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  1. Adams_16v

    Yo folks. I'm back, and have a quick favour to ask, purleeeeeease.

    Nah then Cliosporters, How goes it? Been a while since I've been on here. Some of you older members may remember me (i've been here since the start, over 12 years foooooook!). I've not owned a Clio for some time now, but currently have a mk2 Golf 20v turbo for fun. Thought id give...
  2. Adams_16v

    Saab 9-5 Aero HOT estate. Practical comfortable weapon!

    This is my car for sale.
  3. Adams_16v

    Audi A3 1.8 20v Turbo. Cheap car, ends tonight.

    My car, selling as I have something else now! Ends this evening! (Wednesday 8th Feb 2012).
  4. Adams_16v

    Windows Live 2011

    Has anyone updated? First I was getting the annoying web page loading up by its self every few hours, so updated and only installed MSN. Biggest bag of crap I have ever used. I cant believe its actually been released by M$ in this state. Freezes constantly, and im still getting the 'SPAM'...
  5. Adams_16v

    Anyone got any old websites and domain names for sale?

    Hi folks, But of a random one, and I did ask this some time ago, but I am currently looking to purchase a couple of websites/domain names for testing purposes. Preferable ones that are fairy old. Please PM me with any details of old sites/domain names you have. Cheers :)
  6. Adams_16v

    anyone else having trouble on O2 and iPhone?

    Hi all! Recently been having massively annoying issues with O2 and iPhone. Txts wont send, txts wont receive, I cant call out, people cant call me (straight to voicemail), then 2 hours later ill get load of txts all through. Works fine if I reset the phone as it reconnects to the network, but...
  7. Adams_16v

    Can anyone make iPhone apps?

    Hi all. I have never used a Mac myself, but am looking to make or have made an iPhone app. It would basically be a front end to browse products on a retail shop. The database would already be there, and I can provide all graphics etc. Are they easy to make? Is it worth me getting a MAC to...
  8. Adams_16v

    lorry pushing clio on motorway...

    Hope this isnt a repost, I have searched for 'lorry' and found nothing. Someone posted this on FB. How the fook did the driver not know what was happening! caPmw3OVQMo
  9. Adams_16v

    New website

    Hello all. I have done loads of sites since the last one I put on here, but recently done this for my Thai Boxing club. It's missing a few sections though. Really enjoyed doing this one! :)
  10. Adams_16v

    Firefox crashing constantly

    Anyone else having probs with the latest version of FF? I had the same problem on my old build, but have recently bought Win 7 Ultimate and done a full fresh install, with new install of FF and its still crashing. Even with just one page open sometimes... Never had any problem with previous...
  11. Adams_16v

    Best FPS/other games for the PC?

    I havent played games for a while, I think Crysis and COD4 were the last couple. Any decent ones out since that are worth a look? I've had a look on game website, but not sure which ones are decent. One called Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising looked good, but read some reviews and said it...
  12. Adams_16v

    E39 BMW M5 for sale | 400bhp | Le Mans Blue

    Full details on PH :)
  13. Adams_16v

    What alternative to D40

    Hello all, Sorry if this has been asked, but now the D40 is out of production, what is the best alternative? I am asking for a friend who is looking for a D40 at the mo, but I believe they have been discontinued now! Cheers
  14. Adams_16v

    N111K1 or similar plate? black mk2 clio

    is this anyone on here? saw it smashed up on the M1 the other day :(
  15. Adams_16v

    E39 M5 pics

    Took a few earlier, needs a wash but its not too bad! Didnt want the wood dash at all, but it actually looks OK in the flesh! Its easily changed though!
  16. Adams_16v

    £15 off at Dixons

    Dixons is pretty good now they are online only, prices seem to be one of the cheapest online. Found this code for £15 off orders over £300! Worth a sniff if your about to buy something! :) Code is 15OFF - Click to use
  17. Adams_16v

    Anyone have any old domains or websites they dont use?

    Hi all, Looking to possibly purchase some old websites and/or domains that people have and don't use. Let me know via PM what you have :) Cheers
  18. Adams_16v

    Using the TAB key

    Mini rant, so dont mock please lol! Who doesn't use the tab key to move between form fields...? I worked in IT for 4 years, and the amount of people who fill a form field in then go for the mouse between form just takes about 5 x as long. Only remembered how annoying it was as my...
  19. Adams_16v

    10% off Dell

    Could save a few quid with this. offer is on for 4 days! Tempted with an XPS lappy myself!
  20. Adams_16v

    Mk1 Clio 20v Turbo

    I will update the proper thread later this week, but a sneaky pic of the car now I have picked it up from Mr Flan! He has done a crackin job of the mounts and drive shafts! I have a Seat Sport 20v Turbo engine here now which I think I am going to swap this one for as it has a load of uprated...
  21. Adams_16v

    crackly/fuzzy phone line when router is in

    Howdoo. Just moved into a house, and sorted the internet out with O2 (be there) Received a free wireless router which seems OK and was up and running in no time. I noticed the phones in the house where analogue corless, so have replaced them with some decnt DECT ones. Plugged in and noticed...
  22. Adams_16v

    5% off at Dixons and Free Delivery on TV's

    This is a really good offer! Expires on the 22nd of December! 5% off ANYTHING at Dixons using the code 5XMAS Free delivery on all TV's (usually £19.99 on big ones) DELTV I've just spent nearly £1k on a new plasma for my living room, and an LCD TV for the missus and saved nearly £100 in...
  23. Adams_16v

    Nikon D40 18-55mm Lens Kit - £220 for a limited time

    Amazon are floggin the D40 kit for £220.86 with free delivery. I've checked every price and this is the cheapest by far. (You can get refurbed ones online, but these are brand spankers not any refurbed crap) Amazon tend to have mad few days with prices like this then go back to the regular...
  24. Adams_16v

    Pixmania 5% off EVERYTHING - 3 day only

    Great offer! only on for 3 days though! enter the code HAPPIX5 during checkout for 5% off anything! Click here
  25. Adams_16v

    My Mk1 Clio 16v Project

    I posted a few pics the other week, but thought I would start a thread on this in here...! Fancied another clio (6th one now) to tinkle with and for some fun, but also a sleeper/weapon on the road/track. Was looking to possibly buy some crazy tuned up/engine converted car, or even a westfield...
  26. Adams_16v

    Clio 16v owner AGAIN!

    Well I fancied a new crazy car as a toy/track weapon, and have always had a soft spot for the valvers, so have purchased another this weekend! It is in really good nick, gonna run it for a while till I get the engine and other bits sorted for a bit of a conversion ;) I was after a 300hp/ton...
  27. Adams_16v

    Samsung laptops any good?

    Just looking at this one, seems a good spec for the money. never had or used a Samsung laptop before (plenty of other samsung stuff which has all been good though)
  28. Adams_16v

    iphone emails stopped working

    worked fine since day one! Tried sending today and getting 'the senders email address is not valid' then it shows my email address. looked online seen loads of similar probs, recommendation was to delete the account and set it up again, but now when trying to save the details (which are all...
  29. Adams_16v

    Macbook to test out recommendation?

    How doo! I am currently in the market for a s**t hot laptop!! I have always had PC's and Windows based laptops and am very happy with them! However I would like to give a Mac a go at some point, but before shelling out a grand+ for a new laptop, can anyone recommend one that I can buy second...
  30. Adams_16v

    Internet connection OK, but no internet!!!

    My mate has just setup a new broadband connection at his new house. All setup and working ok, other than his internet connection is very intermittent. The actual connection is OK, but web browsing is off and on! The connection is fine, either wired or wireless, but for some reason either the...