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  1. Whitey172

    Windscreen surround

    Cheers for the responses folks, think I’ll keep sticking it for now 😉
  2. Whitey172

    Windscreen surround

    I did try a few searches but bear with me, can you buy the plastic bits at the top on the windscreen rubbers? I’ve glued mine a couple of times but would like to replace if anywhere sells them?
  3. Whitey172

    BMW E92 330I

    @Mbeau - the pearl black is in good hands mate. Liking the 330 a lot.
  4. Whitey172

    A Hello from me and Herefordshire & Worcester meet feeler.

    St. Peter's, used to see your Clio around (usually round warndon if I remember correctly). Black Leon Cupra R, but there are a few round here at the mo
  5. Whitey172

    A Hello from me and Herefordshire & Worcester meet feeler.

    Just saw this. Not been around for a while but still have the Clio. Will be back to my main once I get round to selling the leon
  6. Whitey172

    Hi all

    Welcome :cool:
  7. Whitey172

    Detatched button in key fob

    So key fob stopped working on the 172, thought battery but when i opened the case there is a tiny button / switch that has come detatched from the board. Is there a repair for this? Pressumably if I go to renault it will mean a new key and coding? Anyone got any idea on price?
  8. Whitey172

    Your favourite Detailing brand?

    Most of my stuff is CarChem now, with bits of Chem guys etc
  9. Whitey172

    iOS "must have" apps

    Gone back to Mini Gore again - Super addictive
  10. Whitey172

    FIFA 13

    next purchase for my serieA team, chiellini now, Save for DiNatale, or go all out for buffon?
  11. Whitey172

    FIFA 13 The team ive stuck with after trying a few hybrids and german teams. Works well for me and i love 451. Next buy will prob be buffon when finds allow
  12. Whitey172

    Black 182 Worcester Around 21.30 last night

    Think it did if i remember right, was a while ago
  13. Whitey172

    Black V6 Worcester

    Spotted on city walls rd this morning.
  14. Whitey172

    FIFA 13

    Got bored off my italian team so sold up and thought i would try a hybrid Some easy upgrades when funds allow and still got 9 chem across the whole team
  15. Whitey172

    FIFA 13

    Well my rubbish pack opening seems to finally be improving, had modric and hummels this morning that should help towards my sneijder or Boateng fund
  16. Whitey172

    FIFA 13 Not sure who to go for next, Was thinking Sneijder or Boateng?
  17. Whitey172

    What have you ordered? *Detailing*

    Ive got one and its ok, just dont expect foam like you see on detailing world, there just isnt enough pressure from a normal hose
  18. Whitey172

    Black 182 Worcester Around 21.30 last night

    Driving through town, I was walking home from work and crossed in front of you by the City Walls Rd / Sidbury junction. Took off when the lights changes bouncing off the limiter. You obviously normally take safety seriously due to the fact you had you fogs on. Looked like a clear night to me but...
  19. Whitey172

    Black 182 Worcester

    Saw you this morning going up Hylton Rd past the uni.
  20. Whitey172

    Someone smacked the clio

    Phew thats what i was hoping
  21. Whitey172

    Someone smacked the clio

    Just been out to find the mirror bent in against the car with two large scrapes down it. Mirror is fine (glass etc). Are they just couloured caps on the mirrors or is it a complete unit?
  22. Whitey172

    Forza Horizon

    Buckled and preordered the ltd edition today along with fifa
  23. Whitey172

    What have you ordered? *Detailing*

    I know its wrong but started to plan the winter seal up. Always used colli476 over winter, anything new worth trying or stick with the colli?
  24. Whitey172

    Just had this pop up on my news feed.. HUGE gathering for a good cause

    Me and the wife are hoping to make this (close to heart subject matter) so if anyone fancies tagging along from Worcester let me know
  25. Whitey172

    ClioSport Saturday 2012 Video

    Great video, gutted I missed it
  26. Whitey172

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    for waxes etc I use the tesco baby sponges, about 98p for two and work a treat
  27. Whitey172

    Bilberry Wheel Cleaner.. Safe?

    Great wheel cleaner in the correct dilution, can tarnish when used neat
  28. Whitey172

    ClioSport Saturday Convoy

    no worries, thought id offer :cool:
  29. Whitey172

    ClioSport Saturday Convoy

    If the scratch is nt too deep I have DA etc if you want to try and polish out
  30. Whitey172

    Pre-CSS Wash

    Looks really good