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    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    You'll need more than that crotch rocket...
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    UR 200 Anyone know this car??
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    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    This thread requires more updates!
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    TCE Remapping

    To follow my last post up. The turbo flange on the decat didnt fit. I had to take the grinder to it. Itll be fine but not ideal considering the cost. Not a great fit at the exhaust end either but itll do until its mapped, then I can go back over things. It's also not braced like the OE one...
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    TCE Remapping

    It arrived 2 days back. Its reasonably well made, quite a lot of rough internal edges needing ground down though. Took 6 weeks to come and the payment process was a bank transfer. It cost £151 inc postage which isnt too bad though. Hopefully have it fitted this week.
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    TCE Remapping

    Yeah Yeah FMIC is fitted and my injectors are away getting cleaned and tested. I was hoping to have a decat/downpipe fitted before the map however Im sceptical if it will even turn up never mind turn up in time. I've got a project thread in the "Other Marques" section.
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    TCE Remapping

    TRW Performance in Portugal make downpipes for the clio and twingo tce. I'm still waiting on mine arriving.... if it arrives with no dramas I'll let you know lol. I'm hoping to have my Twingo mapped at the beginning of feb by EFI. Just sorting a date.
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    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    When you buy that UR 200, you can come back and slag me! 😂
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    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    Got that beam off yet?
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    1.2 Turbo

    Find a Tce
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    Adeys Twingo GT

    Digging up an old post here. But after speaking to EFI, a FMIC is now on the cards at my end. Before I go a pull the bumper off, is there enough space to fit a little IC behind the front cross member? Ideally i want it to be as hidden as possible.
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    Martin's Clio DCi Van

    You taking sneaky photos of me and putting them on the internet!? Creep!
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    Renault Clio 1.5 dci 07

    Unfortunately i can't offer much advice but if you struggle to get answers here, you could also try
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    Clean BG 182 + Flamer 172

    LOL thanks for informing me that my coolant is bang in the middle of renaults recommendation. Car is now sold.
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    Anyone used Fuchs Tian supersyn 'F' 5w40?

    Ordered oil online and it doesnt spec the 'F' in the description but the photo shows it. Says it aids engine efficiency. Sure it'll be fine being good quality 5w40.
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    New Clio 182 Series - 750 Motor Club

    Repeating what's been said, seems like ktec have won a watch here! These pointless regs are only going to put people off. I wonder how a ktec ECU'd car would compare to a OEM one. That could be a funny test to watch!
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    Twingo's Replacement....... Martin_172 is Martin_172 again!!!

    Looking well! Gave me the shove to get mine tidied up!
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    Another problem to add to the list!

    I had a misfire on a 1.2 16v that turned out to be a dodgy injector. Displaying the symptoms you described. As for removal, I can't comment since I haven't done it on a 1.4.
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    Gaz.'s Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

    Of all the models of Skyline, the R32 is my favourite. Such a functional looking car. Been considering one for about 3 years and never had to bottle to go through with it. Been building a friends R33 back up from an engine failure over the last few years, something that was meant to be a forged...
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    Twingo's Replacement....... Martin_172 is Martin_172 again!!!

    About time you were back in a fast car
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    Clio 3 1.2 Non-TCE

    TCE engines are cheap, I'd imagine that would be your first port of call if youre serious about a turbo.
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    Who will be/is Buying a 200T

    Agree, also if youre using the gears right lag should never be too much of an issue anyway. Waiting on someone posting the 200 v 200T straight line video
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    Centre Exhaust mount...........anyone had this before?

    Mine is the same on my 182, never had any MOT issues though. I'm playing about with making my own centre mount as the renault ones leave a lot to be desired
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    Porsche Cayman S Race Car

    Jesus, I'd love to be able to weld like that!
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    182 alternator issues, mechanics/specialists advice.

    So I've had my 182 for a couple of years now and tbh not too much has went wrong. However a few weeks ago, the battery went flat (battery is 18 months old) and wouldnt start one night. So got the multimeter out and cheked battery voltage (12.50v) but not enough to turn the car over. So i jump...
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    RS182 Badges

    N2graffix supply those. I have seen someone remove the flag type bit and have the RS1*2 on the rear. Looked good.
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    Picked up a 172!

    Christ! You must be strong! (ref title) Welcome to CS! From my experience, the 172's are stronger lower in the rev range compared to the 182's. However your plan of a map and airbox should give you a noticable difference (not power but delivery). Martin_172 on here had those mods on a Ph1 172...
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    Girlfriends and Renaultsport Clio's

    I dont mind my mrs driving my 182 because she is a decent driver. If she was s**t, then i wouldnt let her near it.
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    ph2 172 ...

    s**t the bed.... i fixed it within 20 seconds lol