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  1. David172

    172 Road legal track car

    Main reason for starting this is so I don't have to start a new thread for every little question I may have going forward. It's no longer my daily so instead of selling it for 2k and then miss it, why not spunk another few thousand into it and have some fun on track. I don't have loads of pics...
  2. David172

    Manifold, exhaust, cat decision/advice

    Hi guys, This has probably been done to death already but Id like some advice & opinions on what I should do in my situation (I'll try and keep if brief). Clio 172 - 90% track use. Needs to pass MOT and track noise limits. K-tec unsilenced cat back fitted. Cambelt will be due in a few months...
  3. David172

    Whiteline ARB fitting problem?

    Hi all, Currently trying to fit a new rear ARB and I have a slight probelm 😬 Doing up the nylock nuts on the links is stupidly difficult. Im having to use a breaker bar to get the nut to turn. In the process the link has been bent out of shape! See pic.. Should they be this bloody tight...