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  1. Stefan.

    Stefans Lupo Gti

    Hello So I purchased this lupo gti on 3rd October 2020, I happened to just be browsing autotrader/pistonheads/ebay for cars like you do when you're bored, always kept my eye on lupo gti's as they don't often come on the market. So fast forward I happen to see this one come up, was very much an...
  2. Stefan.

    Stefans 182 trophy #43

    Hello everyone So like a moth to the flame I am back in a renaultsport clio after almost a 5 year gap. I've always liked the trophy and had an itch for one for a while, I had one nearly 10 years ago but tbh back then I didn't really know them all that well to be honest and only had it a short...
  3. Stefan.

    Stef's laser blue lupo GTI

    Hello everyone Ive been on this forum a while, always browsed on and off and owned a black lupo gti in the past, i messaged chris about his laser blue gti on clublupo that would he ever sell it i would be interested, time went by and i signed into clublupo and noticed i had a message, it was...
  4. Stefan.

    RB 182 - alton

    You were behind me in the r32 Looked nice
  5. Stefan.

    LY 182 havant train station-spotted

    Sat here waiting for the mrs in her car and see ly 182 park up Looks awesome and for sale iirc... Makes me want another
  6. Stefan.

    Stef's DBP mk4 golf R32

    Hello guys So some/most of you know i recently purchased my golf r32. I went to view in on wednesday morning after missing out on one similiar just a few weeks before, i get up there after a 2hr trip, and after going on a test drive, going through the paperwork etc i bought it there and then...
  7. Stefan.

    BG 182 - Havant

    Spotted a very clean 182 in havant going through the kfc drive through Looked really good
  8. Stefan.

    cooksport - back in stock

    Just a heads up guys They are back in stock!!!
  9. Stefan.

    Nice 172 cup on pistonheads

    Spotted this Looks nice
  10. Stefan.

    black 182 in low wood bay hotel car park

    See you car this afternoon - staying there too Just wondered if your on here
  11. Stefan.

    Thoughts on this exhaust - clio 182

    So looking at exhausts as my oem has started blowing, needs changing.. Been looking at pretty much Milltek Scorpion rs 192 Already had a yozza and piper so dont want those, wanna try something else but nothing loud! Seen ktec selling this.. I know looks like new btm one...
  12. Stefan.

    low mileage 172 cup on autotrader

    Anyone looking for a low owner low mileage 172 cup....
  13. Stefan.

    spotted - flamer and racing blue 197

    As title Spotted today around Waterlooville today I was in my RB 182
  14. Stefan.

    trophy - spotted

    Spotted in Chichester tesco about 4pm yesterday Was filthy lol
  15. Stefan.

    Got wheels?! - 172 Content

  16. Stefan.

    Stef's Racing Blue 182

    Hello everyone So i part ex'd the flamer 172 and got this RB 182 from Steve @ R-Sport Cars - And what a peach it is! I just didn't gel with the flamer at all! Anyway onto the racing blue, this is now my forth renault sport clio :o *46k *Michelin tyres all round *Refurbed wheels - Mint...
  17. Stefan.

    Stef's Flamer 172

    Hi guys So picked up this flamer from steve (R sports cars) on here Had it about two weeks now, just gone over 51k, looking to move out with the missus end of next month, so back to renault sport motoring after the 330ci :o Gave it a good clean today with the nice weather and i love flame...
  18. Stefan.

    Expensive FRP!!! - Surely a typo error!

    Jesus! I know they are rare but that is more than double the price similiar are selling/up for sale for...
  19. Stefan.

    People will sell anything for some money - Cliosport merchandise content

    Really?! Is it even worth the puny amount
  20. Stefan.

    My grey 330ci - On pistonheads

    Hello guys Selling my 330ci - want to get back into a hot hatch. FRP or clio 172/182 Would take a part ex depending on condition. cheers stef
  21. Stefan.

    BG 182 -Spotted B&Q havant/Bedhampton

    See you leaving B&Q last night about 7:30pm Looked so nice! :)
  22. Stefan.

    Nice LY 182 on ebay!
  23. Stefan.

    Stef's Grey BMW 330ci

    So after selling the lupo, i went on the look out for a 330ci beemer (another bmw owner i know :o), i was looking at golf r32's and also leasing a car but the wait time put me off, i am so impatient and i didn't want to get into any car debt. Wanted something with more power and that was more...
  24. Stefan.

    Cheap FRP! Needs some tlc

    Seen this, could be turned into a nice one with some tlc imo
  25. Stefan.

    Petrol Blue 182 - For sale on Autotrader!

    Looks quite nice at a quick glance
  26. Stefan.

    Low mileage liquid yellow 182....5k!

    Looks nice, and could be a good one for someone and with low miles too. Hefty price tag..?
  27. Stefan.

    clio trophy - spotted

    Spotted you coming out of portsmouth about 7:30am, i was going the other way :) Looked nice!
  28. Stefan.

    My friends r5 gtt for sale

  29. Stefan.

    My new car - Lupo gti content

    Hello guys and girls I sold my BG 182 on the weekend, for no other reason than i wanted a change after having owned it for just over 3 years. i knew what i wanted and that was a lupo gti. I have loved these little cars ever since they came out, the cheeky looks, the rarity and the nice...
  30. Stefan.

    Quick few pictures of my BG 182 after a clean :-)

    Helly guys Just a few quick picks whilst i waiting around for a courier. I know they are half arsed pictures. :o ​cheers stef