

    PH1 172 with 182 exhaust? Been done?

    Just wondered what they look like with the 182 replica exhausts? Probably needs a PH2 bumper to pull it off...
  20. matt|H

    Looking to buy PH1 172 "X872 XCK". Any info?

    Just been to look at this car.. k-tec quick shift, k-tec cat back, k-tec coilies, espace v6 airbox... Seems like it should have been somebody's on here but can't find any info? It's been serviced on the dot, a whole folder of paperwork and receipts, belts recently changed/etc. 2001 PH1 on 106k...
  21. matt|H

    Got my eye on this 172...

    Only 25 miles from me and he price today went from 1995 to 1850. Obviously I'd need to check on FSH/belts, etc but anyone know anything about this car or this mileage 172's in general that I should ask about...
  22. matt|H

    1.2 16v (D4F) cambelt. Easy job?

    I've been told the cambelt in these engines are quite easy to change due to space around the engine, SOHC and few components, etc. and wondered if anyone had a guide or some more info? I don't plan on doing it myself, I just wanted to see how "easy" it is...
  23. matt|H

    Best way to take photos in the snow?

    Tried taking some photos last night with the flash (pretty dark) but the flash just hits the snow in front of the lens and this is all you can see. Is there any way to avoid this other than finding somewhere that doesn't need flash (lit area..)?
  24. matt|H

    20 year old / 2 years NCB / PH1 172. £1150 good price?

    Looking to upgrade to a 172 next Summer and have been doing quotes as if I were a year older with extra NCB etc (to match what it'll be when I buy one) and using comparison sites and sites themselves the cheapest I've come to is £1150 fully comp with admiral (my bro's insured his 172 with them...
  25. matt|H

    Southampton Corsa+Clio meet? 16th Jan

    Mate of mine from Corsa-UK has asked to post up because some people are trying to arrange a big(ger) meet. All the info I have is... Saturday 16th Jan 2010 at 6pm. SO15 1BA (Staples car park, Southampton).
  26. matt|H

    1.2 TCE in MK2?

    From what I've read the 1.2 TCE is identical on the outside (obviously it has the addition of a turbo) so in theory this should drop straight into a MK2 engine bay right? I *really* want a turbo but also really want to keep my car. I may scrap the whole idea and go for a sport as it's not going...
  27. matt|H

    New Mac Pro how come my CD's won't work?

    Just got a Mac Pro but it won't let me put my discs in??? They rest there and when it closes they get stuck and it's already ruined 4 CD's :( Can you help?
  28. matt|H

    Outer CV kit help...

    In an attempt to find out what's causing my knocking noises I've come to the driveshaft/cv joint. I looked on ECP website but they don't recognise my reg and it's listed as a 1.1 not a 1.2 (:s). Eventually found a list of them and phoned them up to see if my local ECP had them in stock. They...
  29. matt|H

    Cost of N/S drive shaft + CV joint replaced?

    I think my drive shaft is on it's last legs.. progressively getting worse and don't know how long I have left before it gives up. I've been told I should get the CV joints checked/replaced at the same time. How much am I looking at?
  30. matt|H

    6-speed box in PH1 172 possible?

    My bro's gearbox has died and the garage he goes to has found a 6-speed box but not sure if it'll fit/work. Anyone know the answer? Obivously if needed I can get more information on it but just been asked to ask..