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    Wiring loom damage

    So my cups been sat a while but whilst working on it I've noticed some wiring loom damage. The loom goes across slam panel between headlights etc and horn and into fuse box Now some of its fairy simple to repair but a few of the wires are orange, thanks renault Is it easier to change the...
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    I'm Back J50 CUP

    So been away for a while, took a break from the whole trackdays and car scene etc, got a little bored and tired of it for a whole load of reasons and plus I took interest in other past times so was lacking on the motivation side of things. Anyway the Megane sold back in February and bought a...
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    We are the Mods!

    So some of you may if noticed I've lost a bit of interest recently in cars, not sure why tbh maybe it's an accumulation of reasons. Still got the Megane as it stands, few adverts about for it haven't tried to hard to push it but I'm in no rush as I'm sure it'll sell sooner but it does give me...
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    When Facebook flash backs memory's make you want to have another..........

    For a while now on a near daily basis Facebook seems to have a habit of popping up with old photos etc This morning it was this..... My old trophy! At times I do miss this car, was a pleasure to own and I must say it was probably one of the tightest clios in term of driving feel once I'd...
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    So the little cups a bit stuck......

    So as well as my R26 track car I've got a fairly clean, low mileage 172 cup for daily duties. I actually love the little car, it's great on fuel for the daily commute and peanuts to keep on the road in terms of repair and maintenance and I just love clios. So Friday morning I woke up and...
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    Our new cup

    Found this literally round the corner from my place Going to double as my daily and the car that my missus is going to take on track instead of my R26 as she's scared of that haha
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    Clio 197 cup speedlines

    Just a quick on on behalf of a friend, is there any difference in the 197 cup alloys in terms of either offset or width when compared to standard 197 wheels
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    Anyone recommend a decent bodyshop in the East Midlands

    Right I'm looking at having an R26.r spoiler fitted to my r26 so I'll require some holes welding in the tailgate and the spoiler and tailgate painted. I'm also looking at having a few other bits tarted up at the same time. I usually use a friend but I wasn't happy with the last work and now...
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    Go Pro advice, total newb

    Right the missus is looking at buying me a go pro for Christmas for me too film upcoming track days, mountain biking and general tomfoolery. Now I'm no technical guru when it comes to electrical goods as I don't have a massive interest but I don't want myself or the missus getting sold down the...
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    2002 clio 1.2 16v non starter

    Right this ones puzzled me looking at a car for me mate basically it's been fine till one day when he stalled it and it hasn't wanted to start since. I've checked the usual Resistance checked Crank sensor about 240ohms Checked all the fuses with the meter All the engine bay relays are...
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    Lumpy idle/small vibration (meg r26)

    Right had me r26 f1 for a couple of months nearly now and loved it from the word go, great step up from a string of RS clios. Now it had a few issues when I bought it nothing major, set of injectors (common chuffing) so I changed them. Engine mounts causing vibrations, sorted that. But...
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    Not Normal Dans R26 Megane F1

    So thought it was about time I should start a little thread for the trophies replacement. After 5 years of fun filled clio sport ownership (172,197 and trophy) I had the sudden brain wave that I fancied a change. All sorts of replacements went through me head from r26's, e46 m3's, 130i's...
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    Trophy in Derby

    Spotted you in the Sauvsburys at the Wyvern whilst I was getting fuel for my trophy
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    Megane 225 injectors

    Anyone know what resistance readings I should expect from a set of megane 225 injectors
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    Laguna F4p 1.8 Cambelt

    As above, I've been asked to stick a new belt kit and dephaser on an engine for me mates Laguna. Looking at autodata and it lists the same horseshoe as used on the f4r and crank tdc pin but doesn't mention the tool used for locking pulleys to crack them off to set timing and tension correctly...
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    Urgent diffrence in track beteen cup and non cup ph2 sport

    as above really gang just want to take some measurements
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    172 Clio lambda sensor

    Right I've tried search but I'm using tapatalk so its useless haha. After some lambda sensor spec for the pre cat sensor on a 2002 172. How many wires What's colours etc Cheers in advance Dan
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    Trophy alignment settings

    As above really after the alignment settings I.e castor, camber, toe for my 182 trophy. Auto data seems a little vague concerning these. cheers Dan
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    Dynodaze rolling road day 24/11/13

    This has been posted in the east mids section too. Right then guys next Sunday are throwing a dyno day at dyno daze in Hinckley. After speaking with Danny from dynodaze he's happy for us guys to join in providing we dyno after the twingo guys providing you want to run. It's 30...
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    Dynodaze rolling road meet, 24/11/13

    Right then guys next Sunday are throwing a dyno day at dyno daze in Hinckley. After speaking with Danny from dynodaze he's happy for us guys to join in providing we dyno after the twingo guys providing you want to run. It's 30 pounds a run which includes 2 runs and a colour...
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    Engine block testing in Midlands

    After someone who can pressure test a bare engine block in the midlands. Block is a Cosworth YB 200 block, I'm located in Burton on Trent so close as possible. Cheers Dan
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    Monaco 172 on trailer Alrewas

    Spotted on the slip road at Alrewas being towed by a discovery, I was in the trophy next to you!
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    Few pics from todays pre trax clean and mine and northloopcup's drive out

    Well woke up today and thought I best give it a clean for the weekend and heres the results Process and Products used: Pre Jet wash AutoBrite Snowfoam 2 Buckets method wash using meguires gold class AG clean wheels Dry with drying towel and micro fibre Polish using auto finnesse tripple AG...
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    2004 Clio 1.2 16v Cambelt

    Just double checking, according to procedure its just the crank pin needed for timing. Just wondering whether the actual bottom pulley is keyed or a fully floating setup?
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    Slight knock on the front

    The trophy is running Sachs dampers (refurbed by CF), eibach sportlines and pure motorsport top mounts. At low speeds I get a slight knock over bumps/uneven ground. Every ball joint, trackrod inner and out and bush has been replaced and there's no play in nothing and everythin is tight. Car...
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    Lambda sensor boss thread.

    Basically wanting to find out what thread a standard Clio lambda sensor is without taking the car to pieces. Reason asking is I'm after some sort of bung to pop in the lambda boss. Cheers guys
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    Anyone run this exhaust?

    Well its time to get a new exhaust system for the 182. I've already got a sleeved 2.25 decat and really like the janspeed stuff so going to go for that. This is the system I'm going to go for, just not sure whether to...
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    A decent point and shoot camera

    After some advice really chaps, I'd really love a DSLR after seeing some friends and some of you guys produce some great images but using them and producing good images seems a art form plus I really want something compact. ​So whats out there at the minute point and shoot wise that'll turn out...
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    Eibachs or Mark Fish.....

    Well me trophies dampers are due back anytime soon from cornering force. Now I fancy some different springs to give it a slightly better ride height/tyre wheel arch clearance. Now I was set on the mark fish springs but hear of a few guys running sportlines. What are the main differences...
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    Gearbox repair in the midlands

    Right then folks, today I decided to change the clutch the missus Peugeot 107. Upon inspection I noticed oil leak between the bell housing and engine so I grabbed a rear main oil seal before I started stripping it. On closer inspection turns out the leak is coming from the gearbox side...