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  1. Davyboy888

    What should max coolant and air intake temperature be on 182 ?

    Interested to find out what the upper limit of the coolant and air intake temperatures should be on a Clio 182. I'm trying to home in on a problem with mine and just noticed that they were registering values of 99C for the coolant temperature and 66C for the air intake temperature after the car...
  2. Davyboy888

    My 182 is killing O2 Sensors

    I've just ordered another O2 sensor... this is the third one that the car's had in under a 1,000 miles of driving :( Something's not right. The background. ----------------------- The car is a 2005 Renault Clio 182 with 78,000 miles. The car was throwing a P0130 error [upstream O2 sensor]...
  3. Davyboy888

    Replacing gearbox oil seal on 182

    I did a lot of work on my 182 a few weeks ago, including replacing the offside [driver's side] oil seal on the gearbox. That's the one where the RHS driveshaft enters the box. I felt at the time I didn't get it in correctly... and sure enough I've now been proven correct :( Does anyone have...
  4. Davyboy888

    Air conditioning oil for Clio RS 182

    Would anyone happen to have details of the oil used in the air conditioning system of the Clio RS 182. I'm looking to replace it.
  5. Davyboy888

    182 front wiper mechanism failed a second time

    Shortly before I bought the car, the owner had replaced the front wiper mechanism - he gave me the one he removed in a box. The replacement one now appears to have failed today [in the pouring rain :(]. I haven't taken it apart yet, so don't know what's gone wrong but it would seem the...
  6. Davyboy888

    Lambda O2 Sensors on 182

    The pre-cat Lambda sensor was recently replaced on my 182 and it's still posting a fault code. So a friend and I hooked a Solus up today and looked at the voltage being sent by each of the sensors using a live data run. We then unplugged each sensor to see effect. It would seem that the post...
  7. Davyboy888

    Lumpy idle / tick over on 182

    Are Clio 182's generally lumpy when idling ? I've done a load of work on mine, I think it was lumpy on tick over before I started the work but can't remember. It idles at around 860-900 rpm. It's absolutely fine all the way through the rev range, pulls really well and the [new] dephaser is...
  8. Davyboy888

    Dephaser solenoid oil seal for Clio 182

    Anybody got the Renault part number for this thing handy ? I need to get one asap... in the mid of a cambelt and dephaser change at the moment and noticed this is weeping.
  9. Davyboy888

    Torque settings for 182

    I'll be diving in to a cambelt/dephaser change this weekend and was wondering if anyone could direct me to a list of all the torque settings for F4R 182 engine ?
  10. Davyboy888

    Polish Renault dephaser pulleys

    There appear to be quite a few genuine Renault dephaser pulleys on eBay sold by sellers in Poland. Before I take the plunge and buy one, has anyone else on here bought one from overseas ? Are they genuinely 'Genuine Renault' ? I haven't seen anything negative about them on eBay, just...
  11. Davyboy888

    Locking drivers door on Clio 182

    My first question on here, hopefully somebody will be able to help me out. I came out this morning to find the battery on my 182 stone dead. I opened the passenger door with the key and then opened the driver's door from inside the car. I removed the battery and shoved it on charge. I went...