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  1. Ben perry

    Clio 172 cup wishbones

    Hi don’t suppose anybody can help? I’m looking at doing wishbone bushes ect but I think I odd lower arms ie one cup and one not lol (the car is a cup) What do we all think or am I seeing things lol
  2. Ben perry

    Fitting a 182 exhaust manifold

    Would any one know if a 182 exhaust mani fit a 172 (like subframe and roll bar clearance once fitted) Cheers Ben
  3. Ben perry


    Dose anyone know if 15x7 2118 fit a lowerd 172 cup Cheers
  4. Ben perry

    Whiteline lowering springs

    Hi all just wondering if any one used whiteline 25mm drop lowering springs? Or cooksport? cheers
  5. Ben perry

    New to forum 172 cup

    Hello I have had a couple of clios first being a BG FF 182 and then was a silver 172 and recently bought a cup off this forum few months ago for a daily driver. Needs abit of love but it is 17 years old my first job was the dreaded as it’s only had one cambelt in its life from what I can make...