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  1. Flying Scotsman

    Moving on from Clio’s

    Been there, done it, got the T-shirt. I moved from an Audi Coupe S2 Turbo quattro with 280bhp on tap to my present MK2 172. The straight line performance of the Audi was a blistering 5.5 secs to 60, even in the wet but compared to the Clio on the twisties no comparison. I miss the unique noise...
  2. Flying Scotsman

    Servicing Q + Central Scotland

    Hi Mac, Ive just had a 12K (4.5K on clock :oops:) service done at Parks. They appeared to do a good job and charged £157 which appears to be the going rate. I checked the mileage afterwards .. excatly the same, so they never did a test drive as was listed on the service schedule they...
  3. Flying Scotsman

    Heat Shield Rattles

    You really need to get right under the car using a lift or pit to adjust the heat shields properly. I found that by "plucking" the edges of the shields like a string on a guitar highlighted any problems. A little bit of bending here and there soon gets rid of any problems.
  4. Flying Scotsman

  5. Flying Scotsman

    MK1/MK2 172 rear light!

    I currently have MK1 clusters on my MKII 172. Have a look at and apply a bit of reverse logic. You will def need the MK!! bulb holders before can complete this conversion. Hope this helps
  6. Flying Scotsman


    Ive done a few cars over the past few years. If you want to do the job properly forget the toy spray cans and "pump-me-up" canisters. They only half work when the ambient temps are quite high (been there with canister in hot water). The only way forward is a decent 90 psi + compressor, wax gun...
  7. Flying Scotsman

    im finished with optimax!

    Batesyboy: I ditched Optimax about 4 months ago (used it solid for about a year) and now use BP Ultima all the time in both the 1.6 and 172. I find that the bottom/mid-range when heated up is definately much stronger, but like you say things are definately much more "spluttery" during cold...
  8. Flying Scotsman

    What should I expect...

    Ive had front and rear OMPs fitted on the 172 for a couple of years. Use them for a good while then remove them. Then you will notice the difference. Its only slight but the car definately feels a bit more wooly over bumps and corners. Biggest difference I found is when you remove the rear...
  9. Flying Scotsman

    Single best thing about your Clio

    squeeks and rattles... apart from that my Magnex!
  10. Flying Scotsman

    Carbon coming out the exhaust

    Youve been done mate .... youre cars a 1.9 diesel:)
  11. Flying Scotsman

    Oilcooler fitted!!

    Ah right .....sorry mate, just checking :) I forgot some of the later systems had a wax thermostat embedded in the sandwich plate. Much better. The ones I used in the past were discrete dual port inline versions. You should notice a big difference in cooling on the track. Oil is much more...
  12. Flying Scotsman

    Oilcooler fitted!!

    Wheres the oil thermostatic valve? ..... essential during normal road use with oil coolers otherwise oil can take ages to reach temperature in colder weather with obvious results.
  13. Flying Scotsman

    1st post-Help needed with 172 Alarm....

    When I bought my past 2000 1.6 16v sport (later badged RSi) it came with a Cobra alarm (user manual in documentation) fitted and CAT 1 certificate. The central locking/alarm was operated using the standard Reno keyfob.
  14. Flying Scotsman


    Had a look in Halfords. They sell Ripspeed holders. They sell the same but with balck screws. Not sure if they are the same holders. But alas not repair kits. However, found this on the Richbrook/Speeding website .... Bingo...
  15. Flying Scotsman

    exhaust has had it

    My standard 172 exhaust is in the best place ... my loft, and cut into two pieces!. It is an over-designed piece of "junk" that spends most of its time "tinging/rattling" and is certainly not stainless steel rich-D. I went for the SS Magnex CAT back .... what should have been fitted standard to...
  16. Flying Scotsman


    Daz & Hippychick, cheers for your info. Will check these out. Hippychick will come chappin at your door if Im strugglin to get that screw ... oh err ...:oops:
  17. Flying Scotsman

    Just out of interest - 172/Cup Survey

    1. 8 ..... best bang for bucks! 2. Yes 3. Mk2 V6 .... in ma dreams!!!:cool: or maybe the new RS 2004 Clio if/when it arrives?
  18. Flying Scotsman


    So am I the first one to be a complete dork? Replacing the tax disk on my Cliosport Richbrook tax disk holder .... one of the screws managed to escape the allen key and went right down into the demister vent on the top of the dash ....doh!!:( Jas, is it possible to get spare screws for these...
  19. Flying Scotsman

    first oil change on new motor

    I have used Slick 50 engine and gearbox treatments on all my past cars without problems. On new cars (last five Clios) I have run the car in till about 3-3.5K before changing the engine oil/filter and adding Slick 50. On the original instructions it was NOT recommended to add this product during...
  20. Flying Scotsman

    Induction kits for 172

    Rick, The feed you are talking about goes down past the rear of the NS headlight to an air valve, but doesnt go right down to the grill in front of the wheel (unless it has changed from 02). But there is also another air feed that comes out from the air box that is fed from a vent high up in...
  21. Flying Scotsman

    172 engine removal. Advice Please.

    They would appear to be assembled by raising the subframe/engine under the car so presume removal will be the reverse of this.
  22. Flying Scotsman

    Induction kits for 172

    Hi jpmad4it2, The filter is an original K&N 57i kit for a MK2 172. I have mounted it in a custom insulated metal housing that seals against the insde of the bonnet and keeps the temp about 2 deg C within ambient (measured buy the temp sensor you see in the picture). The air intake is from the...
  23. Flying Scotsman

    FAO Jeremy Townsend

    Hi Jeremy, I currently have a Mar 2003 1.6 Clio Dynamique. I have had the whole sunroof assembly replaced by my dealer (Glenvarigill, Dunfermline ... excellent daeler BTW). They have done their utmost to solve the problem, but it is still " creaking" under normal operation. Apart from this I...
  24. Flying Scotsman

    Induction kits for 172

    Hi Dino2020, welcome to our forum mate. Hope you find the correct IK that suits your aspirations! Any of the "sealed" kits will will be good (e.g. Viper, BMC etc) BTW, jpmad4it2, whats pants with K&N filters mate ... mines workin just fine!:) Its all about correct installation. K&N were...
  25. Flying Scotsman

    K-Tec Exhaust

    My exhaust was cut over the beam when I got my Magnex fitted. Has been up in the loft ever since (best place for it IMHO). Remember that K-tec exhausts are very good quality but a shade on the loud side. Do sound the biz at 5K plus though when they get believe it or not ......quiter!
  26. Flying Scotsman

    Removing doors from car

    LOL, wouldnt fancy your chances in a side impact.... God forbid!!!! .....hhmmm would certainly catch a few glances in the rush hour though!! :cool:
  27. Flying Scotsman

    40mm mk2 172 lowering

    Rhys mate, what thread are you on :D
  28. Flying Scotsman

    What brakes on Dynamic

    Why would you want to uprate them anyway? Your brakes are probably the same as my 1.6 dynamique with more power and are certainly more than adaquate for the job? I have road driven this car hard and never managed to fade the brakes. Harder pads are a pain on the road taking ages to heat up from...
  29. Flying Scotsman

    40mm mk2 172 lowering

    Dont do it mate unless you just want a kerb cruiser .... it fecks up the 172 handling. I had -40mm AVOs which were great on smooth roads but gash on the twisty B roads .... bottomed out on the fronts!! Ive since gone for Eibach Pros ... next no no drop but significant improvements in both...