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    Knockhill - Scottish Car Scene

    Hello, Is there a club stand for this next Sunday or is anyone heading up wanna park together?
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    New RB182 Owner

    All being well I will be collecting this beauty on Friday and I can’t wait!!
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    172 CUP heater

    Got a 172 cup that I’m building for track use. I have taken out the dash + heating matrix. Just looking for advice on what to do with the pipes leading into the radiator inside the cabin.
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    Nurburgring Build

    Looking for advice... Myself and a friend have bought a 172 CUP for the purpose of taking it to the 'Green Hell' next summer as part of my stag do! This car will only be used for track days as we have other daily driver's. In your opinion what is the best modifications to be doing? Not looking...