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    MacBook Air 2011 Refresh - This Wednesday??

    Hi All, Been waiting for the new MBA's to be released for a couple of months now, looks like the wait is finally almost over. Anyone else having one? I can't wait! Gonna be my new...
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    Gally - Bannatynes Gym Barnsley

    By 'eck lad! i knew the car had huge arch gaps, didn't realise they were THAT big :o Haha You so want this plate, don't you.....
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    Store is down - New iMacs

    Hoping for new iMac release today. 27" coming my way baby!
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    Apple Complaints

    Guys, Does anyone know how you go about complaining to Apple? I've been in the store today and spoke to the manager, about as much use as a chocolate teapot. Basically, I bought an iMac through Insight @ work back in October 2010 (we have to go through procurement channels and Insight...
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    Blue V6 - Holiday Inn Bloomsbury

    Blue V6 in the car park under the holiday inn bloomsbury yesterday morning Think the reg was A18 CHK or something? looked mint lurking in the corner hehe
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    Williams in Sheffield this morning going into Porsche/Merc garage

    Reg ended in NKY or something CS sticker in the back Looked nice :-)
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    52 Plate Silver Mk1 V6 with Black Alloys

    Saw you a couple of times, around Ashford in the Water, near Bakewell today
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    Spotted in Darton (Barnsley) dean_blue44

    Saw a 55reg black gold 182 sporting a cadwell park sticker on the back and dearne garage stickers on side outside Darton Co-op today Think it's dean_blue44?? DH
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    F*02 UVD -Barnsley 3pm today

    Blue 172 with a cliosport sticker in the back window passing through Barugh Green this arvo at about 3pm, i was behind you. Aiiii
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    Tried some of my new purchases :-)

    Washed with Megs Hyper Wash + Mitt (Two Bucket Method) Dried using Sonus Der Wunder Drying Towels Wheels cleaned with bilberry + vikan wheel brush Polished with SRP Sealed with EGP Waxed with Natty's Blue (mmmmm smells so nice) You can see my sexy piggot in the background too, she's NEVER...
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    Is anyone from here going to this Detailing Day? Might have a look in
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    The 335's First Wash + Polish

    Pah 3 hours later :dead: Jet Washed off Cleaned with Megs Hyper Wash + Microfibre Mitt Dried with Sonus Der Wunder drying towels AG SRP applied with Megs applicator AG EGP applied and then buffed off with i4d microfibre towels Never did the interior yet, too knackered and it's still in good...
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    Crashed Blue 197 - NewMillerDam - This morning

    Looked like he'd been caught out by the black ice, one of the wheels was at a right angle to the direction of travel. Anyone off here?
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    Cleaning my new car

    OK seeing as I never got a reply from anyone off here who would be able to detail my new car, am gonna give it a go myself even though my previous washing/polishing experience consists almost entirely of the one bucket wash method, with fairy liquid. I'm not bothered about claying it, as it's...
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    Detailer wanted within 50 miles of Barnsley

    Hi All, Picking up my 335i Coupe next week and as it's 2 years old I'm looking to have it PC'd and detailed in the next month or so as I'm sure there will be some swirl marks etc, I know some of you on here are avid detailers, so if any of you are looking to earn a few extra bucks, pop me a PM...
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    K13 GRY - Blue 172 with Orange Wheels

    On M1 northbound near Ches Vegas around 15:45 today Looking good :D
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    Cheap Sony DVD Camcorder (Used once!)

    Good for track days?
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    Canon 70-300 Lens + Manfrotto Tripod on t'Ebay put my 10-20mm on there and it sold within 2 MINUTES!!
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    Had a quote for a new Clio 197 Cup in White with Recaro's and Speedlines for £13,775 OTR Insurance is coming out at £351 Was thinking of a 2 Year old Golf GTi for about £16,000 but this is looking quite appealing at the mo..... Someone stop me
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    Liam - Barugh Green 5pm today

    Think it was you fella? LY R26? Driving towards Dodworth?
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    Oops! Hehe
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    R26 R*07 ULT - Meadowhall 11pm today

    At J34 of the M1 North Well done on cutting up 2 people (inc myself) within 5 seconds, If I hadn't been quick on the brakes, your back end would have had a nice new "mod" Really, I applaud your driving, bell end
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    '05 Inferno 182 - Barnsley McDonalds Drive Through - ASDA

    Today about 14:30 BAT FASTARD, that s**t will kill you dead
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    Media Centre - Mac Mini

    Hi all, I've got a HD TV now and really want to play some HD content through it which I will download through legal channels honest. Would a Mac Mini work as a Media Centre? Can I plug it straight into my telly and stream HD movies etc to it? Cheers Andy
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    Pics from Photography Course

    Feedback and comments/suggestions welcome please & Cheers! Andy
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    The Genius of Photography - BBC4 21.00 Tonight 6 part series Starts tonight on BBC 4 at 21.00
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    TV Question

    Hi All, A supplier has given me £500ex VAT to buy something on I would like a HD TV, can add a bit to it myself, but being a n00b to tellys, what do you reckon to these? or this: Cheers! Andy
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    Some pics with my 400D

    Hope you like em :-)
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    DSLR Tripod (full size)

    Anyone recommend one? Not too expensive, but no crap that blows over in the wind haha
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    Olympus E400 Digi SLR Camera & Zoom Lens &