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    Arctic 182 southampton General Hospital.

    Parked next to you today and saw the Cliosport sticker.
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    Burpspeed Llandow Track Day 20th August 2014

    I am sure that other pictures and videos will be posted over the next couple of days. So I thought if I started a thread everyone can throw their pics etc in there. A huge thanks to Tony and Jay for their usual organising and hosting of this event. great mix of cars and sorry I only managed to...
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    British Superbikes Thruxton

    Went along to this as I managed to blag some tickets from a friend who is the Team Principal at Team Traction Control , a Supersport Team. Highlight of the day for me was having a normal conversation with Bradley Smith who was hanging out in the TTC truck in the paddock. Oh and also seeing Kiyo...
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    Players at Goodwood

    As I no longer have a French car, decided I would attend this today with my son and his mate. Next year will pre- book and try to get my car in as there was such a mix. Really enjoyed the day and have never seen so many cars in the show and shine class. Anyway enough of my chat and on with the...
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    Re-furbed the Type R wheels

    Treated myself to a wheel re-furb as I wanted to change the colour. Dropped it off yesterday at the Wheel Specialist in Fareham and picked it up last night. Now the cleaning begins. One day of use and they are already dirty.
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    Goodwood Breakfast Club Supercar Sunday May 4th

    At long last it's the first Breakfast Club of the year. This is the big one and due to the reduced number of events this year I think this may be very busy. A few of us will be meeting at Tescos Chichester at 8.00 am if anyone wants to meet up and convoy down the back roads to the car park. Put...
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    Pete's Civic Type R FN2

    I've had the Type R for over three months now and thought I'd share my thoughts on ownership and life with V-tec. Also a chance to show loads of pics and some minor mods that I have made. I started out looking at a Golf Mk V GTI and the salesman convinced me to try the Civic as well when he...
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    Three Clios, a great engine and a Vee do Wales. (Very pic heavy)

    Just got back from a great weekend visiting the greatest driving roads in Wales with some great mates. Thanks Tim. and Sharky for preparing the routes and to Cub and Christopher. for their great company. It began with the four of us heading to Llangollen on Friday night for the staging post for...
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    My son's Mazda MX5 Mk 2 Jasper Conran

    This is now up for sale as he has gone soft and bought a Golf estate.
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    Pete's Civic Type R FN2

    Finally after three weeks of ownership I have managed to spend some time not driving in the rain and doing some tidying and cleaning. Have to say I have grown addicted to the vtec noise. The car has a loud exhaust and it just goes ballistic when its on vtec. Have also discovered some extras on...
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    The Panda and Ph1's replacement

    Those people who know me knew I have been looking for a new car to replace the Panda and also my Ph1 which I recently sold. Could no longer justify having two cars and wanted something different from a Renault. Have spent the last month looking at a number of options and wanted something mint...
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    Last Goodwood Breakfast Club this year - Italian thoroughbreds. Sunday 6th Oct

    It is the last Breakfast Club this Sunday. Have registered the Panda for a laugh but don't expect to get it in. Anyone else up for this? 1. Pete 2. 3. 4. 5.
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    Ph 1 does Thruxton.

    Always wanted to do a track day at Thruxton and they don't come up often. Got some time booked off work so looked around and found this one. Really great day with a great bunch of guys. Well organised, high driving standards and some epic machinery. Didn't take my camera but got some pics from...
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    Baulieu Hot Rods and Bikes Festival

    Got dragged along to this by my son today as my usual fathers Day treat. First year we haven't been involved in the show as always got in with the Elf. Was a bit low key compared to the last few years and distinct lack of some of the better traders in previous years. Nevertheless still managed...
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    British GT Championship Silverstone

    Got given a ticket to this by my son that he got from work. So decided that I would go along and took the camera. Don't like Silverstone due to the catch fencing and not really knowing where the best place for photos is. Anyway had a really great day, the sun shone and there was some great...
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    Suspension set up club day in West quay Southampton

    Had my suspension geometry done today at The Wheel Alignment Centre in West Quay. Got talking to the guy who runs it and he was talking about Club days he has run for Scoobies and other groups. He could do the same for us if we wanted. He would be able to offer a discount on his normal £40.00...
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    Goodwood Soft Top sunday

    Was very busy today and the car park was probably better than most of the cars on the track. Had to queue for 50 minutes this morning to get in and they actually closed the gate as my son was about to go in. Didn't stop some stupid mare complaining. "My husband has an MGF 180 Trophy in yellow...
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    Spring Performance Action Day Castle Combe

    Some great cars on track and on display
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    Clios and CSer on track at Combe

    A few more pics from yesterday. There were a fair few Clios on track yesterday and I know I missed some and some pics were of poor quality so did not post them. Sorry if I missed your car. It got quite cold on Quarry during parts of the day so had extra camera shake lol...
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    CS stand at Castle Combe Spring Action Day

    For those that attended well done. Low take up on this for some reason this year and only 8 of us met up before the hotel owner told us to get off his land. We had a pitch big enough to accomodate more than the 20 we usually get. Enough of my moaning on with the photos. A sign of the times...
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    JDM Mk 2 MX5

    Those of you who know me know that my son has been modding in the VAG scene for some time. He had a brief fling with a Mk1 Eunos a few years back and has recentlygone back to a MX5. He got a standard Jasper Conran 1.8 at a steal with a hard top and the hideous silver highlights. After a couple...
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    Pete's Phase 1 update

    Been working on this for a few months now and had a few trials and tribulations along the way. Went for a drive today and stopped to take a few pics. Need to fit the coilovers, new brakes and tyres then hopefully it will be ready for Castle Combe at the end of April.
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    Peter Saywell day at Goodwood

    Went along to this today along with Christopher. Peter Saywell is a multi millionnaire who has a collection of supercars. He hires Goodwood a couple of days a year and lets his friends drive his toys on a trackday. His Pagani Zonda is a one of created by Pagani to his specification. So much...
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    Ph1 Track build update

    Have spent a very productive day on the Clio and the final results are:- More pics and info on my project thread
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    Yet another my Phase 1 172 won't start thread.

    Frustration levels are really high at the moment. My PH1 has had starting issues for some time now but were sporadic. Over the last two weeks it has become consistent. When the car was warm it would not restart. Key in ignition, turn to start nothing happens. no whirring, no clicking, couple of...
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    Pete's budget Ph1 track build

    Been on CS for a few years now and started with a titanium 182 which was slightly modded but remained my everyday runner. Then I was seduced by a Liquid Yellow R27 and the 182 went before it was completely finished. Last year my circumstances changed and the 197 had to go to suit my work...
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    My Riley Elf on Ebay

    Have decided to sell the Elf as have only driven it 40 miles in the last year and now have a new toy to play with that needs funding...
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    Back in a Clio

    It happened, sat about thinking what do I need a car for. Working from home has changed my reasoning about cars and decided that I didn't need anything decent as the most I use the car for my work would be 10 miles a week if I'm lucky. So plan starts to hatch. Track car. Then I saw the advert on...
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    Mk IV Golf 1.4 Euro stylee

    Have to give this a plug as it is taking up valuable space in my drive at the moment. My son has his Golf up for sale and may appeal to someone on here.
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    Pistonheads Sunday Service MB World

    Went along to this yesterday and was impressed with the turnout and enjoyed sitting in a range of Mercs. Few more pics here: