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  1. Rob Thomson

    172 Cup seat retrim?

    Hello, The bolster on my driver's seat is getting worn - any ideas how/where to get it repaired? The foam has failed, so the metal is rubbing on the cloth, which is now looking a bit thin. Think it needs new foam and some new cloth too. Guess it's the kind of thing a good upholstery company...
  2. Rob Thomson

    Sluggish Clio RS 200

    A few months ago my brother bought a very tidy low mileage 200. Initially he was very happy, but it seemed to lose performance. I had a quick drive in March, and it seemed really sluggish pulling away (no torque), and a slower than I'd expect at high revs. My 172 Cup felt night and day more...
  3. Rob Thomson

    172 Cup brake bias - rear brakes compensator fault? Not the MOT issue!!

    Hello all, I use my bog-standard Cup for hillclimbs and sprints. For obvious reasons it hasn't seen much use this year, but has done two events since lockdown and it's locking its rear brakes more than it used to. At Curborough on Saturday it tried to spit me into the barriers... Got away...
  4. Rob Thomson

    Change of cam timing = need a remap?

    Long story which I'll try to keep short... 3.5 years ago I bought my 172 Cup. It needed a cambelt change so took it to a Renault Sport specialist to do that and to re-re-map the engine because the existing re-map was awful (lumpy, flat-spots everywhere, and all the throttle action in the top...
  5. Rob Thomson

    What's this noise...?

    Hello chaps, Can anyone diagnose the noise my Cup's making...? Driveshaft? Wheel bearing? Gearbox? Can't feel anything through the steering, and it actually sounds like it's coming from the back but I think that's an illusion. Cheers, Rob.
  6. Rob Thomson

    172 Cup hazards/UCH problem

    Hello all, I 've got an on-going hazard light problem and wonder if you could check I'm not missing anything... This first happened a couple of months ago on a horribly wet day. The hazards came on for a few seconds and then went off. The same thing happened a few more times that day, but only...
  7. Rob Thomson

    OE spec exhaust for a 172 Cup?

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a decent OE-spec exhaust for my 172 Cup? I need a centre pipe and back box. The back box needs to have the standard 'stealth' tailpipe and it can't be too noisy - I prefer the standard sound to the after-market performance systems. Apparently Renault don't sell the...
  8. Rob Thomson

    Weird rattle

    Hello all, My 172 Cup has an annoying rattle that's only audible from the drivers seat. It... changes pitch with engine speed seems to get worse as the engine warms up (though that might be my imagination) seems to come from the instrument area, but isn't audible with the windows down isn't...
  9. Rob Thomson

    Hello - new Clio 172 Cup owner

    Hello all, I thought I should say hello! I bought a 172 Cup a couple of weeks ago. It's a lovely low mileage car that seems to have been well looked after but of course it has its niggles so I'm bound to be posting on here from time to time looking for advice! The Clio's intended to replace...