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  1. Gus

    New hub drive flange

    Im doing up my hubs at the moment and I'm pretty sure I saw someone recently who had new drive flanges. Here is a pic of some cleaned up ones but I'm after new ones that look fresh off a lathe.
  2. Gus

    Bought a Mk4 DCI

    I have been needing a car for doing my daily commute. Needed something very frugal, half decent stereo and fairly comfortable as I would probably be doing mega mileage. I started looking for MK3 DCi's - cheap , high milers and went to see quite a few but they were all scrappers. Was browsing...
  3. Gus

    172 cup Oxford

  4. Gus

    Long lasting wax - Fusso

    Just wanted to tell people who dont know about a wax called Fusso made by Soft99. Im not one for washing my car much over winter and generally tend to give the car some long lasting wax treatment in October so aid keeping it cleaner over winter...
  5. Gus

    Engine bolts help

    Does anyone know the exact bolt sizes for any of these that I have ringed :
  6. Gus

    Just a few of my BG 182

    As some of you know I have a 182 as well as an Alien Green 200. The 182 is my project car that I work on in the evenings when I have nothing on. Its come a long way from when I first bought it and Im planning on documenting the progress when i get a few hours to start the thread. For now I just...
  7. Gus

    BG 182 FP05 HHR Woodstock

    CS sticker in the bottom right corner of the rear window. Was following you - or trying to in the wifes black A3. You carried amazing speed in the roundabouts and stayed flat where as I felt the A3 was about to tip over lol.
  8. Gus

    172 dash needles are not moving SOS

    Massive problem with getting a mk2 172 ready for an MOT. The dash needles are not moving when you turn the key on. Rpms Speed Petrol Coolant. They do move when you do the dash test. So far a new ecu uch has been tried. Relays and fuses have been checked we think. Has anyone got any pointers or...
  9. Gus

    Paint thickness gauge

    I want to buy a paint thickness gauge. I wont need to use it much but want to check the paint on my 11 year old 182 and also use it a couple of times a year to monitor the paint after polishing. I dont want to spend more than £50 really but have been on amazon and they have loads that look...
  10. Gus

    temporarily removing the subframe

    Im wanting to take my subframe off to have it plated or powdercoated. Is it possible to take it off or does the engine or gearbox sit on it. Will also be changing wishbones and pretty much everything in the front arches. Will I need to support the engine or anything. If anyone has any tips it...
  11. Gus

    What 300mm discs to go for.

    Im wanting to get some new discs. I have the Brembo conversion and need 300mm scenic type discs. There are a few options so thought I would ask for opinions. First up is the usual 300mm Brembo. These are just plain ordinary HC discs. Second option are discs from Mtecbrakes You cant get...
  12. Gus

    Clio 200 stalk adapter troubles

    I have a 59 plate clio 200. I wanted to put my Alpine CDE178BT stereo back in and utilise stalk control for volume and skipping tracks etc. I bought CTSRN007.2 as well as the Alpine patch lead. I went out today in the freezing drizzle to take out the old Kenwood headunit out and put the Alpine...
  13. Gus

    Subframes - any differences

    Just wondered of there are any differences in subframes on mk2 clios - 172 , 172 cup , 182 , 182 cup etc etc. Are they all the same?
  14. Gus

    What side repeater bulbs?

    My side repeater bulb has blown on my 182 - I cant find what bulb i need to buy to replace it. Can anyone tell me.
  15. Gus

    Thermostat housing gasket

    Am I ok reusing the thermostat housing gasket?
  16. Gus

    Petrol blue 182

    Just a few pics of my car after a few evenings of machine polishing and waxing.
  17. Gus

    Tool for the lower rad clip

    People that do their own coolant changes will know that it can be a pain to get the lower radiator hose clip back on. Im tired of spending 10 minutes with bottle nose pliers and them slipping off the clip. I want to buy a nice tool that will make this job nice and easy. Can anyone recommend...
  18. Gus

    Rocker cover bolt leaking

    Took my top manifold off yesterday and noticed that the rocker cover has a little oil on the top near the oil filler. I always use funnels and don't spill any oil. The oil must be leaking where a bolt isn't sealing properly. I'm thinking it is the one above the spark plug hole. Rest of the...
  19. Gus

    Boot wont open - not the solenoid/actuator

    Last few days my boot has remained locked and you dont get the loud click from the solenoid in the boot when trying to unlock it. Initially I thought it was the solenoid/actuator as I have had one fail before. Luckily I had a spare boot so removed the locking unit from that and tried it on my...
  20. Gus

    Arctic 182 SB04 Wokingham area

    See you every day. Im in the petrol Blue 182
  21. Gus

    Trophy Oxford KD55GZU

    Parked in Summertown.
  22. Gus

    What odyssey battery do I need for this

    I am relocating my battery to the boot to free up space under the bonnet. I currently have a new bosch 063 battery which I could use but cant find and cages/cradles for it. Was thinking about getting an odyssey battery but I dont know which one to get. I have a few bits of audio equipment...
  23. Gus

    What protectant for matt wheels

    Ive got some new wheels coming that are "Matt Graphite". What would you recommend I use to protect them. Im guessing wax wont be good.
  24. Gus

    Inferno 182 Shindlesham wokingham

    Was in my Petrol Blue 182 and flashed you. Nice high viz jacket !
  25. Gus

    Liquid yellow 182 MX05 Shindlesham wokingham

    Spotted you coming past me although I wasnt in my 182.
  26. Gus

    Scraping noise

    Over the last week my PB182 has been making a scraping noise from the front. It sounds just like you have a tree branch stuck under the car. Its worst between 0-50mph and you dont hear it that much above that - but it could be the engine sound that drowns it out after that. It does however...
  27. Gus

    Cleaning out inlet manifold (the inside)

    I have got an inlet manifold that I want to have powdercoated but was thinking of cleaning it out both inside of it and externally. I am going to remove all the sensors and buy new ones. I know it wont make any difference to performance etc I just want it clean. Is there some easy way of...
  28. Gus

    Liquid yellow 197 BT07 M4 near Reading

    Keep seeing this car every morning on the M4 eastbound towards Reading. Anyone off here? Im in a petrol blue 182 BTW.
  29. Gus

    Cheap engine oil Shell Ultra 5W40

    Juts a heads up for anyone that is after cheap but decent engine oil Eurocarparts have a sale on Shell ultra oil and it is showing as £19.99 but you get 10% off that using EXTRA10 as the discount code...
  30. Gus

    New windscreen seal

    I bought a new windscreen seal kit as they were fairly cheap and my old ones were in really bad shape. I pulled the old one off no problem. Im struggling to get the new one on and wondered if anyone else here had done this and if so how do you get the top windscreen to roof seal in place...