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  1. Kev@KAM

    Easy place to wire power cable through bulkhead - Clio 182

    Clio 182 - I need to run a power cable to the battery in the enginebay along with some other wiring. Has anyone run cables to the interior without majorly stripping the car down? I cannot really use a longacre bulkhead terminal as I have suspension wiring to add in too (electronic damping)
  2. Kev@KAM

    Opps I ruined a Trophy - track car build

    Start of the year I felt the need to get a track day car. I had some suspension and thought rather than sell it I’d use it. I went searching for a cheapish and good condition track focused Clio. Something with many of the right modifications already done. I got a call from a friend about a car...
  3. Kev@KAM

    Clio 2 rear coilover or separate damper/spring

    Having an interesting discussion about a new suspension kit in development. Are people really bothered with having a full rear coilover? You can adjust the rear platforms so can still cornerweight. But if the damper and rear spring rate is not bespoke for each customer does it really matter...
  4. Kev@KAM

    Free Rear PBS Brake Pads when... buy the fronts! We are able to offer this great deal on PBS brake pads until Midnight the 31st October GMT. When you order your Clio front pads from us, we will give you a free set of rear pads! Both the Clio 2 and Clio 3 have a pad available for the rear. Just place an order from now...
  5. Kev@KAM

    Wheel width

    This may be a stupid question but when buying alloys and the manufacturer lists the width as 7j is that the bead seat width or overall width?
  6. Kev@KAM

    KAM Racing - go silly or dont bother project build

    This is going to be a long one lol We've been working on a car for a few months and as its now starting to take shape I'll start posting about it. This is a story that started many years ago and the idea was what started the business off in the first place. Lets start a business to get money to...