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  1. Snubbs

    O2 home phone and broadband

    We've been tiscali/talktalk users for ever, and tbh it hasn't been as bad as most, but I'm still considering the move. Anyone with o2? What's your thoughts? Cheers, James
  2. Snubbs

    Buy iTunes credit?

    Is it possible to buy iTunes vouchers electronically? I.E. without having to go buy them physically/online and wait for delivery? Reason I ask is, I don't like the thought of my debit card being on their file (as say for instance my cousin gets hold of my iPhone and spends $$$$$ on crappy games...
  3. Snubbs

    Wierd Blu-Ray ROM problem

    Basically, I can't seem to get my new F&F blu-rays to play on my PC. I've tried PowerDVD Ultra and Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre. I've tried the drive in 2 PCs Whilst I can see the disc name etc in the drive (and can look at the files), I can't get them to play (if i open the drive in either of...
  4. Snubbs

    Spotify App now available!

    But sadly (as we all knew) requires a Spotify Pro account... Still - good news for all iPhone users, as it gives you a cheapish alternative to paying for each song, and instead paying iirc £9.99 per month. Thats like 2 albums cost, for a massive song database.... ;) Jim
  5. Snubbs

    Cheap D-SLR deals

    Well, cheapish - e.g. Canon 1000D for £360 + postage I noticed the deal on AV forums but thought I'd post it up here as theres a bunch of photographers here :rasp: (I hope it's ok in the GC) Discount code: 10SLR Gives 10% off...
  6. Snubbs

    Wing Mirror - Smashed

    Fun times.... Well, just dropped a mate off home, on my way coming back, I'm driving down a double-parked road, theres another driver coming towards me, and as there is space on the left hand side to pass - it is my right of way... She doesn't seem to realise this OR thinks we can both...
  7. Snubbs

    iPod Touch...Do I, Don't I?

    So basically, come september I'll be starting my placement year. This placement will be based 50% in manchester and 50% in liverpool - the trip to manchester will have to be via train due to traffic & parking, the trip to liverpool will be done via car. Anyway, I have been thinking that for...
  8. Snubbs

    Silver RS - Ashbourne Road

    Silver RS - YN54 SPV Not sure on 172/182, looked smart anyway, on the Ashbourne road heading towards buxton. Anyone here? Didn't have a CS sticker, but then again I haven't put mine in yet (and I haven't got an RS :P)
  9. Snubbs

    Need new 19" LCD TV

    As above - need a good recommendation of a 19" (or 20") LCD TV, with the following: HDMI input DVI/VGA input (either) Reasonable sound Scart (pretty standard :P) Wall mountable Freeview is not essential as we can't get it in my area (we use freesat) however its a bonus incase we move in the...
  10. Snubbs

    Clio 1.2 - handling mods etc, advice wanted

    Hey, Basically, starting between june-> september this year I'll be starting a 12month placement (I've yet to get one secured, but have been applying since janurary). I'm working on the assumption that I'll get one eventually, and the pay will be around £12k over the year. So, I plan to...
  11. Snubbs

    Nokia warranty

    Is it just me, or does nokia handle the whole warranty really well? Had my new Nokia 6220 in for repair (only 13 days old, but it was playing up, I cba asking 3 to do a straight replacement as I know 3's customer service has something to be desired). Problem: The camera app would just start...
  12. Snubbs

    Black Mk2 EA54 **Y - Sheffield

    Its parked near my house, right next to starbucks up eccleshall road. Bit of replica-ness going on, seems to have Renaultsport interior, trophy wheels, lowered suspension. Real clean/prestine paintjob. :rasp: Anyone on here?
  13. Snubbs

    Cosmos S (PC Case) £145

    Hey, just thought I'd post this up. This case is usually £190, but my mate is selling his after less than 1months use @ £145 delivered. Reason for sale is he finds it just too big (he's a bit of a lan party man)...
  14. Snubbs

    Crappy plastic wheel trims!

    Ok, I've got a 1.2 'Authentique' meaning that its 'basic' In this moan I'm moaning about the fact its got standard steelies rather than pretty alloys.. Today i noticed (thought the sin may have been committed earlier this week) that my (shared with mum) Clio is missing its front left...
  15. Snubbs

    Rarest clio? Also whats the fastest 1.2 on here?

    Hey, in various discussions on the forum and elsewhere, i've heard that my Mk2 Ph2 1.2 8v is pretty rare, due to the fact that its a 8v. I just wondered how rare they actually are? I mean, they must be rare cause imo - how can anyone actually buy the 'basic' package car? I mean its always...
  16. Snubbs

    X1* RUS

    Spotted a silver clio (172 i think) with the reg 'X1* RUS' (can't remember if the 3rd letter was 6 or 8) In buxton round near the back on argos.. Anyone on here?
  17. Snubbs

    I'd like an upgrade...

    I've been driving since july last year (if you include learning/since jan if not) and my trusty 1.2 8valve 'Authentique' (which translated means 'Authentic' strangely, not 'basic' or 'crap') has served me well, and passed me first time... however, as 'nippy' as it is when i'm alone, its not so...
  18. Snubbs

    Revometer broken

    Hey, my Clio 1.2 Authentique '03 Reg has recently decided that its revometer may as well give me some trouble! So basically its acting really wierd, giving reading about 1-1.5k lower than it should be, e.g. idleing at 0 :P Also when reving (accelerating harshly..its a 1.2 ok?) to around 3.5k...
  19. Snubbs

    Help choosing 20" TFT Monitor

    Hey, i recently bought a Samsung 206ws 20" widescreen monitor. As glossy as it was, it was faulty, and i've found out this is quite common with all of the outsourced panels (due to high demand samsung outsourced production). So i've returned it and would like some help choosing a new...
  20. Snubbs

    3 Mobile & n73, Comments?

    Hey, my boss recently went with 3 Mobile, which i thought was a real bad idea because of their rep for poor signal etc. But it turns out he's had better reception than with O2. So i'm considering getting a contract b4 i start uni - the one i'm looking at is £15 for 600txts, 75xnet mins. For...
  21. Snubbs

    ScanGaugeII - any good?

    http://www.scangauge.comHey, i've wanted to be able to read my MPG, etc in my Clio (Authentique 03) for a while now, - see how different driving styles affect my MPG etc. Are scangauges compatable with the Clio? also how are these wired up? And is it worth having? Cheers, James
  22. Snubbs

    TomTom Camera Database

    Hey, I've just found the free gpscamera database now costs! I've got a TomTomOne V2 and fancy updating my speed camera locations. Are there any good free alternatives or (free ways to get the one?) Cheers, James
  23. Snubbs

    Remote Clio Key not working

    Hey, my Renault Clio key has stopped working. The only way to get in and out of my car is as follows: 1. Use key in passender door 2. Open driver door via passenger door 3.go round to drivers door - get in... Out: 1. Shut drivers door 2. Go round to passenger side 3. Use lock button on dash...
  24. Snubbs

    Rear Speakers wanted for Xmas

    Hey i have a Clio Authentique 1.2 (03 reg) Coming up to christmas i am aware i'll have a bit of money kicking about as presents from the grandma's! so i was wondering how simple it is to add some, should the car have the wires for the rear already in the back under the face plates or would i...
  25. Snubbs

    £390 for 32" HDMI LCD TV! I know its aldi, but for anyone who doesn't know, aldi are good for quality&price! Its in aldi in about a month... i'd get one if it wasn't for the fact we have a 32" HDMI LCD...& the fact i'm skint Enjoy! James
  26. Snubbs

    Clio mk2 - ICE replacement

    Hey, this is my first post!.... i want to fit new speakers & tweeters in the front of my clio, and put some in the back..along with a new headunit The car in question is a standard Clio 1.2 Authentique These are my current plan: Headunit...