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  1. Whitey172

    Windscreen surround

    I did try a few searches but bear with me, can you buy the plastic bits at the top on the windscreen rubbers? I’ve glued mine a couple of times but would like to replace if anywhere sells them?
  2. Whitey172

    Detatched button in key fob

    So key fob stopped working on the 172, thought battery but when i opened the case there is a tiny button / switch that has come detatched from the board. Is there a repair for this? Pressumably if I go to renault it will mean a new key and coding? Anyone got any idea on price?
  3. Whitey172

    Black V6 Worcester

    Spotted on city walls rd this morning.
  4. Whitey172

    Black 182 Worcester Around 21.30 last night

    Driving through town, I was walking home from work and crossed in front of you by the City Walls Rd / Sidbury junction. Took off when the lights changes bouncing off the limiter. You obviously normally take safety seriously due to the fact you had you fogs on. Looked like a clear night to me but...
  5. Whitey172

    Black 182 Worcester

    Saw you this morning going up Hylton Rd past the uni.
  6. Whitey172

    Someone smacked the clio

    Just been out to find the mirror bent in against the car with two large scrapes down it. Mirror is fine (glass etc). Are they just couloured caps on the mirrors or is it a complete unit?
  7. Whitey172

    Backing Plate

    Looking for a new backing plate for my rotary, anyone got any recommendations?
  8. Whitey172

    Black 182, Hylton Rd Worcester

    About 11am today, Black 182 with black wheels. Followed you in works van down Hylton Rd. Cliosport sticker in rear window
  9. Whitey172

    Matt Grey 200 (Raider?) Tesco Warndon, Worcester

    Followed you through Lypards until you turned into Tesco's
  10. Whitey172

    RB with stripes, Hylton rd, Worcester

    Going down hylton rd around 6pm, turned off by worcester news.
  11. Whitey172

    Black sport, London Rd Worcester

    Going up London rd around 17:25. Looked nice and clean, pretty loud too
  12. Whitey172


    Pretty much the last week or so my fuel economy has been shocking. Currently avaeraging aroun 22mpg, admittitdly its mainly town driving but it just seems really low. Along with this i noticed today that the cars hesitating when accelerating? Any ideas?
  13. Whitey172

    Halfords, Blackpole, Worcester

    Blue 172 parked in the car park.
  14. Whitey172

    3 in Worcester

    1 Blue 172 (i think) looking dusty parked in lowsmore 2 silver 172 / 182 by the the cricket ground, 1 following me in the van and another going the opposite direction (female driver) Did nt flash as i was in works van
  15. Whitey172

    Halfords 3 for 2

    Just a heads up just got back from Halfords and the 3 for 2 on ALL cleaning chemicals has started. Got nicely stocked up for the summer
  16. Whitey172

    Clio Boot Lock

    Got round to stripping my lock down today and the motor etc is fine but the clip on the little arm has broken off (see picture). Is it possible to buy this part or will I need the whole mechanism? Any suggestions on where to get one?
  17. Whitey172

    Engine noise when clutch is pressed?

    Any ideas?, sounds fine until foot on the clutch
  18. Whitey172

    Silver 172 stourport golf course / driving range

    Around 1300hrs, was just popping out on lunch
  19. Whitey172

    Just been towed back :(

    Hi All, just had the RAC tow me back. Was slowing down at a junction, changed down and car shuddered and lost power (almost trying to stall). Dropped down to 2nd pulled over and as i did so power died. Would nt start, no warning lights etc. RAC guy suspected cam belt but could see cam turning...
  20. Whitey172

    Hello one and all

    Thought i better drop in and say hi. Only recently bought a 02 172 sport and i love it :o Im Mark and based in the west mids. The username is also my 360 Gamertag incase you wondered. Had a quick look around the forums and it seems pretty friendly with plenty of usefull posts.
  21. Whitey172

    Radiator filler cap

    Hi All First post so take it easy on me. My wife and I have recently taken ownership in a 02 clio sport. Today however, I've noticed the rad filler cap is missing, dont ask me how or when but its missing. Any recomendations on a replacement or should it be a off the shelf at most stockists? Any...