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    Virgin Fibre Optic - Great deal!

    I have just signed up to Virgin Fibre Optic after being faffed around by my ADSL broadband provider EE. Virgin have got a fantastic deal at the moment with Fibre Optic which works out the same as having normal broadband. Virgin provide Fibre Optic through a separate line to your telephone line...
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    Sim Card Dialer for Alarm Help

    I currently have a burglar alarm installed which has a autodialer hard wired into by home landline. Im thinking of getting rid of the home line so that I can go for Fibre Optic. In my head im thinking there is some sort of device I can use with a sim card popped in in which can be used for the...
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    Heater not working on Speed 4

    My 04 plate Megane seems to have developed a fault with the heating. It works on speed settings except for speed 4 where it just switches off. I have googled it an noticed its a common problem mainly for the scenic. Does anybody have a guide on how this can be fixed as a DIY jobby? I understand...
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    Help Iphone Jailbreak Issue

    Just tried to jailbreak my Iphone 4 4.1. I thought it was supposed to be quite straightforward :| obviously not! Anyway i downloaded limera1n and went through the process as normal. It installed it, and then installed Cydia. I then tried to restart the phone and now it just freezes on the apple...
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    Clio bumpers

    Are the dynamique and the authentique bumpers the same? Are the fog lights the only difference?
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    Clio Seat Lever

    Does anybody know how the fix the seat lever thats used to let somebody into the back of the 3door clio's? Its not the one thats on the side of the seat its the one at the back?
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    Crashed 182 somebody on here? car is for sale on ebay, it has the cs sticker in the back window aswell?
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    mk1 172 W32 ***

    silver mk1 spotted in harpenden, needs a good clean whoever owns it ;)
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    Blue Clio Cup @ Hatfield YH52 ***

    saw a gorgeous blue clio cup near travellers lane in hatfield looked mint with a cs sticker in the back window also saw a few yards down the road, a silver 172 with a black bonnet an black wheels looked mint too.
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    What do i do....

    as you may or may not be aware i have been trying to sell my clio for the past week or so, interest is really good have 3 potential buyers just waiting for me to make my mind up.. Ok heres the the problem, i love my clio, the heads it turns an the attention it gets.....i havent grown out of...
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    New wheels on my 182

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    Bargain for somebody (172)

    bargain clio sport on pistonheads would be a nice motor for sombody been superchipped too
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    car mp3 player

    hey guys, my sony car cd player has messed up, so i braught an mp3 player of my mate but im kind of confused.....:cry: its an mp3/wma player does that mean i can fit more tunes on one cd?? if it does how do i do it, do i have to convert the tunes to a different format?? your help wud be...
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    alpine cva 1003 motorized headunit

    has anybody got this motorized monitor in their car, i have nicked one of my friend and the screen doesnt seem to come out, even when i press the open/close button. do i need to plug in a dvd player for the screen to come out or is it knackered?
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    blue 172 cup

    spotted parked inn enfield on a main road clio sport sticker on the back window, plate HT** HUH, was looking sweet!
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    My Clio and my p/x offer

    hi guys, i was just wondering if anybody could give me some opinions, a guy on the net is interested in p/xing his vw polo gti for my clio, do you think it is worth just a straight swap or do you think he or i should pay something ontop. Below are the links for the two cars, clio being mine...
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    Clio components

    hi, i own a clio 2002 dynamique and i was wondering if anybody can help me with upgrading the components in my car, wot size compents do i need to buy and if anybody has had a go upgrading them wot are the best ones to go for??? Cheers