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    Micks Monster Burger @ Portsdown Hill. Fri 22nd Feb 7.30

    An actual CS meet? Count me in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [Apr 3, 2018] Longbridge Mill Pub Meet (Sherfield on Loddon)

    Especially when that TT joined in Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Southampton people?? Help please

    A lot of the roads near the station are now only 1 or 2 hours parking as a lot of people used to park in the streets at the town end off Shirley Road who commuted to London. I used to work in Arthur Road which didn't have time restrictions but was hard to find a space. Town car parks are...
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    My New Chicken Chaser

    Looking good. This is as far as I have got with mine. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Fletch's BMW M2.

    Love the car and the colour. Can't wait to see it in the flesh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [Apr 27, 2017] Portsdown Hill Burger Meet (Mick's Monster Burgers)

    Count me in as snow has been predicted which would be normal for a Mick's meet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Castle Combe Actionday 2016

    Great pics Chris. Was a really good day, shame one area rep bailed out early.
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    Players Classic @ GoodWood

    Great pics Chris. Happy with the new camera? Need to get an angry wasp sticker made lol?
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    Vtec kicked in

    The EP3 has got lower torque than mine and I need to keep mine revving for the vtec to kick in. Was he chasing a Clio?
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    South Coast Burger Meat.

    Was a great meet and nice to see so many Clios all still working. Lol.
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    South Coast Wales Trip 2015

    Just a few pics from me DSC_0847 by Pete James, on Flickr DSC_0848 by Pete James, on Flickr DSC_0850 by Pete James, on Flickr DSC_0849 by Pete James, on Flickr DSC_0855 by Pete James, on Flickr DSC_0868 by Pete James, on Flickr DSC_0872 by Pete James, on Flickr DSC_0878 by Pete James, on Flickr...
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    South Coast Wales Trip 2015

    Excellent write up and pictures Chris. I think you may be right about altercations as that gravel stage had bigger rocks and sharp pieces of slate that would have tested the mettle of a WRC car. Will add my pics later. Cheers to Tim for organising it again. Was truly an emotional weekend.
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    Tim's Trophy - #455

    Looking good bud, can't wait for Wales.
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    73 rd Goodwood Members Meeting 2015

    Was a great day out and really enjoyed the whole event. Especially the cars that made me re-live my youth. No not the Bugattis but the 70s F1 cars. Just a few pics from me DSC_0401 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0406 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0415 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0416 by PJ182, on Flickr...
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    Back in a Clio 182

    Would make a great track car
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    [Mar 7, 2015] The 10th South Central/East Surrey Rolling Road Day: £30! (Farnborough)

    Thought I couldn't miss this so have sent monies for deposit. Need to check how many ponies have escaped since last year.
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    Southdown Stages 2015

    Was a good morning with some great cars. Here are a few shots from me. DSC_0203 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0369 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0371 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0362 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0346 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0330 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0329 by PJ182, on Flickr DSC_0327 by...
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    Southdown Stages @ Goodwood

    Yes that would be good. See you at Tescos at 9.30
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    Southdown Stages @ Goodwood

    What time you aiming to get there for Chris?
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    [Feb 4, 2015] New Forest Pub meet. (West Wellow Hampshire)

    Was a good meet and location was good.[emoji481]
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    [Feb 4, 2015] New Forest Pub meet. (West Wellow Hampshire)

    I might just be able to drag myself along to this.
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    Cub's Flamer - Supercharged, Cage etc

    Can't wait to catch up with this and the few minor mods you're made. Looking epic mate.
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    Arctic 182 southampton General Hospital.

    Parked next to you today and saw the Cliosport sticker.
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    Nice clio ph1

    That is way too much
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    [Oct 15, 2014] Longbridge Mill (Basingstoke)

    I'm in if it's still on.
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    New Civic Type R

    The only thing that puts me off buying one is the price and initial depreciation. I may be biased on my experiences but the EP3 and FN2 are far from warm hatches. Obviously this must be the opinion of someone who hasn't driven one or a Jeremy Clarkson review. I much prefer my FN2 than any of...
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    IOS 8

    Started at 6.30pm tonight and it has finally finished. Like the messenger changes,
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    CS Areas Day 2014 (South Central) 21.09.14

    Is it just me but what sort of time are we all meeting and I'm sure other people might like details of Chesil Street Car park.
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    Pete's Civic Type R FN2

    Haven't done an update for some time so thought I had better add some pics and go through how the car has changed in the last 4 months. Got the wheels re-furbed and have enjoyed how easy they were to keep clean. Untitled by PJ182, on Flickr by PJ182, on Flickr Took it to Llandow for the...