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  1. Snubbs

    Who makes a phone out of glass!?

    Get genuine if you can, the flash diffuser on the cheap Chinese ones doesn't work properly
  2. Snubbs

    iPad 3 - Released March 16th. Pre-Orders start 7th March

    Managed to reserve the last 32GB new iPad at Argos this morning... picking up on my afternoon break! Whats the betting the reservation "disappears"
  3. Snubbs

    iPad 3 - Released March 16th. Pre-Orders start 7th March

    I can't queue for one as I'm working - and my postbox at my flat is a security risk... Is there any chance of there been stock left on Saturday, or will I be waiting 2-3weeks? I'm in Sheffield so will be going to Meadow Hall for mine
  4. Snubbs

    New PC Racing/Steering Wheel

    I heard about this and saw a few pics back when it was in Prototype/under NDA. I got very excited about it tbh initially, however upon public announcement (a month back iirc) I was very disappointed to see its a somewhat Wii like controller... pretty shitty tbh. As above, hopefully someone will...
  5. Snubbs

    Tesco Mobile

    double post - silly laptop.
  6. Snubbs

    Tesco Mobile

    it's the deal at the top of the page you just posted a link for Scott S. I got my £10 sim through about 2 weeks ago. Working very nicely in my iPhone 4. Signal is O2, 3g is just as quick as O2 (since it's the same network). Data limit is 500MB, however, I find that the majority of the time I...
  7. Snubbs

    My Fiesta - updated quick pics

    Agreed - imo the '500 has a retarded rear end. I always feel "fruity" when I see one... and not in a good way... I'm not saying you have to be gay to drive one, but....I'm just saying you can't be one who enjoys a nice pair of breasts.
  8. Snubbs

    My Fiesta - updated quick pics

    On a long run I easily get 65MPG, it's bloody awesome on fuel! Did you say you got your wind deflectors from Ford? How much?
  9. Snubbs

    My Fiesta ZS TDCI

    Lol, 100mm/80mm around my area would cause write-offs! 45mm isn't too low I guess, but I couldn't drive in Buxton much lower than stock - in fact if you want test your suspension, Macclesfield has some of the worst speed bumps I've ever seen (hidden in some back streets). I think those allows...
  10. Snubbs

    My Fiesta ZS TDCI

    Looks good mate - I didn't realise it was only a '58 plate! I'd be tempted to get those alloys done in matt black - personally I like the standard wheels. I like the sound of the other mods though, bar the springs and bonnet bra! Personally I get a little nervous when driving around with my...
  11. Snubbs

    My DIY Respray....{Pic Heavy}

    Best looking smart I've seen - thats not saying much tbh, as they are gash, but good work making it nearly bearable :P On the other hand, I want more pics of the Supra! Is that yours? I may want my wheels spraying early next summer - will you still do it cheaply then :P
  12. Snubbs

    Vinyl Wrapping Car Parts

    This is the important question. From the sounds of it (you saying it isn't sticking properly) I'm guessing it's vinyl and not the di-noc stuff. I've used the di-noc in the past - and it really is brilliant - a world apart from the vinyl. With the di-noc, you just need to place it on the items...
  13. Snubbs

    Recommend me a router

    Have you asked Virgin if they'll provide something? Depending how long you've had that router, they may give you a free "upgrade"/replacement. Especially with you been on a 100mb package which I expect is expensive. Tell them you're going elsewhere if they don't sort you out with a decent...
  14. Snubbs

    Your first Mobile Phone !

    I got a Nokia 3330 for Christmas back when I was in year 7~ Had it for 1 month before it was stolen :-( b******s! Then my mum bought me a T-Mobile/Sagem crapo (can't remember phone model) to keep me going Nokia 3510i (first Colour phone I had!) Nokia 3200 (first camera phone I had!) Nokia ...
  15. Snubbs

    Windows CE based laptops

    Windows CE generally means your average programs won't install on it. MS Office, Google Chrome etc, these are things you'd be without.
  16. Snubbs

    O2 home phone and broadband

    Do plusnet offer 1 months of line rental? how hard is it - e.g. can I just order PN line rental, then tell tiscali to stuff it, or do i have some pain-staklingly long process to go through? :P
  17. Snubbs

    O2 home phone and broadband

    Cheers for the views guys. Afraid they seem to think it's not available at my house ATM. Without sounding retarded, could it be due to tiscali currently provided my landline? Cheers
  18. Snubbs

    O2 home phone and broadband

    We've been tiscali/talktalk users for ever, and tbh it hasn't been as bad as most, but I'm still considering the move. Anyone with o2? What's your thoughts? Cheers, James
  19. Snubbs

    Some fuel bill on this chappie - £27k in 3 years!

    He'd have probably being running it on company-paid-fuel tbh...
  20. Snubbs

    Who wants a free copy of my future iPhone application?

    I'll put my name down :-) Been looking for an app like this (well - haven't looked as I haven't had time, but glad to hear there is one!)
  21. Snubbs

    iPhone Windscreen Mounts

    I just got one of those in the post. Doesn't fit withmy case on. Agreed about the scratching too. Probs best off looking forsomethingwith rubber/foam type sides - ifyou know the ones I mean...... (bloody iPhone spacebar!)
  22. Snubbs

    3 Network

    Cust service varies - sometimes brill, sometimes s**t. Other than that, theyare really good. Great coverage, and the fastest 3G network I've used
  23. Snubbs

    DVI To HDMI Sound Issue With PC

    I did this today with my 9600GT and a 32" telly running off DVI->HDMI adapter. It appears that infact the DVI->HDMI adapters do carry sound (via s/pidf out from mobo into GPU). Provided your GPU & mobo have a 2pin s/pidf port, your in for the win. Tell me what your mobo & gpu is (exact model...
  24. Snubbs

    Best gaming mouse?

    Agreed. I've had a G9 for the last year and love it. I recently got given* a SteelSeries Ikari Laser mouse, which I actually prefer to the G9, however it costs about twice as much, and is only about 3% better. So I'd say Logitech G9 fo-sho! James *to review
  25. Snubbs

    [PC/XBOX360] Left 4 Dead 2

    Re: [PC] Left 4 Dead 2 Nope - was just having problems with steam! Will be on tonight though. Anyone else planning a sesh?
  26. Snubbs

    [PC/XBOX360] Left 4 Dead 2

    Re: [PC] Left 4 Dead 2 Glad to see you're gaming away Griff :D I too have played the demo for 25mins, deffo agree it's as good (possibly better) than the original. Wasn't sure about the feel of it at first (a little TF2 style hinted), however it plays brilliantly. Having choices of hand guns...
  27. Snubbs

    No inbuilt email client in Windows 7?

    Probably due to an EU ruling tbh - dam European Union.. they cause more trouble than good. You can still get OE (although its called Live Mail or something like that now), just go on James P.S. Thunderbird is better :)
  28. Snubbs

    Watch TV Live on your iPod/iPhone for free

    nice find! Works a treat (3G not so good for me - probs reception, but wifi is good)
  29. Snubbs

    Earpiece = shagged.

    IIRC the cream-coloured-ness thing was decided to be a factory fault and as such will be replaced under warranty? I could be completely wrong, I'm sure someone else will know. James
  30. Snubbs

    Buy iTunes credit?

    Is it possible to buy iTunes vouchers electronically? I.E. without having to go buy them physically/online and wait for delivery? Reason I ask is, I don't like the thought of my debit card being on their file (as say for instance my cousin gets hold of my iPhone and spends $$$$$ on crappy games...