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  1. Alex__

    North West/North Wales RS OC meet & drive out

    For anyone in the North West (like myself - based in cheshire) that fancies making the trip into North Wales. We could sort a convoy over if there's enough interest: A North Wales drive is being organised for anyone with an RS, or even non-RS for that matter! From Facebook: MEET! NORTH...
  2. Alex__

    North Wales RS OC meet & drive out

    A North Wales drive is being organised for anyone with an RS, or even non-RS for that matter! From Facebook: MEET! NORTH MEETS WEST DRIVE Sunday 3rd June 2018 9am Now after a little chat with Liam from the south west we planned to meet up at the Elan Valley. This will be drive from the...
  3. Alex__

    Anyone run 10mm rear slip on spacers with 2118s?

    I've got a pair of PMS 10mm slip on rear spacers, but reading the guide on the PMS site, from what I can see I wouldn't have enough hub protrusion to centre the wheel. But not 100%. So assuming I need to sell these and get hubcentric ones. However I was wondering if anyone else has the same...
  4. Alex__

    Think Ive caught the Renaultsport bug...

    Ok so its not strictly a Clio, but kinda similar.. :yum: (Mods please move to the relevant section if needed) So Ive gone and got a bigger brother for the Clio, and also in Grey as it happens. They're gonna look so good together :hearteyes: Spec: RS250 Cup (lim slip diff, lower ride...
  5. Alex__

    Footage from #TrackAddict trackday @ Rockingham

    Some clips I put together from the #TrackAddict track day last Sat at Rockingham. Really wasn't sure what to expect from Rockingham, but it turned out to be one of the most fun days Ive had on track.
  6. Alex__

    Anyone run a steering wheel spacer?

    As I have quite long legs, and also have very low subframes, I feel like it is quite a reach to the steering wheel so am thinking about spacing it out to bring it closer. Something like the below possibly (although it seems pricey for what it is)...
  7. Alex__

    Tyre catching bumper bracket

    Now my car is a lot lower, on track under hard cornering my tyre is catching the bracket which the front bumper attaches to. I have no front arch liners as I have already removed them. I dont want to raise the front as the car has had the alignment and corner weighting done, and I also like...
  8. Alex__

    Disc wear after 1 trackday (Brembo HC & Ds1.11)

    I did a trackday yesterday with brand new Brembo HC discs and ds1.11s and now have deep score marks on the discs. Ive driven the same way on the same setup and never had this. So 1) should I be alarmed? 2) will this reduce braking due to the surface being very uneven? 3) Will my pads get...
  9. Alex__

    Clio Oulton Park lap times

    Hi all, Did a trackday at Oulton yesterday, and used a timing app (Racechrono) for the first time. Just wondering what lap times people are getting and their car spec, just for some comparison and to get an idea of whats possible. My best was a 2:05.56. Brief car spec is coilovers, A048s...
  10. Alex__

    First trackday on BCs - starting settings

    Hi all, Shortly I will be doing a trackday at my local track (Oulton) with new BC coilovers AND a more aggressive geo setup (increased camber all round, more front caster), so want to ease back into driving the car, as I know it will feel very different to the old setup. Running 10kg front...
  11. Alex__

    Is it possible to turn off airbag light with airbag ecu removed?

    I started removing the airbag ecu and the wiring from under the seats, and in the process of pulling out the wires I must have stripped off one of the connectors off the wires, and now the airbag light is on. So can I ditch the ecu and all wires that come from it, and use a resistor in the...
  12. Alex__

    Where to get front disc bolts? (countersink torx)

    As above, the 2 bolts that attach the disc to the hub. Anyone got a part number or link?
  13. Alex__

    Radiator rubber feet - what am I missing?

    As my old radiator was held on by jubilee clips, I don't seem to have some rubber feet which apparently sit on the bottom of the radiator. Does anyone have a pic of what they are? Just wondering if I could make something similar. I'm imagining that they are a rubber disc that slides onto the...
  14. Alex__

    Is Silverstone any fun in a Clio?

    Hi all For those that have done/do Silverstone in a Clio, what are your thoughts? Basically I'm in two minds of whether to book on at some point this year. Is it more of a power circuit really? Seems like a lot of long straights, and not really suited to these type of cars, more the big power...
  15. Alex__

    New radiator and coolant pipes required - recommendations and advice needed

    Hi all, After issues with my car overheating I found that I have a coolant leak which seems to be coming from the radiator, so I will be fitting a new one, and while I am doing it I want to fit a full kit of silicone coolant pipes. First thing - rad. A lot of people talk about the nissens...
  16. Alex__

    HELP, water temp right up and 2 dash lights

    My cars been sat for a few months, took it for a very short drive and now Ive got 2 dash lights on and its overheating. Any ideas of the cause?
  17. Alex__

    Best track brake fluid?

    Probably been covered a lot but can find much of a consensus. Is RBF600 still the 'go to' these days?
  18. Alex__

    Issue removing BC top mounts from coilovers

    I am in the process of fitting BC coilovers, and am struggling to remove the top mounts from the new coilovers. According to this video at 1.15, with a ring spanner and an allen key, you should be able to remove the nut to separate the coilovers and the top mounts... However, mine seem...
  19. Alex__

    Fitting coilovers - what bolts to replace with new?

    I will be fitting coilovers soon, and Im thinking it would be worthwhile replacing some of the old bolts/nuts while Im doing it. For example, the bolts and nuts which attach the shocks to the hubs. What else it worth changing? And more importantly, where can I get them from? Does anyone have...
  20. Alex__

    Track car rear pads: standard or DS2500?

    As Ive heard the rear brakes dont do much, am I best off going with standard pads to keep the heat in them, or is it with paying the extra for the DS2500s. Not too bothered about cost, just want the best performance. Track only car, sticky tyres. Running DS1.11 fronts
  21. Alex__

    Small puddle in wheel arch after track session

    After each track session on my last track day I noticed a small puddle on the floor by the passenger side wheel arch. I also noticed the level in the expansion bottle kept dropping so kept needing topping up slightly. Is there an outlet from the expansion bottle near the wheel arch? Hence...
  22. Alex__

    Quick release fasteners for splitter?

    I want to fit a CMcomposites front splitter to the clio, however I think due to the size of it (and also my trailer dimensions) I think it will cause me issues. Wondering if there are any quick release type fasteners that exist that would make it easy to install/refit the splitter? Ideally...
  23. Alex__

    Rear ARB and/or strengthened rear axle? What to change?

    Could do with some suspension advice off people who know what they are talking about please. On my track car I am currently running a PMS 19mm RARB, and after doing some reading up I am thinking of changing to a 22mm one to change the handling characteristics slightly. I was planning on...
  24. Alex__

    Return of the Storm Grey 172 track car

    Hi all, thought id put together a bit of project thread for the Clio as a log of what I’ve done to it. So, I’ve owned the Storm Grey 172 for 4 months and I think its fairly well known on here, with several of its previous owners being CS members, the last one being @Losi_8_boy, who bought it...
  25. Alex__

    How many trackdays out of A048s?

    Bought 2 brand new A048s (medium compound) and did a full trackday at anglesey yesterday and was surprised how quickly theyve worn on the front. Checked pressures after every session to make sure they was in the range of 30-32 psi, geometry is bang on. In fairness I was on track a lot, and it...
  26. Alex__

    Removing trackday rubber marks

    Hi all Just after some product recommendations for removing the rubber marks from the cars bodywork after a trackday. What are people using?
  27. Alex__

    Track beast @ BLiNK Motorsport

    Must be known on here surely? Very distinctive, looks boosted too with the intercooler on the front. Was at Blink on Wednesday Build thread on here? BLiNK by Alex__ posted Jul 23, 2017 at 12:13 PM
  28. Alex__

    Max camber with camber bolts

    Got my car booked in at Blink motorsport to have more of a track setup put on the car, Im wanting to run -3 degrees camber on the front (currently running -1.5) However Im wondering if it is a waste of time paying for the geo setup as I know there is a limit to how much neg camber the bolts can...
  29. Alex__

    LY 197/200 - Nantwich A51

    Flashed going the other way :)
  30. Alex__

    Heater only blowing hot air since stripping out car

    Ive done a search on the problem of the heater only blowing out hot air, and have seen the heater control valve mentioned a lot. However, I have also seen that a sensor inside the car has been mentioned, which can cause the climate control to get confused? I recently stripped the cars interior...