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  1. RSsprint

    Renault Sport Sabelt Steering Wheel and MOT

    I normally have a "Friendly" MOT tester but I wanted the strictest one i could have to highlight any problems so I could keep on top of things. It never crossed my mind when I put the steering wheel on but I rocked up At Kwik Fit and before he even opened the door he said "I'm going to fail...
  2. RSsprint

    A couple of the Vee

  3. RSsprint

    Some insurance advice needed (urgent)

    Need a bit of help here as I've just had this put on me, following on from this thread. The 3rd party insurers have rang me and said they are going to send the car back to me still damaged with a cheque for...
  4. RSsprint

    Central locking plip stopped working

    Unlocked my car as normal, went for a drive, got out and the poxy thing won't lock again using the plip (my Vee has a desperate plip for the central locking and a key with transponder for the immobiliser) The light on the plip was flashing but I changed the battery anyway but no joy. I tried...
  5. RSsprint

    Slimline steering wheel boss, do they exist?

    My Vee is being parked on my drive while the garage gets rewired and a new roof so I bought and fitted a B&G quick release for a bit of added security. I needn't of bothered as I soon realised that the Momo boss is so large and that the holes in it are perfect for putting a bar though to steer...
  6. RSsprint

    Selling AV set up help

    I'm moving next week and want to have less clutter in the new house so I'm thinking of selling my AV set up. I really don't want to use eBay as it'll be a PITA and I need a price for AV forums and on here. I want to know people's thoughts on selling as a package or separately. 52" Sony...
  7. RSsprint

    Blue Vee Dagenham

    Carl popped in when he saw my Vee parked up outside the Pub, although his car was proper filthy it still looked the nuts. Nice to meet you mate.
  8. RSsprint

    Blue 182 and 197 A13 and Chequers Lane Dagenham

    Friday morning 8am ish.
  9. RSsprint

    Ph1 Vee BTCC brands hatch

    In the paddocks with a Clio Cup team, SN02REN i think it was.
  10. RSsprint

    White Cup A127 Essex

    I'm not very good with the newer models so I'm guessing it was a 200 Cup going by the No plate, I was in the Silver Vee.
  11. RSsprint

    RB white wheels and badges OI Harlow

    Seen this morning parked in the front car park at OI
  12. RSsprint

    Blue 182 Laindon this morning

    Had a black diamond on the bonnet, I was in the silver Vee in front doing a 3 point turn on the mini roundabout :mad:
  13. RSsprint

    What aftermarket seats ? Show me yours

    I've been looking for new seats for my mk1 V6 for a few days now and can't decide what will work, what have you got in your Clio's ? I need inspiring.
  14. RSsprint

    What steering wheel boss for mk1 V6

    What one do I need ? I have a mk1 v6 but in normal Clio terms what one will fit, mk2 phase 2 or mk2 phase 1. I'm confused.
  15. RSsprint

    My V6

    Just a little pic of my new weekend toy.
  16. RSsprint

    My Megane 225

    This is what i replaced my 182 with as i needed something a bit bigger, i ain't really had a chance to drive it properly yet but so far im quite impressed. It has a full stainless Scorpion exhaust, Eibach springs and forge dump valve.
  17. RSsprint

    Couple of 172's on Track at Brands yesterday.

    From memory a red one and blue one. Both giving it full beans :)
  18. RSsprint

    Black 182 Romford (ice rink way)

    Had Ktec graphics I think.
  19. RSsprint

    Inferno 182 Basildon Girl/Lady driver

    About 8am this morning cranes farm (i think) industrial estate.
  20. RSsprint

    Dr Jekell Harlow Tesco

    I swear you had carbon centre caps before, or should i say i swear you even had centre caps before ?
  21. RSsprint

    RB 182 A127 Fortune of war roundabout.

    I was pulling onto the A127, i tried to catch you up but the traffic was to bad.
  22. RSsprint

    I suppose its one way to sell a Saints shirt Check out her other items lol
  23. RSsprint

    Audi Sport Quattro build

    Im not sure if its been posted before but there's a few new updates up to near completion, it really is an awesome build.
  24. RSsprint

    £10,000 9 year old Nokia 1100

    So who's got one knocking about then. Why you ask.
  25. RSsprint

    My new 535d M Sport

    This is what i replaced my Porsche Cayenne 4.5s with as the family bus, i posted on here about replacing it with a 5 door 2008 Megane 225 but the reviews weren't too great as a family car, so i decided to spend a fair bit more and get this with 70k and full main dealer history. It has every...
  26. RSsprint

    P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected and fuel trim **HELP**

    Driving home in the worst rain ive ever driven in my 182 developed a bad misfire and the light started flashing (doing 50mph in 5th on the motorway), it didnt stall but ran like a dog. Ive just read the codes and it came up with the above so i changed the plugs and coil pack, it was exactly the...
  27. RSsprint

    Reverse activates rear wiper ?

    This morning i solved the mystery of what i thought was a random rear wiper fault, it turns out that when i select reverse the rear wiper comes on then goes off when i come out of it. Ive never managed to link the 2 before lol. Now is this common knowledge or a fault :o Either way i like it...
  28. RSsprint

    Ph1 172 budget track car

    This wont be the best build thread ever but i'll update it as we do stuff. Basically me and my Brother in law wanted to find something to keep us occupied over the winter as he's normally out on his KTM or Jet skis and im on a lake catching monster carp :) Anyway i sourced a car off here for...
  29. RSsprint

    What wheels for black/gold FF 182 ?

    I have anthracite 182 cup pack ones on atm but they are a bit scratched up so im looking to replace them, whos got what on theirs and has anyone got any suggestions or pics as to what looks good ? Ideally i want a darker colour again but not sure if black pro race 1.2's and the like will go.