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  1. J

    pictures of my coupe 20VT

    hey dudes thought id post a few pics of my new coupe 20VT, just had new bodykit and alloys fitted yesterday Zender bodykit 18" Azev C alloys
  2. J

    Racing suits - help

    Hi all me and the girlfriend are running cars in the sprints in Jersey end of August. im running my Subaru Impreza, Renault 5 GT Turbo (stripped & uprated) and she is running her dads E-Type Jaguar V12 (which is hill climb/sprint tuned) however she needs to get hold of fireproof Racing...
  3. J

    My new ICE setup.

    Aight guys/gals what ya think.... this is me order which is going in tomoz... anything i should maybe tweak before finalising. Clarion vrx938r touch screen/cd/radio Clarion Dcz628 6 disc changer Rocky Fosgate HX2 12" Rocky power 1001bd mono amp Rocky power 551x 4 channel Rocky Fnx2614...
  4. J

    Shall i or shall i not

    Just had a phone call of the bloke who brought my williams off me. hes just got a vauxhall cavalier 4x4 turbo... and doesnt need the williams anymore.. hes offered me first refusal of 5K... its done 40k now.. williams 2. hes had back lowered and has the front lowering springs to get...
  5. J

    New sound system......

    Alright guys Well.... im selling my R5GTT... along with the new sony 1000FT head unit and all the amps+sub, 6x9s etc... so when my new car arrives.... which is a Renault 5 GT Turbo Raider hehehehe. im gonna be putting a new...
  6. J

    Bleed Valve.. which way to increase boost

    Morning guys just wondering if anyone knows which way you turn a bleed valve on the R5s to increase the boost. ive not touched this previously since i got the car... but im in the mood for messing round with it... and wanna give it a bit more push J
  7. J

    Insurance for performance cars for young

    Anyone got Max power or something there, and have any insurance companies on the back pages that deal with young age drivers for performance cars... Thx James oh, telephone numbers etc would be good too. ta
  8. J

    Motors TV NOW.. Live Clio Cup racing

    channel 416 on sky digital... live clio cup racing... :D
  9. J

    Car going in for repair next week!!!!

    :D w00000000000h000000000000 cars getting in for repair end of next week. theyve ordered the new rear quater panel and then everything is hunky dory again with my 5! then come August its gonna be getting some major GRUNT under the bonet :devilish:
  10. J

    in the works garage today we have.. Lotus elan 360 Modena BMW Z3 Land Rover Defender? Scooby WRX UK on the other side of the garage was a merc estate... couldnt be bothered taking photo!
  11. J

    Look what parked outside my work today :) :D
  12. J

    ouch... 172..

    Just been to renault garage to get a new pipe fitted on my engine as other was cracking... walked into the workshop while engineer was workin on my car.. and up on the ramps was a deep red 172 sport... Engine on the work bench, head off... asked the mechanic what was wrong... The guy had...
  13. J

    R5GTT v VW 4motion V6

    My mate turned up at me house this morning.. in a new VW V6 4 motion.. he said wanna come for a drve in it .... so he took for out in it... wasnt really that impressed.. for the size of the engine.. it certainly aint fast, and handles like crap around corners... i was in the back... and it...
  14. J

    so feking bored and this island just

    pisses me off more, nothing to do on a friday or at weekends.. "oh wanna go to the cinema?" how many times do i wanna go watch the same feking film every month?!??! "wanna go to the pub" oh how thoughtful... noone else would think of that.. lets go and stand around for a few hours listening...
  15. J


    well.. eventful evening.. left work at 4pm.. just got in... left carpark after warming car up... driving for like 20 mins.. next min i notice.. red light flashing on the temperature gague!! pull over quickly.. and Steam starts pouring out of the bonnet!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i got out...
  16. J

    Indiglow lights

    Who was it that was selling those Indiglow dials? can u get them for R5GTT? thx James
  17. J

    R5 im getting!! *Warning pic pics*

    Soon to be mine... thought id share a few pics of it... yes it needs a clean! :)
  18. J

    ROFL!!! gotta read this.. CLASSIC

    Parked me car in carpark this morning to go to work..... notice a rather nice red clio 16v lowered at the back with magnex exhaust system, 17" superleggs etc.... thought hmm... take a closer look, see if he has a ICE system in it and whats it like (im building a custom boot install.. get some...
  19. J

    Video... my sunday drive last week.

    Thought id put a few little clips of some videoing that got done when we were out driving around and messing last sunday.... ok ok its not motorways etc.. but hey i dont live in UK or have such things as motorways!!! :) enjoy tell me what ya think about the sound of me car when...
  20. J

    handling setup and engine - Renault Talk.

    Ok went to renault yesterday to sort that squeeling noise out which some of us thought may be a belt slipping or something... turns out its just the front of the decat pipe where it fits into the bottom of manifold pipe where the bearing is or something.. its just squeeking.. he said with a...
  21. J

    squeeking noise from cold start...... elp

    this morning when leaving the drive.. had my music off.. and window down... i noticed after getting to 40... not ragging or anything... gear changing at 2500-3000rpm. when i let off the accelerator... theres a like a mouse squeeking noise coming from front of car.. either front right wheel or...
  22. J

    just brought a Snooper SD815l

    £150.. brand new never used! :) any reviews on these?
  23. J

    insurance on 172 sport 2.0 for 21yr old

    Evening all Anyone have a idea how much insurance would be for me on Yr 2000 2.0L 172 sport? i know its Grp 16 insrance... williams is Grp 17.. so would it possibly be cheaper? i pay £1550 fully comp atm.
  24. J

    K-tec Clio 172 car for sale....

    K-tec guys, u mention u would take a 16v clio part exchange on ur site for clio 172? what about a clio williams 2? 38K miles. mint condition, bar a few kerbbies on alloys thanks to a holiday maker coming on my side of road! :@ i love that 172. want it i want it!!! :@ Just im lookin at a...
  25. J

    Williams2..... how much

    Looking on Autotrader at some of the 172s for sale... with nice wheels and lowered etc already... i really wouldnt mind one now... What sort of price should i ask for my williams if i were to sell it.? 38K miles to date FSH immaculate condition inside and out no...
  26. J

    Which Splitter for willy

    hey all... been looking at recent forum posts about splitters... which of the following would fit best and look cool on the williams..? Seat LEON / Toledo Bumper Spoiler £67.99 Part No: FS161...
  27. J


    WEll dropped car into Renault this morning. Just got phone call. Head gasket is leaking oil... needs replacing. £80 Flexible Break hoses cracking - need replacing - £40 Wiper blades - need replacing £22 Front tyre balding - needs replacing - £60 OK!. Had the car since August 2002...
  28. J

    Which of this stuff comes under warranty

    Hiya Cars going into Renault for service on Monday. i have written a list of current problems that need seeing to while its in.. now i dont want them running a bill to me.. so what stuff opf this list is covered in warranty? * Squealing noise when starting car from cold status. Upon engaging...
  29. J

    Service time....

    Ok.. cars going in for Major service "grey box in service book" On the board of prices @ renault dealer.. they think its gonna cost me about £360 for the service... Now.. if i were to take the car to france.. 45 mins on boat... and go to renault in france.. would it be cheaper?
  30. J

    Service time....

    Ok.. cars going in for Major service "grey box in service book" On the board of prices @ renault dealer.. they think its gonna cost me about £360 for the service... Now.. if i were to take the car to france.. 45 mins on boat... and go to renault in france.. would it be cheaper?