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    Dan's black 172

    Back again, this time a black 172. One owner from new with 133k on the clock. Loved my cup a few years back and also had a black Dci but decided I really wanted another sport so when I saw this one pop in in the for sale section only 40mins away I sent a message. Bought it without actually...
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    Fuel tanks

    Just a quick question, are the fuel tanks the same across the mk2s, dci the same a 1*2 more specifically but obviously needs a different pump
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    DCI wont start

    Hi, First things first, i changed the engine in my mk2 clio dci 65bhp for an other as the old one was on 175k and was very tired (using water and oil quite rapidly). Bought another engine engine and box but was told the starter was a dud so no problem checked mine on with a new belt, waterpump...
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    Dci question

    My dci 65 is drinking water and oil quite badly ie topping them up once a month (so not that bad lol) but iv seen a complete dci 80 engine, box and ecu relatively cheap. I was wandering can i just chuck this in as is or do i need the uch and key to match the ecu aswell? Sent from my SM-G930F...
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    Dash Loom

    Hi im currently collecting everything to put cc into my dci, problem is the wiring is not there. Rather than go the route others have gone would it be possible to just the dci loom for a 182 loom with all the correct plugs?
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    Airbag reset

    I have a clio dci 65, whilst driving along a dog ran out so i tried to avoid it and clipped a kerb. Drivers seat airbag and rear drivers seat belt pretensioner went off. If i replace the seat, rear pretensioner and airbag ecu (like for like) will this remove the dash lights or will i still...
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    Dan's DCi Daily

    Thought id introduce myself and the new daily. I usually drive a Subaru Hatch 2.0d which is nice and comfy and mapped to 211bhp but of late iv got an oil leak, its a nightmare to start and a few other bits need doing like brakes all round and a rear wheel bearing. Ill also be Front mounting it...
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    Dan's 172 cup project

    Hi there boys and girls new to clios but not French cars have owned a fair few 306s and 205s mainly turbo diesel and a couple of Gti6s. my last car a 306td running a gearbox mounted bmw gt2256v, bigger fuel pump and paddle clutch was a lot fun. Then my work began moaning about me using the van...
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    New to clios but not french cars

    Hi my names Daniel from Birmingham, iv had many 306s and 205 and have attended FCS every year but though it was about time I had a change so im on the look out for a nice 172, don't mind doing any work as im handy enough with the spanners. also wandering how many posts do I need before I can...