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  1. Reidy2000

    Clio Mk4 Headlight not working

    Hi all, Anyone had problems with their headlights not working? Heard the Mk4 has been known for light problems I currently have one headlight out and I’ve taken it to an auto electrician and they’re having trouble diagnosing the fault, despite changing the bulbs etc, they said it could be a...
  2. Reidy2000

    Picked up a mk4!?

    Yeah I am mate, I know of one other LY Mk4 from over Durham way!
  3. Reidy2000

    Picked up a mk4!?

  4. Reidy2000

    Picked up a mk4!?

    As far as I’m aware I don’t think so, the past two owners of the car have both quoted me those figures, I’ll get it on a rolling road at some point to 100% confirm so I’ve got my own printout
  5. Reidy2000

    Picked up a mk4!?

    Cheers mate! My steering in the 182 was a little stiff, comparing it to the mk4 it’s just next level, really light and very direct when throwing it into corners etc
  6. Reidy2000

    Picked up a mk4!?

    Decided to move on from my 182 to the MK4 Clio RS?I’m new to the whole automatic gearbox and I can safely say I love it! Handling is second to none?? Cup chassis Lowered on H&R springs Turbo back exhaust (RS TUNING - 236 BHP/275Ftlbs)
  7. Reidy2000

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    First time I’ve cleaned the RB in a few weeks, still scrubs up well for a quick wash!
  8. Reidy2000

    Clio RS18

    Spotted down near Langley Moor! Wow?
  9. Reidy2000

    Sunderland ??

    Has this been posted on group pages on Facebook etc?
  10. Reidy2000

    Sunderland ??

    Yeah I’m busy too :/ if it’s within a fortnight or so I’d be more than happy to have a decent run out!?
  11. Reidy2000

    RB Front Bumper needed

    Just wondering if anyone has a Clio 182 "RB" front bumper for sale? PM me
  12. Reidy2000

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    They’re 195/40R16
  13. Reidy2000

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    First meet of the year for the RB! OZ alloys making their first appearance for quite some time!
  14. Reidy2000

    **show us Your Engine Bay**

  15. Reidy2000

    non sports clio lowered

    My old 1.2 Clio (wheels are for sale)
  16. Reidy2000

    Forge Hoses

    I bought the same hoses directly through Forge, was a direct fit with no issues what so ever, they do smarten up the engine bay nicely
  17. Reidy2000

    The 'Where's my old Clio' Thread.

    RB 182 FF - YP55 UWB? After I bought the car and had a full inspection, turned out to be an absolute death trap, luckily I’ve sorted just about most of the issues!
  18. Reidy2000

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    Yeah it’s not bad to be honest, I’m still used to seeing it in my rear view mirror ;)
  19. Reidy2000

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    Yeah it’s a polo mate, just on its a**e!
  20. Reidy2000

    All Racing Blue 182's on the Forum...

    Just a few photos from today having a B road blast up the Pennines!
  21. Reidy2000

    Sunderland ??

    Hi @Mexx I'm from Durham way and would be up for a meet in the north east, like @Invexis- has already said, most of the meets are arranged on facebook, most recent meets have been organised on the RS197/200 page which was a decent turn out last time I went through.
  22. Reidy2000

    Ph1 172 Durham

    Spotted a PH1 172 in Durham on Saturday, Anyone's on here?
  23. Reidy2000

    172 engine in a 182?

    Hi all, Just recently bought my first Renaultsport 182, only had it a month and I've lost all compression in cylinder 3 and have been advised to either rebuild the engine or get another engine put in place, I've rang around a few places and I have been told that a 172 engine would be better to...