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  1. lordyjordy

    SA55HJK - McDonalds Reddish

    Spotted a trophy at McDonald’s reddish in Stockport, looked really nice. Anyone on here? I was the manager on shift.
  2. lordyjordy

    Clear Fault Code Stockport/Manchester - Solid Emissions Light

    Hi all, My car recently started stinking of petrol and the engine would lose power if I accelerated. I quickly found out that the coil pack and lambda sensor were on the way out... Anyway, I bought new parts (for half the price Renault quoted) from EuroCarParts and fitted them last night. The...
  3. lordyjordy

    Connects2 CTARNBT003

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any experience with Connects2 CTARNBT003? Looks too good to be true...
  4. lordyjordy

    Apple Watch for sale!

    I'm selling my Apple Watch Sport (42mm), due to upgrading to the new Blackberry Priv. A great phone, but unfortunately, Android isn't compatible with the Apple Watch. Theres hardly any sign of use apart from some usual light wear marks on the band. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I may...
  5. lordyjordy

    Wet Day!

    I've been noticing recently, that water has been collecting underneath my drivers seat. Upon further inspection, the drain pipe under the scuttle panel had been bent upwards. Meaning that since i bought the car in March (and god knows how long beforehand), overtime it rained, it was collecting...
  6. lordyjordy

    Trafford centre spotted

    Spotted a Racing Blue 182 in the Trafford centre near the food court. R***CUP. sticker on it... I was parked behind you.