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    UR 200 Anyone know this car??
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    Anyone used Fuchs Tian supersyn 'F' 5w40?

    Ordered oil online and it doesnt spec the 'F' in the description but the photo shows it. Says it aids engine efficiency. Sure it'll be fine being good quality 5w40.
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    182 alternator issues, mechanics/specialists advice.

    So I've had my 182 for a couple of years now and tbh not too much has went wrong. However a few weeks ago, the battery went flat (battery is 18 months old) and wouldnt start one night. So got the multimeter out and cheked battery voltage (12.50v) but not enough to turn the car over. So i jump...
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    ph2 172 ...

    If its as clean as described ... good god!
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    Canon AE-1 Program

    I'm a bit of an amateur when it comes to photography, I have a DSLR and enjoy playing with it. Thats as far as my knowledge goes. However Ive acquired this retro camera. A canon AE-1 program. It came with the base camera, 28mm, 50mm (x2), and 200mm lenses, top mounted flash, additional base...
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    Tidy but pricey ph1.
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    My 2nd clio... D4F content

    So the story begins. A distant friend of mine bought a 53 plate 1.2 16v around 4 years ago, not being mech minded at all, never maintained or kept this car in good condition whatsoever (other than washing it)! Skip forward a bit to summer last year. The car starts having misfire issues...
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    Laser diffuser/jammer "Laser Elite LE-X1..4"

    I've decided that I'm most definatley getting a jammer after a recent run in with the police on a backroad which involved trees, a radar gun, no hi vis jackets and me not paying enough attention. I'm not willing to let the opportunity arise again. I'll say no more. So after much hunting on the...
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    Road going 197 cup racer / replica cup racer Fareham 1945

    As above, passed you at the speed camera at the petrol station. Looked lush! I was in a black 182
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    Ian-speedy on the M6

    Passed you driving your transporter and trailer heading north on the M6.
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    Silver cup packed 182 HMS Sultan

    Seen the car parked over on the accom side, looks clean and sounds lovely.
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    What dampers?? Help!

    I ordered a full set of 182 cup dampers for my car to then find out today that I dont have the cup suspension pack. I have already fitted the cup rear dampers. What are my options? Standard 182 dampers on the front or 172 cup dampers? What will match the 182 cup dampers that are on the rear...
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    Cheap RS200 brembo's on ebay
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    JCC on Forsyths straight

    Passed you in a BG 182.
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    ph1 horn stalk on a ph2??

    If I get a ph1 172 horn/indicator stalk and fit it to my ph2 182, will the horn button operate my horn without modification? I've done this on a peugeot a few years back and it worked.
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    Quick vid of RS192

    Noticed my "zorst" has bedded in a sounds a little louder than before. Running a ph1 intake, RS Tuner map and the RS192.
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    chav'd but quick ph1 v6...

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    Ph1 172 Exclusive in Alexandria

    I was following in a black 182 for a bit.
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    Snow photos after a wash

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    Petrol blue 182 in crossgates

    Passed your house and seen the car sitting in the drive! Lush colour in real life!
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    New RS192

    My old exhaust had really started to fall to bits so i ordered this last tuesday and it arrived on friday morning. It wasnt as hard to fit as others have made out and I done it on drive up ramps although it took a bit of adjusting to get sitting perfect. The pics were taken before my final...
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    This isn't a parade lap!

    "I'll brake so I can leave a gap then zoom away" FFS!
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    Cup rear dampers?

    I have a 182 with cup packs and it had new dampers fitted not long before i bought it. My thoughts are though that the previous owner didnt really look after the car. I was wondering if there is any way to tell the difference between cup dampers and non cup dampers whilst fitted to the car?
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    52 reg 172 cup blue in helensburgh

    i was behind you in the black 182
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    Meet/Drive 2nd July - whos interested?

    I thought I would post this up due to the amount of interest that the large scottish meet generated. It was unfortunate that nothing came from it so I came up with this. I'm not going to mention any roads as of yet but here is a rough idea of what I have in mind. Meet at Stirling and head to...
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    Campaign against xenons/HID's

    Came across this via facebook! lol
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    Blue 172 cup, helensburgh

    Passed in a black 182 outside tesco
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    BG 182 couple of pics tonight...

    Just monkeying around with my camera for 10 mins. and this was parked next to me
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    ESP and service light after PAS fluid change???

    as above, i changed the fluid this morning as im having PAS issues. Put everything back together and the lights are on. Ive had a search on here but nothing has really related back to PAS. Any help would be appreciated!