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  1. sysak

    Auto-wipers sensitivity level switch - broken or just crap on 172?

    Hi there. I don't think the automatic-wiper sensitivity switch on the wiper stalk does anything on my car. In every setting it's about the same. Also the button itself feels very loose and turns very freely compared to other switches on both stalks (eg. fog lights). There is no distinct click to...
  2. sysak

    Fitting new AC radiator, keeping old hoses, how to?

    Hi there. I'll be replacing my AC condenser tomorrow with a salvage one from one of the forum members. I've never done this so I'd like to get some tips regarding disconnecting and reconnecting the hoses correctly without messing them up or creating leaks. It looks like the connectors just...
  3. sysak

    Headlights broken in transport?

    Hi there. Just bought a set of mk2 xenon headlights and they both broke in transport. The silver part inside that holds both bulbs is wobbling about. One xenon adjuster popped out, the other one broke. Are there other clips holding the assembly in place besides just the adjusters? If so can i...
  4. sysak

    Front suspension refresh - seeking advice

    Hi there. This is my first post, hope it's nothing too stupid but I'm clueless here. ;) Today my Clio 172 (a very recent purchase) passed an MOT, but I had an advisory note stating that my front left shock absorber is bent. I am thinking of getting a set of new shocks, potentially cup, and while...