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  1. TheEvilGiraffe

    MINI Cooper S R53 (bills old car)

    Dibs if selling those wheels :ROFLMAO:
  2. TheEvilGiraffe

    Detailing Chat & Questions Thread

    I hope you bought one bottle, but on the tick :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  3. TheEvilGiraffe

    Open ended M14x1.5 locking wheel nuts

    Just put the standard Renault lockers on. Even with the right key, you still won't get the wheels off.. Ever. Got a flat tyre ? New car time. Everyone likes new car shopping... You're welcome.
  4. TheEvilGiraffe

    Clio RS Line 2020 - Clock keeps resetting

    Take it back to the supplying dealer ? It's a brand new car. Do you know when it was built ? It could feasibly have been built 6+ months before you drove home in it, so a dead battery is a possibility.
  5. TheEvilGiraffe

    Xbox Series X|S - OFFICIAL News!

    This was properly interesting !! Nothing techy, just solid info anyone could understand, presented really well. I've always loved the Crash games mind :LOL:
  6. TheEvilGiraffe

    RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4

    Simply stand closer to the subject :ROFLMAO:
  7. TheEvilGiraffe

    American Truck Simulator

    In a fookin' traffic jam too. I'm kind of intrigued but it - nor anything similar - appears to be on GamePass currently (n)
  8. TheEvilGiraffe

    Serv light and slight hestitation

    Without wishing to sound obvious.. wait for the postie with the reader. Guessing or firing the parts cannon at it seems pointless considering that's en route... Hope it's an easy fix :cool:
  9. TheEvilGiraffe

    Ian & Suzanne's Epic Black and White 200T's

    Bet @Yorkshire Pudding has some of them in his spares cupboard..
  10. TheEvilGiraffe

    Metallic fill/gloss Might be of some use, buddy.
  11. TheEvilGiraffe

    The Chris Harris thread

    Absolutely brilliant video with two properly decent car guys.. I want a CarPervert mug :ROFLMAO: Pt2 out later today was the suggestion....
  12. TheEvilGiraffe

    Rear arches scrubbing

    As above. Tyres wider than OEM Lower than OEM Spaced out wider than OEM spec.
  13. TheEvilGiraffe

    VW Golf 1.8t Sport Estate

    Look like boggospec wheels photoshopped badly Yep..
  14. TheEvilGiraffe

    RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4

    @frayz has a stick-on plate on the front of his Cayman IIRC......? Might be magnetic ?! Might be making this all up...
  15. TheEvilGiraffe

    RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4

    Is it brand new ?! Details ! (Or have I done a reading fail?) Like that it matches the garage door. Good planning.
  16. TheEvilGiraffe

    Headlight problems....

    What car for starters ? Where are you based ? Lots of Clio specialists about.. and useful members on here who might be able to help. Could be an earth, broken wire, relay or stalk at a guess. Might be alternator, then again it could be the boot carpet at fault as it's a Clio and often...
  17. TheEvilGiraffe

    My first yellow car - Leon FR

    Sod that lark. Cover them in anti-bac interior cleaner and wet-vac them dry after a decent scrub ! Cheaper to buy a wet vac than buy more seats. Probably :ROFLMAO:
  18. TheEvilGiraffe

    Clio mk3 1.5dci wipers not working

    Relays ?! Are they clicking when activating via the stalk ?
  19. TheEvilGiraffe

    Camera Recommendations

    I've got one of those. Great compared to a phone, depending what you need from a camera. It's crap at night and long exposure photos however, so it depends what you're going to do with it. Compared to a SLR it's a bit simple, but it's cracking for what it is and blows phones out of the water...
  20. TheEvilGiraffe

    My Impreza mistake

    100% agree (y) Rally car innit.
  21. TheEvilGiraffe

    I bought my dream car.

    LOTS OF TREAD (which was manufactured before you were born and has subsequently cracked and set solid, ensuring friction losses are at a minimum).
  22. TheEvilGiraffe

    I bought my dream car.

    Or tyres from this century. Brave. Lovely bus - love the reasoning behind it. Hope it behaves !
  23. TheEvilGiraffe

    Ian & Suzanne's Epic Black and White 200T's

    Hmm.. thought these were renowned for being very sensitive to the right NGK plugs ?
  24. TheEvilGiraffe

    e91 335i. The Unicorn.

    Ah no, just seen this. Would have bought it off you for more. Etc..
  25. TheEvilGiraffe

    Starting out on my own - cleaning cars for money !

    Thanks chap. I'll have to kidnap the neighbours kids (and wife) to accomplish all of that, but it wouldn't be the worst thing I've ever done :unsure: Assuming you're still Billericay way, drop a car off with me for a day or whatever. Gimme a text/PM any time :cool:
  26. TheEvilGiraffe

    Is it just me or have i just paid my money to join a club that doesnt cater for my model?

    If you're only 16 and like football, it's probably not the forum for you anyway ? Didn't seem to be much happening in N.Wales in 2013 either. Can't wait for the same message in 2027 (y)
  27. TheEvilGiraffe

    From gravel to road 172 PH1

    Looks great !! Like a Harlequin Polo :D
  28. TheEvilGiraffe

    Death wish

    Took his gear off ? What does being nude add to this situation.. aside from making the inevitable investigation into his death that little bit weirder...
  29. TheEvilGiraffe

    Help please newbie here!

    Where are you based ? Firing the parts cannon at it seems a bit amateur... Find a decent specialist or a garage that will actually work out what's wrong..!?
  30. TheEvilGiraffe

    The DIY Thread

    @Luke .. wardrobes mate. Pay attention .. take some notes (y)