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    Brake light problem (hopefully a simple one)...

    Hi all, long time no post. Just wondered if anyone can help me with what I hope is a rather simple problem. I'm having a problem with the brake lights on my clio (mk2, phase 2), here's what happens (I hope it makes sense!). With my headlights off: I brake and all three brake lights come...
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    Just had my Clio serviced...

    Just had my 24k service done on my 172 and luckliy nothing needed doing so it "only" cost me £212. Thing is according to the service report my front tyres have 7mm tread left, rear 8mm tread left and the spare 8mm. Only problem is my spare tyre is actually one of my old front ones and I know...
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    Pic of my Cup i didn’t want to see

    Bad luck griff - bit of a p*sser that. :( Is it true that if you get caught twice in a very short period of time they will often only charge you once?
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    New girlie

    Hi :D
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    Locking wheel nuts

    If its like the 172 wheels then the bolts are covered by a cap which you need a key to remove.
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    How Common are Civic Type-R’s

    Quote: Originally posted by TB11 on 08 August 2003Lots of these near me, the myth that they will hold their value is on its way out.....Tony Especially if you bought a red one - theyre now worth on average £1000 less than any other colour apparently.
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    Insurance on my 172...

    Just tried Sainsburys and they wont insure me because I keep my car on the road overnight. :(
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    First Service.

    Quote: Originally posted by Wes24v on 06 August 2003 was there anything wrong with yours apart from the normal? No nothing at all.
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    Insurance on my 172...

    Just tried tesco - not bad at £805.35 but obviously still more than DL
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    First Service.

    Quote: Originally posted by Wes24v on 06 August 2003 so why they charging £140 for a serive then,  Good question - got mine done 2 weeks ago and cost me £190 :(
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    Insurance on my 172...

    Quote: Originally posted by Seedy on 06 August 2003 Use e-sure if you have more than 4 yrs n-claims...i am 29 my Cup is £620 fully comp, i expect it to go down in Dec when i turn 30... I tried to get a qoute from esure online but it went wrong when I said Id made a claim just over a year...
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    Insurance on my 172...

    I got my renewal quote through from Direct Line this morning and was very please to see it had gone down by almost £200 quid from last year. Even so Ive just phoned a few other companies up to make sure Im getting a good deal. What I dont understand is why my Direct Line quote is so much cheaper...
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    New Reg......

    At least youve got a choice of plate - I was given **** WNK from Motorpoint. They even sniggered when they read it out to me on the phone. :(
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    Car keyed again!!! (pic)

    Quote: Originally posted by Neil82cup on 31 July 2003 How often does it happen? Does it happen on Friday/Satruday nights when the neds are coming back from the pub? Or does it happen during the day (when kids are coming home from school)? Im not sure when it happened this time because I...
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    Car keyed again!!! (pic)

    Thanx everyone. I phoned the police seeing as its happened 3 times now and they were actually quite helpful - not thats theres a lot they can do - but at least Ive got a crime ref. number.
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    Opinions on these alloys

    Quote: Originally posted by GirlRacer on 30 July 2003 I THINK YOU COULD BE IN FOR A VERY BUMPY RIDE WITH THOSE WHEELS!!!!! I think youre right..
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    new pics of my clio!!

    Quote: Originally posted by eves on 31 July 2003 lol, u got any pics with the wiper off??cheers peeps!!! :)
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    Car keyed again!!! (pic)

    Quote: Originally posted by sjd172 on 31 July 2003 mine was done also on tuesday   ......   :( Sorry to hear that :(
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    Car keyed again!!! (pic)

    Quote: Originally posted by ian 172 on 31 July 2003 I think youve upset someone for them to keep coming back... Second time it happened I saw who did it - a kid no older than 9 or 10. It does feel personal but at the same time I cant really think why I wouldve upset anyone.
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    Car keyed again!!! (pic)

    Quote: Originally posted by boyracer666 on 31 July 2003 v unlcuky, u got a garage or somat u cud park it in? No, thats the worst of it - I have to go back and park in the identical place every night.
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    Car keyed again!!! (pic) This is now the third f**king time in 9 months and theyve done it good and proper this time, down all three panels on the drivers side! What the hell is wrong with people in this country that you cant park your own car outside your own house...
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    Do any 172 or Cup owners......

    The only stuff I dont use is supermarket petrol because Ive been told its full of detergents and stuff. But this is probably rubbish as well.
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    Youre right about there not being much on there. :D
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    bumpers opinion on these (pics)

    Colour coded the bumper and bonnet so u can see better how it looks...
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    Bloody P(h)easants

    On the head I would imagine. ;)
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    Emission Control Service, is it worth it

    Cheers mate, I was thinking there was probably a cheaper way of doing it.
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    Emission Control Service, is it worth it

    Heres what it says in the leaflet I was given. Hope you can read it.
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    Emission Control Service, is it worth it

    Ive just taken my mk2 172 in for its 12,000 service and they asked if I wanted an Emission Control Service" at the same time for an extra £24.99. Because Im so strapped for cash at the moment I said no but may have it done in the future. What do people reckon, is it worth having done? Has anyone...
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    Clio Cup on finance

    Alternatively try someone like egg or Marks & Spencers for a loan. I haggled my APR with M&S down almost 2%. Plus they offer deferred payment loans so you can afford to borrow more as long as you can make a large final payment.
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    More BHP for a new Renault Clio Sport 2.0

    The first pic was photoshopped - this is how its really gonna look...