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  1. matt|H

    Renaultsport Twingo 133 Cup on eBay

    No longer on eBay but this is for sale on here -
  2. matt|H

    Renaultsport Twingo 133 Cup on eBay
  3. matt|H

    Portsdown Hill Meet Wednesday 17th August

    An excuse for hindhead tunnel run and burger with a view :) 1. atouba 2. Robbygraham 3. originalboyracer (if I don't go away as on holiday that week) 4. MarkCup 5. Jactopher 6. Fletcher 7. wonky striped bandit (if the cars back from rentech) 8. Day (work load depending!) 9. dibdab 10...
  4. matt|H

    BT Infinity

    We were the first people to have it in our area and were quoted/received similar speeds. Got a lot more than they thought we would and I am very happy with the service!
  5. matt|H

    Lakeside Saturdays

    Tempted to pop down in the Twingo...
  6. matt|H

    Engine Warning Light

    Had it on my old car after running decat (emissions light). IIRC that is..
  7. matt|H

    Pics: Big twingo meet

    Mine's the GW with stripes... I didn't want the stripes but at the time it was the only GW Cup available and they ended up chucking the stripes in for free as "they'd just be chucked in the bin" anyway (I guess they'd also have to mop it to remove glue). Grown to like them but may be taking them...
  8. matt|H

    Camberley Meet?

    Crying now...
  9. matt|H

    Had the car a week Spun it already...

    amen to that
  10. matt|H

    allu bonnet? how do i tell

    You'll know straight away by lifting it... The alu is VERY light compared to standard.
  11. matt|H

    Camberley Meet?

    I'd probs pop along in the Twingo as it's fairly local :)
  12. matt|H

    Blue Twingo 133 Guildford

    Nick it can't of been Karl because I was with him all day in Oxford :) there's another blue twingo around this way, no idea who it is though!
  13. matt|H

    A few night shots - Mini meet.

    You need to adjust your white balance as the street lighting is too yellow. You can either do this on the camera (may be tricky for you) or using raw adjustments in Lightroom/Photoshop/etc (usually called the "temperature" and you'll want to make it "cooler").
  14. matt|H

    Flame Red PH1 172 with PH2 rear, Godalming

    Again but this time following me through Compton!
  15. matt|H

    O Dear.

    Yeah was Max Power cover car (Explains it all) and they get s**tty cars in s**tty music videos Wouldn't take much to do either
  16. matt|H


    Worth a lot more than that. My bros spent nearer to a grand on all of his kit but he does all the charity events etc through ukgarrison. He's worn it clubbing once which was pretty amusing and also on a golf course and he wore a spare helm when scuba diving. Hah.
  17. matt|H

    Flame Red PH1 172 with PH2 rear, Godalming

    Didn't see a sticker but tis modified. Flame red ph1 172 with what looked like CF splitter and ph2 lights/rear bumper. Passed on meadow in godalming today and yesterday about 1pm.
  18. matt|H

    Wedding shoot fun.

    Stunning, you've certainly got a talent there! Really like the 2nd shot.. natural backlight with fills. I believe it's "over processing"? Inspiring to say the least :)
  19. matt|H

    First Clio with over-fenders....

    Wow they fit like a dream.... :s Good to hear they're going back. :) Over fenders should only be on JDM cars... Very few other cars get away with it :(
  20. matt|H

    My new i5 MacBook Pro.

    Seems like you got a cracking deal there :) I really should upgrade my MacBook and it's even more tempting now! Sent from my iPhone using a app that leaves a sig. Revels has told me to turn it off and I've not done it. If I do it again he's going to abuse me in ways I've never even imagined.
  21. matt|H

    Nicks 172 Cup From The Start!

    Stickers?! Give me a shout ;P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. matt|H

    Nicks 172 Cup From The Start!

    Hah I will have the money shortly! I want to be sure the subframes I've got fit in the correct positions first! Was thinking borrow one of nicks to test with and if it sits alright then I'll snap em up :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. matt|H

    Nicks 172 Cup From The Start!

    Haha! :) in all seriousness though not a bad idea ;) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. matt|H

    Nicks 172 Cup From The Start!

    You can lend me your seats then ;P Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. matt|H

    iPhone 5?

    It will be out in June/July... Every year at this time :) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. matt|H

    iPhone 5?

    Most of the things people are suggesting are already available via jailbreak. For example I just synced my new tomtom app to iTunes wirelessly whilst checking the forums on tapatalk... Simple! I think they'll either go alum and no colours (kinda like the original jus sleeker) or they will have...
  27. matt|H

    iPhone 5?

    Re: iPhone 4S/5? Not a great deal they can do it in my opinion... As long as it's faster, better battery life, better camera etc then I'll upgrade. Roll on this summer! :)
  28. matt|H

    iPhone alarm

    Tested last night to ensure I'd wake up this morning.. definately only the "one time" alarms that stopped working as when I ticked the recurring days it worked and successfully work me up :)
  29. matt|H

    iPhone alarm

    I knew it! I didn't sleep through 4 iPhone alarms this morning :D
  30. matt|H

    New Nickname & new Pictures !!

    Liking that a lot :) possibly best gt I've seen! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk