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  1. charltjr

    Lovely spec 275

    Mmmmmmmmm....... It’s all the money for one of these but it’s got the lot and some good names in terms of tuning and maintenance too. Anyone driven one of these with the Ohlins? Wondering if it makes it a bit more civilised in terms of ride quality than the standard cup suspension...
  2. charltjr

    Decent sounding USB/Bluetooth headphones with a mic?

    I'm looking for a recommendation for a decent set of headphones which I can also use in the office. Don't mind if they're USB or Bluetooth but these are the criteria: Good sound quality for listening to music Lightweight and comfortable for extended use, I could easily be wearing them three or...
  3. charltjr

    Jack, stands

    Whats good these days for jacks and axle stands? Don’t mind spending a bit of money for decent quality kit so not looking at £30 eBay special jacks (unless they’re decent - some hope!) My t(rusty) old 2 tonne Halfords jack has served me pretty well, but it’s not low entry and is achingly slow...
  4. charltjr

    Wolfenstein 2 - The New Colossus

    Anyone played it yet? Reviews look good and I loved the earlier games. I've got it. My internet connection is a bit crap so I pre-ordered from Amazon on disc to avoid having too much of a download wait, was expecting the usual day 1 patch malarky. Wasn't expecting it to grab about 4Gb of 46...
  5. charltjr

    Anyone know much about the current state of Hi-Fi separates?

    Many years ago I used to be properly into hi-fi kit, pretty much knew the "best" components to get at every price point (or at least what the mags said they were), blah blah blah. My own system was very modest 'cos I was only a kid and had to save up for everything, but I'd now like to get a...
  6. charltjr

    Any reason to keep stud conversion over bolts?

    I've got a stud conversion on the 200 which is starting to show it's age, certainly a good few years old now and there's a fair amount of surface corrosion taking hold. I've been looking at replacing them, but TBH for my purposes I don't see any particular advantage in running studs over bolts...
  7. charltjr

    Clio 200 ABS wiring diagram/pinout

    Does anyone have a wiring diagram for the 200 ABS system, ideally the whole lot but specifically looking for the connections from the ABS loom to the front right sensor. Trying to trace a fault, sensor has been replaced so the next step is the wiring.
  8. charltjr

    Recommend me a code reader for Renault specific codes?

    I don't really want Clip because that means getting it all set up on a laptop and I don't need the extra stuff that Clip gives you. I just want a hand-held code reader that can talk Renault specific fault codes as well as standard OBDII codes - e.g. the Clio had a throttle pedal disagree code...
  9. charltjr

    BG 182 track day toy

    I'm on call this weekend so stuck at home, and it's raining so I can't go and tinker with the cars. I thought it was as good a time as any to put a "project so far" thread together as it's already gone way, way beyond what I thought would happen with it. Also I made some pretty classic mis-steps...
  10. charltjr

    White line bush question - help?

    Just put the white line onto the hard setting, bit concerned about how the bush is sitting. The other side is flat but this side is on the c**k - should I try to correct it or is this just how they sit on hard? I'm at thruxton so could do with a quick answer ;) Cheers, John
  11. charltjr

    Holes drilled in back bumper?

    I've seen a few track day Clios now with holes drilled in the back bumper, usually in the centre of the bumper in a row of five or six, diameter probably about an inch and a half to two inches. Why do people do this? I have a drill, and a long boring Sunday ahead of me, idle hands and all that...
  12. charltjr

    Front arch liners

    I've had a search but can't find anything useful. I'm sure I remember reading somewhere that stripping the arch liners out exposed an engine pulley so could be a bit dodgy but I can't find anything to back that up. I'm taking the fog lights out today and was thinking of taking the arch liners...
  13. charltjr

    Few shots from Castle Combe yesterday

    It was a bloody good day :)
  14. charltjr

    Carrying heavy stuff safely - wheels, trolley jack, etc

    If the weather is looking a bit mixed I'm going to be taking a spare set of wheels and a trolley jack to trackdays with me. Thing is, the rear of the car is stripped, so how do I carry them safely and securely? I imagine a cargo net using the existing fixing points is the way to go but...
  15. charltjr

    Suspension refresh and geo setup

    I know that a lot of the suspension on my 182 cup is knocking on a bit and although it's going through the MoT with no worries it's feeling a little vague and under-damped so I've decided to do a refresh. So far I've got the following: Set of OE shocks Cooksport springs OE wishbones with...
  16. charltjr

    Ahhhhh.... upgrades.....

    This little lot should make a difference on the next track day :)
  17. charltjr

    Sorry... offsets....

    OK I understand the concept of offsets, and I know the 182 Cup runs ET45 as standard. What I've not been able to find out is if it's going to be a problem if I go to ET35 or ET 40. I'm looking for a set of 15" wheels for track use, probably running 195 width tyres in 55 or 50 profile. The main...
  18. charltjr

    Better vs fun

    Odd question maybe, but here goes. I've modded a few cars in the past and enjoyed the extra grip and better handling, but sometimes that has come at the expense of fun/involvement. I'm completely in love with the level of feedback I get from my well worn 182 but I know if I refresh the...
  19. charltjr

    Giacomo-RS steering wheel spacer and Snappy retrimmed wheel

    Retrimmed wheel: Spacer: If I sell them directly rather than through eBay I can let them go a bit cheaper so make me an offer. Cheers, John
  20. charltjr

    How to replace steering wheel angle sensor?

    Hi, I've just fitted a new squib from a breaker after having buggered up the wiring in my old one. Problem is I've now got the ESP/traction control light on. I've had it on Clip and it reports the steering wheel angle as something like 80,000 degrees and it won't reset - I think it's probably...