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  1. TheEvilGiraffe

    [Cancelled] Essex Breakfast Meet @ The Car Studio, Witham

    Team ! Been mentioned before... how about a change of scenery - breakfast meet up at Ian and Suzanne's place, in Witham. Unit 10 Enterprise Court Eastways Witham Essex CM8 3YS If we get lots of response we can arrange for a coffee van to arrive, hot drinks and breakfast cake stuff... If...
  2. TheEvilGiraffe

    Starting out on my own - cleaning cars for money !

    I've been out of work for about 18 months now, and nothing at all is making me want to get back into an office (if that's even a thing any more). Since I had my first Clio, some 12 years ago, I've been into cleaning it 'properly' - no yellow sponges, leathers, or sloshing buckets of dirty water...
  3. TheEvilGiraffe

    North Weald Brekkie.. 28/Jul -10:30

    Been a while... Post CSF catch up ? Usual deal.. See you there.... Wings Cafe !
  4. TheEvilGiraffe

    North Weald Brekkie - Sun 19/May 10am

    Few people mentioned yesterday that we haven't invaded North Weald for a while, so how about trying 19th May for a breakfast catch up ? Would like to do one a month through the summer but lets get the first one out the way and see how we go. Tags don't seem to work too often so apologies in...
  5. TheEvilGiraffe

    Hare @ Roxwell, Chelmsford - 25/Apr. 7pm

    Went here last year for a couple of ace weekend breakfast meets with #GenPub and also a CS meet last summer one evening which seemed popular.. Food's good, locations's fairly easy/central for most.. @Sunglasses_Ron...
  6. TheEvilGiraffe

    SE Breakfast Meet - North Weald, Essex [18/Nov 2018]

    Been a little while.. Anyone around on Sunday...? North Weald, Wings Cafe, 11am ? @Rob @Scrooge @Dr Jekyll @MrBlonde @Ricardos @Cookie @Goodj etc etc etc.....
  7. TheEvilGiraffe

    [4/Jul 2018] The Dukes Head, Billericay 19:00

    With the success of last weeks evening meet/ dinner/ chat/ waffle/ get bitten by horseflies/ stand around in the car park in the dark for hours afterwards at The Hare, lets try for a second successful invasion in Billericay this time ? The Dukes Head, Laindon Common Rd, Little Burstead...
  8. TheEvilGiraffe

    [6/Jun 2018] The Hare, Chelmsford 19:30

    Wonder if we can get a monthly meet for the summer months going, see if we can get a few oldies out of the woodwork. First Wednesday of the month... Maybe we can do a different place each time.. see how it goes. Few of you have been here before for Saturday breakfast car meets they host...
  9. TheEvilGiraffe

    [27th May 2017] Little Totham Car Show

    Hi team. Friend of mine owns many weird and wonderful cars, and inherited his village car show about a decade back. I've been for the last few years and it's a nice few hours looking at cool cars and bikes, with a BBQ and beer keg on tap donated by the village pub ! It's essentially on the...
  10. TheEvilGiraffe

    [Feb 5. 2017] North Weald Sunday Brunch

    Hi team ! Following on from the successful meet last weekend in the fog, lets try two months in a row ? Can we make it a full dozen for 2017 !? First weekend of the month.. usual drill - 10:30, bit of grub and a coffee and wait for @STEVE.M to arrive at about 11:30... @Pacman...
  11. TheEvilGiraffe

    [Jan 24, 2016] North Weald SE Brekkie - 24 Jan (Wings Cafe)

    Been a while since we've been to North Weald... Anyone fancy Sunday morning breakfast ?
  12. TheEvilGiraffe

    54k standard BG 182 - £2500 - Essex

    Friend selling his 182. 54k, standard including melted steering wheel. Belts done at 40k in 2014. Got far more pics to hand - don't know why they're not on the ad... Any more details, please let me know.
  13. TheEvilGiraffe

    Spotted: Sunflower in Basildon

    And it wasn't me.... Damn sure it was a Sunflower .. going past Toomey's at Dunton towards the A127 this morning at about 08:00.
  14. TheEvilGiraffe

    Snetterton Photos - 29th Apr 2015

    Was a good, if not slightly frustrating evening at Snett.. Someone dumped fluids through the first section on the sighters .. couple of red flags and a full paddock meant track time was a bit lacking and busy when it was green ! Still I think everyone from here got home in one piece. Couple...
  15. TheEvilGiraffe

    Brekkie @ North Weald - 12th April 10:30

    Any of you lot about....? Say hi:
  16. TheEvilGiraffe

    F1 Mercedes engine iMechE lecture @ Dunton [Basildon] 21-Feb 19:30

    Mercedes-Benz F1 - The Control Behind The Power Dunton (Basildon/Laindon SS15 6EE) just off the A127. 21 January 2015 19:30 - 21:30 Be there.. or be somewhere else. Free tea, coffee and biscuits...
  17. TheEvilGiraffe

    Rare Clio found - mk1 with 2 gearboxes "Automatic transmission no longer functions, so will require attention, but car still driveable in manual mode."
  18. TheEvilGiraffe

    [Pics] Test & Tune at North Weald - Motorbike Drag Racing

    Went to North Weald again this weekend .. brekkie at the Wings Café as usual, then went to the other end of the airfield for Test & Tune / North Weald Motorsport for some drag racing ! Bloody brilliant weather, lots of sights, noises and smells to enjoy.. oh and a lot of smoke...
  19. TheEvilGiraffe

    SE Brekkie Club / Test&Tune drag racing [motorbikes] @ NW, 27th Jul.

    Who's in :o RAFMatt + I will be there .. couple of my non-car-fwends too. Rob Scrooge Cookie Dr Jekyll Phase1sr @Sunglasses Ron Meeting at The Wings Cafe first for grub at 10:30, then wander over to the T&T. Aim for the main regular gate as I think the T&T is at the north...
  20. TheEvilGiraffe

    SE Sunday Brekkie Club - North Weald 20th July

    Been a few weeks.. Plenty of things like CSS coming up so shall we get another one in before September ? Sunday coming - 20th - North Weald Wings Cafe. The first one before the Squadron. 10:30 onwards...? Dr Jekyll Rob Scrooge Fantom Muzzman AlexW Phase1sr Wick Mole...
  21. TheEvilGiraffe

    Hot Tub wooden eco pool thing for sale.. eBay

    Incase anyone fancies it, or knows someone who might.. Will cost £5k to replace new - will be happy with anything over £500 ! :cool:
  22. TheEvilGiraffe

    Ph-lower progress

    BC's arrived from Mick@KPM .. Fitted by Scrooge and Rob on Monday. Sensible McGurkin-esque ride height ensued. Front needs dropping another 5 mm but I think I'll leave it a week to settle properly first. Also I scraped that sandy rain crap away from the other week this evening to...
  23. TheEvilGiraffe

    Ph-lower power - the new Ph1 shed

    Hi CS. Long time lurker - first post. Here goes. Can anyone tell me when the cambelt is due or what tyres to buy ? Also how many MPGs should I get ? I've wanted a track car for a while - I've bought a yellow Clio. It's a Clio and it's yellow in various shades. Here it is: It's...
  24. TheEvilGiraffe

    The 'The Unit:Splinter Cell' Thread

    Rob 's company have a industrial unit in Docklands which we've commandeered on a semi-permanent basis. It's an old data centre in the heart of London which has been mentioned on here previously. Today we went for some servicing and post-Xmas remote 'copter test flights which were...
  25. TheEvilGiraffe

    Winter prep for the BurbleBus

    Hi team. The BurbleBus has been hardened and readied for winter. Thanks to the wind/storm we had 2 weeks ago, it's now carrying some battle scars... namely this fcuker..: .. which fell on to the car. The only damage was this dent which I'll need a pro to push/pull out as it's double...
  26. TheEvilGiraffe

    DA vs. Rotary ?

    I've lost/sold/misplaced my Kestral Das6. Literally no idea where it is.. But I want to get another one - if the old one turns up, I'll sell it. Or keep it. Who knows. Fancied a rotary for it's obvious benefits when polishing however it was pointed out that I couldn't use it for glazes...
  27. TheEvilGiraffe

    Sun 1st Sept: Dunton, Essex - Charity Classic Car Show

    Heads up for anyone fancying a day out on Sunday 1st Sept. 10am to 4pm, Sunday 1st September at the Ford Motor Company, Dunton Technical Centre, Laindon SS15 6EE. Public entry on the day £5...
  28. TheEvilGiraffe

    The American Job

    Video found via Lotus 7 Club forum. 18 mins - great lunchtime viewing - needs sound really .. some amusing Italian Job quotes chucked in. Spot the Corvette pointing the wrong way !! :eek: Oh, and turn the HDs on ! :o :evil:
  29. TheEvilGiraffe

    F/S: Sea Gray 2011 Focus ST-3 - 19k miles - Essex Bosses car - it's mint. It's in the spec I would get one in .. right colour, number or doors etc... Anyone fancy it ? :evil: #notoncommissionhonest
  30. TheEvilGiraffe

    [For Sale] 1 owner 2005 Arctic 182 - 101k, £2.5k - Southend Friend's 182 up for sale. One owner from new, both cup packs. Based in Southend, Essex, SS2. :evil: