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  1. Andy Woodcock

    Rear Twin Silencer - 182

    Hi all, Looks like my exhaust is on it's way out, the rear, both rusty as F**K. Now I've been to a Renault Specialist, they are saying about £700-£800, they might be able to do me a cheaper one from about £450 but with vat on top. Then of course the usual fitting costs. Do any of you good folk...
  2. Andy Woodcock

    Clio Sport 182

    Ok, yeah I'll be honest and admit I'm not the most technical / knowledgable about cars. My exhaust isn't sitting central anymore, it would appear the black rubbers have eroded, gone what ever that holds it in place. I have been told I need the following : "Gasket / Fitting Kit Down pipe -...
  3. Andy Woodcock

    New Tyres S9 area

    Hi all, Im looking at getting x4 brand new tyres for my 182 RenaultClio Sport ( i think they are 16" low profile currently on ) could anyone advise best place to go for decent tyres, which aren't going to cost me a fortune? Looking at S9 area? Cheers Andy
  4. Andy Woodcock

    jvc kd sh9101

    Hi all, I have got a jvc kd sh9101 radio in my car, when i purchased it. Need a little help, how hard are they to remove? Reason I'm asking, I'm wanting to use the Line In function, so I could use my ipod nano (I'm assuming this will work). Cheers in advance. Regards Andy
  5. Andy Woodcock

    Quick Few Snaps of my first Renault Clio 182

    Don't know much about cars, or photography (looking at the photo's) but here goes :) (photo's from iPhone 4s) Hope you like , still sure it was previously owned by one of you guys... possible user gazcaddy?
  6. Andy Woodcock

    Hi all , New Member :)

    Hi all :rasp:, Im a new member as of today, purchasing my first Clio Sport (hopefully have it Monday). I think it previously belonged to one of the members. Will upload some pics etc Monday (fingers crossed). Been looking in the media section, some decent cars on here. Hope to hear from you...