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  1. Donny_Dog

    L66 WRB - Methley Leeds

    White 200. Sounded sweet.
  2. Donny_Dog

    My Impreza mistake

    I saw an Impreza on Ebay, whilst just browsing on Friday. Spoke to @leeds_182 about it (he recognised it and was interested pre-forester) and we went to view it yesterday..... .....and drove it home. I wasn't even wanting one, up until 24 hours before. Should really grow up. I don't...
  3. Donny_Dog

    Alfa 156 v6 (10 years off the road) project

    My old man bought this 5 years ago, it had been sat for 5 years before that. He was going to do it up, in retirement but is bored on furlough. It was his next door neighbours. I can't remember why they laid it up, but I remember the day we dragged it round to his house, because it burnt the...
  4. Donny_Dog

    Former 182 demo car?

    Making a guess, this might have belonged to @riz once up on a time? or someone on here might have had it a few years ago. Another photo, shows the reg, which is the same as below. Been off the road a few years on the MOT search.
  5. Donny_Dog

    Clio Turbos (the 172/182 kind)

    This week, I'll be mostly fancying a low boost turbo 172/182. I have a few questions. 1) Do you have one, is it for sale c) Did the clioturbo/greer versions all blow up, or does someone still have one. How do you tell these apart from the engine dynamics variants. 4) Approximate costs for...
  6. Donny_Dog

    Flywheel refurb

    My flywheel is OEM had done about 80k road miles. (not a clio). I then doubled the horsepower with a turbo & threw a paddle clutch on there + matching pressure plate. The clutch was used, so it wasn't massively happy at the new power level & it's a 4 paddle so a bit heavy on the knees. I've...
  7. Donny_Dog

    R5 Turbo

    Always wanted one, still do. A couple of grand cheaper and I'd have gone for this.
  8. Donny_Dog

    Mig welders

    I had a hand me down mig, which either overheated after 60 seconds or refused to spool. Not ideal for a beginner as it was just stop/start with problem after problem. Looking for a replacement. Uses are the odd bit of car body work 2mm stuff, making brackets and various small household...
  9. Donny_Dog

    Exhaust wrap - smoke

    Evening, I've never used exhaust wrap before, but freshly wrapped a manifold (not particularly well) and started the car today. It smoked pretty constantly, which I expected a little. But it didn't stop. The first header, which is the shortest (right) is showing discolouration. I think a...
  10. Donny_Dog

    Paint revival & Cleaning/detailing process advice

    Wondering if you can offer some guidance as to what I'd need and what I'd need to do. The mission is to clean & detail a silver car. Some parts have been freshly painted, but the parts that haven't - have been exposed to the elements and in my opinion, look a little yellowish. The front wing...
  11. Donny_Dog

    RB 182 Leeds City Centre

    Looked like it was coming out of the car park at Sweet street/Meadow Lane, behind Halfords. Today 16:15pm.
  12. Donny_Dog

    106 turbo winter project

    The saxo turbo is laid up awaiting some expensive parts and whilst looking for second hand bits - I found this car for sale on facebook. It was local and I've not had a 106 before, but have experience with the sister cars. So have taken this one on as a winter project/xmas present. Advert...
  13. Donny_Dog

    Stud extraction

    I've been checking the valve clearances on my bike and one of the valve cover bolts snapped. Typically it is the one most exposed to the front wheel and not even half a can of WD40 made any odds. I'm left with this: There's not a great deal of land, left on the thread of the bolt, but I...
  14. Donny_Dog

    Lambda voltage / wiring / signal

    I'm thinking the Lambda setup is the same as on the Clio's. I run an Innovate LC-2 wideband on my project car. The stock ECU reads the narrowband o2 sensor using the generic '4 wire' lambda. White/White/Black/Grey wires. I know the signal wire is the black wire. What I don't know, is which...
  15. Donny_Dog


    I went to a car show recently and saw a 106 turbo with a charge cooler installed. Since then, I've been reading some threads and they are plenty used. I didn't think it was the 'done' thing. I've never considered it before, in my small boosted project. But I think manufacturers are using...
  16. Donny_Dog

    Saxo Turbo

    It looks like the forum I kept tabs on my project, is going to fold. 106Owners went the same way. SaxP's hosting is possibly up for renewal and I'd lose all my links to pictures etc, so if it's ok, I'll transfer it to here. This the is longest forum I've ever been on and it has more life in...
  17. Donny_Dog

    Look at my shaft

    My daily hack/nail was making some cracking and clunking noises when turning, from the passenger side. I ordered a 'shaft' from Renparts. Thats the 'new' shaft on the left. The abs ring looks too small and so do the splines. I obviously couldn't check this until my shaft was off. True...
  18. Donny_Dog

    Renault Espace I was...
  19. Donny_Dog

    182 Zorst disaster part 2

    Following on from my previous thread regarding the back boxes.... this time it's the cat/de-cat. I'd like to put a cat back in the car. Currently it has a decat as below. It's crap and blows as good as our lass. There is a sale/voucher code for Euro car parts (no suprise) that shows I can get...
  20. Donny_Dog

    182 Zorst disaster

    Erm... I've inspected the exhaust on a project I bought a while ago, it's a reet mess. It's some powerflow thing, I think. The welding isn't great, so guessing it's not an off the shelf item. Anyway, WTF should the hangers look like at the rear, as this is proper blue peter:
  21. Donny_Dog

    MK1 Aero Mazda 3 MPS

    About to be back in a 182. What has happened to my life. Anyway, my MPS if it tickles any ones fancy.
  22. Donny_Dog

    Clutch cover help

    Hoping someone can help explain clutch covers. On another project I have a 4 paddle Helix clutch. It came with a Helix clutch cover, which looks very similar to a stock/oem clutch cover, but has their sticker on it. At full boost - the clutch slips a little. There isn't a direct upgraded clutch...
  23. Donny_Dog

    Switched ignition live feed

    I've noted about 3 things (gauges mainly) using scotch locks from the cigarette lighter wire! Sad thing is, I need to add other things into a similar feed, but want to do it correctly. What is the best way to either share 1 connection with 3 devices safely? do I have to run individual feeds...
  24. Donny_Dog

    Megane 225 / R26 Injectors

    I've got a set of these in another turbo project, but I am unsure on their CC. Some internets say 390cc and other internets say 480cc @ 3 bar. Renault part number on them is: 8200511099 These are the blue collar, green tip ones - that show up by google image searching the above part number. I...
  25. Donny_Dog

    Doncaster - Blue Turbo - Can't remember his username

    This morning on Warmsworth road.
  26. Donny_Dog

    Oil hose help

    I'm after some advice on how to accomplish a flexible oil return. My situation is below, I have both end connectors, so that's cool: Blue square = a 90degreee 16mm elbow (ignore the piping on the end of it) Red square = a push fit 16mm opening (I have an end for that too) What I don't have, is...
  27. Donny_Dog

    Oil leak assistance

    There is a bit of oil on the floor of my garage from a recently aquired 140k 182. On the underside, I can see the following: At the top of the engine there is oil residue around the cam covers and some oil possibly mixed with water in a gully just behind the plenum at the front. There is...
  28. Donny_Dog

    Engine rebuild - First start

    Now then. I've built a new bottom end. It has new (forged) rods, pistons along with new shells, bearings, rod bolts yada yada (the head is the original). The turbo is also brand new - straight off the shelf. I'm shi^^ting it, when it comes to starting it up for the first time. I lined the...
  29. Donny_Dog

    Website builder creator

    I need a simple wordpress/wix/other website creator (main image and a bit of text and links type thing) based web page for a small business. Wix looks good, but once you want to attach your own domain, there is a price. Anyone know of any simple creators, that look half decent, that I could...
  30. Donny_Dog

    Piston movement in cylinder (engine building)

    Generic french tin rebuild advice required. Below is cylinder 1 of my forged TUJ4 engine. I get acceptable movement north to south with the piston, yet east to west is very difficult, if any movement at all. All the others pistons are fine. The gap to the cylinder wall on one side is smaller...