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  1. Christopher.

    Chris' Winter 4x4 toy

    After a brief disappointing spell of owning a Megane R26 I thought id get something completely different ! With currently not needing a vehicle for any particular purpose i decided to buy a bit of a toy for the Winter. Started looking at the usual Discoveries, Shoguns ect, and then started...
  2. Christopher.

    Chris' R26 Project

    I knew it wouldn't be long before i was back in a Renault Sport. Managed ,after a bit of searching and driving some truly terrible examples, to pick up this Black Megane R26. Its had all the correct history at all the correct times and has some very nice upgrades like the Single mass flywheel...
  3. Christopher.

    Micks Monster Burger @ Portsdown Hill. Fri 22nd Feb 7.30

    Who's up for a meet at Mick's ? A little late notice but Mick's is always a winner. Friday 22nd Jan. 7.30pm @Speedy300 @Tim. @TimR26 @Fletcher @cat171 @Pete. @just-that-ek @sharkaroo @Rocket2042 @Gorms @RMDavis @loggyboy @J9owy @alexessex_7 @jdlunt @Paul172sport @NicJ5 @MrTims @MarkCup...
  4. Christopher.

    What have i got wrong ?

    My PMS breather plate is letting coolant through into the Oil catch tank making a nice Mayo. Its a 172 engine so the original breather vented out the far LHS. Iv sealed all the obvious points that separate the large hole to the cams. No coolant is making its way into the block. I can see 2...
  5. Christopher.

    Recommend me some Headphones

    My old Skullcandy's have taken too much abuse and died. Going to Vegas in March also so need something to listen to on the plane. Any recommendations ? £100ish Wireless/wired, Not bothered.
  6. Christopher.

    3 Alternators in less than a year?

    3rd alternator (Brand new in March) has gone again. 1st was Original on car. Approx 10years old. 2nd was second hand, unknown age. Engine a second hand 172 engine. PMS A/C delete. 110A alternator. Any ideas ??
  7. Christopher.

    "Finished" Petrol Blue.

    After nearly 4 years of ownership I'm finally calling this car "Finished". Been through some tough times and some really great times. All the bits iv wanted to do are done mechanical and cosmetically. There will obviously be the general maintenance bits that need doing in the future, Cambelt...
  8. Christopher.

    Full Paint Correction Results (Petrol Blue)

    Had @VIICarCare carry out full correction on my Petrol Blue, results speak for themselves. In the sun walking round the car it really shows off the change in colour. Hard to show it in pictures without editing them massively. Over the moon with how its turned out. Please view the pictures on...
  9. Christopher.

    [Apr 27, 2017] Portsdown Hill Burger Meet (Mick's Monster Burgers)

    Its warm and its Micks. Time for a meet up now the weather is on our side. 27th at 7:30pm Please RSVP if you can make it :) Chris.
  10. Christopher.

    Cliosport Surrey Rolling Road 2017

    Had another great day up at SRR with Charlie. Some disappointing results here and there for pretty much everyone i think ? @Christopher. 177.6 BHP. @Paris 182 friend. 296 BHP @Speedy300 157 BHP @Davyy 167.1 BHP @chris blue 165.5 BHP @debussetti 180.1 BHP @Alistair14 207.4...
  11. Christopher.

    Fixing rust in the Petrol Filler

    So after seeing a post on Facebook some poor guy opened up his filler flap it it came off of the car because the metal had rotted away i decided to check mine. Found some slight bubbling near the top most bolt on the flap. With wanting to keep the PB as mint as possible i decided to treat...
  12. Christopher.


    Hi guys. First off, Sorry there has been so little activity on the South Coast in the past year. Having no car for the majority of 2016 really didn't help. No confirmed meets just yet. Just wanting to gauge what you guy would like?? Personally when the weather is a bit better id like to...
  13. Christopher.

    The greatest 'Track Day' Iv been to !!!

    So Sunday i headed up to Silverstone to meet up with @Daniel, his mate Sam and Sam's brother George. Sam was running his Storm Grey Clio, awesome car with a hell of a lot of time spent on it. ITB's, AST coilers, fully welded cage, Proper track spec. Dan had told me there were Porsche's and...
  14. Christopher.

    V6 airfilter, Breather tube size ?

    Any recommendations for a V6 filter. Mine is as old as when JMS where knocking about so its time to change it :) Also does anyone know the size of pipe and filter needed for the breather on the back of the engine ? Mines gone walkies ??? Chris
  15. Christopher.

    Goodwood Breakfast Club.

    Only a few from me today. Car of the day for me, was mint.
  16. Christopher.

    Team Anorak Racing take on the Nurburgring.

    So last weekend Myself, @Fletcher and @TimR26 visited the Ring, The other two had been twice before but for me it was my first time. Very enjoyable time was had by all, no major problems to report of other than Fletcher's suspected misfire and Tim's exhaust hanger snapping off. The whole place...
  17. Christopher.

    Castle Combe Actionday 2016

    Just a small collection from the day. Really enjoyed it :) Shame the 106 wasn't ready for a session though.
  18. Christopher.

    Chris' 106 GTI project.

    So yes...... With wanting a little run around to tide me over until the Petrol Blue is back up and running. Was on the look out for something cheap, quick, and something i could either break for parts or sell on easily when the time came. This popped up on Thursday for £900 with a bit of...
  19. Christopher.

    Rally stages @ Goodwood

    Another amazing day at Goodwood. Some proper Motorsport happening right on my doorstep :) Great mix of cars as usual, the escort boys were out in force this time round. Shame the original BDA engine'd MK1 wasn't there but some of the mk2 more than made up for that. Two Michelotto 308 GTB...
  20. Christopher.

    Engine Exploded Drawing

    May be one for the more techy guys but has anyone ever seen or have an exploded drawing of a clio engine? Cheers Chris
  21. Christopher.

    Origine RS 2015

    Again a brilliant show put on buy the guys at ORS. Great mix of cars and a great atmosphere around the show. Only a few photos from me mainly of the track action. Full album here.
  22. Christopher.

    South Coast KK Meet

    Had a meet up with some of the guys on the South Coast lastnight. Was another decent turnout, 12 cars i think. Good to chat with the new guys over a Glazed Raspberry, then got back outside to get the pictures.
  23. Christopher.

    Players Classic @ GoodWood

    Went with Pete and Fletch in the Angry Wasp to see all the cool kids with there kool cars..... Was a decent show actually, not a fan of most of them but some are very nice. Rest of the album is here.
  24. Christopher.

    South Coast Burger Meat.

    Had a very successful Micks Monster Burger meet up last night. A massive massive thank you to everyone that made it, it was good to see we can still pull the number together for the area . Keep your eyes out for the next one ;)
  25. Christopher.

    South Coast Wales Trip 2015

    Following on form this last year Some of us guys on the South Coast decided we would do another trip into Wales for some epic roads this year. Again the weekend was planned by @Tim. with some altercations to the route. Cheers again mate...
  26. Christopher.

    Dismantling a front bumper

    Has anybody taken apart a front bumper ? Do they come apart, ie the actual front shell away from all the black plastic that holds the bumper in place. After my Dukes of Hazard incident iv know that the bumper wasn't 100% and yesterday when i knocked it slightly on a curb it looks like...
  27. Christopher.

    Cliosport @ Castle Combe

    Thanks to @TimR26 for organising the day and also a thanks to the Clioport admin team for there help. It was a great day out, a nice mix of cars and some good action on track. Here's my pictures but please feel free to add your own.
  28. Christopher.

    Southdown Stages 2015

    Some pictures of today's gathering at Goodwood. Some very nice fast cars about today. The original BDA engines in the white and red MK1 Escorts sounded sexual. Album here.
  29. Christopher.

    Southdown Stages @ Goodwood

    Hi guys I wont be making this an event, just letting people know that Goodwood are hosting the 2015 Southdown Stages on the 14th February. Its always a good day out but will as usual be bitterly cold. Free entry for spectators. Il probably pop up in the...
  30. Christopher.

    Sj2112 on the A259

    Pretty sure it was you mate about 12oclock heading towards Chichester coming through Bosham. Car looked lovely, cant believe you were considering selling up !