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  1. Damon65

    Speedline 2118

    my speedlines on eBay
  2. Damon65

    Brand new Iphone X

    I'm selling a brand new sealed iphone X 64gb space grey
  3. Damon65

    Ph2 flamer resurrection

    bought this shed off eBay for 300 to tinker around with it's got fairly tatty bodywork and interior and a snapped cambelt so it's well dead at the moment. plans are get the head off and inspect the damage and rebuild(if not BER) then I will do a trackday and see what I break
  4. Damon65

    Back in the game

    had a few years away from the clio game until this popped up locally needs a fair bit of work but it's a project car to start with got to investigate the snapped cambelt situation and see if I can reuse the head or not
  5. Damon65

    silver 172 Newquay

    spotted on campsite Newquay view resort
  6. Damon65

    rear shocks 182

    hello sorry if it's been covered before but my rear shocks are dud on my cup packed 182. I use the car at the moment as a daily and a fast road tear about but it's becoming a second car very soon so what do people recommend for the shocks I don't mind changing fronts as well the cars lowered on...
  7. Damon65

    182 cup on a14

    was broken down on eastbound carriageway I was travelling westbound at roughly 5pm
  8. Damon65


    can anyone recommend a garage in Cambridgeshire for cambelt/dephaser swap
  9. Damon65

    182 fix up make good

    Hello all back again after a year or so away from a Clio. To be honest I regretted selling my 172 straight away but at the time it had to go..... End of the sob story spotted this 182 on eBay and decided to dip my feet back in. I got it cheap because of a misfire I'm told that cylinder 3 is...
  10. Damon65

    Flamer in bedford interchange

    Spotted today about 12ish
  11. Damon65

    Clio ph2 project

    Im selling my project car as im not going to get round to building it The ebay number is 271733016138 Thanks for looking
  12. Damon65

    blue 182 daventry

    spotted today blue 182 in royal oak industrial estate. had a bucket seat in
  13. Damon65

    Silver ph1 little paxton

    Noisey one passed you twice looked track preped sounded nice About 7pmish today
  14. Damon65

    clio 182 a428

    blue with orange roof scoop and white rollcage at about 5:30 today
  15. Damon65

    172 hesitation

    Right guys and girls I need some help with a strange misfire on my 172. Basically it's missing/hesitating between 1500/2000rpm in 3rd 4th and 5th gears once it coughs through it she revs up fine. I tried to get a video but my phones pants. It's getting progressively worse had it in 2nd gear...
  16. Damon65


    My 172 has developed a strange misfire. Basically it's missing at roughly 1800rpm but it doesn't do it while pulling away only if you roll on from say a roundabout there is no management light just a hesitation and it's in consistent it's not always doing it
  17. Damon65

    ph1 172 great paxton

    Spotted a silver ph1 in great paxton at 8pm
  18. Damon65

    172 flamer

    Figured been on here a while I should start a progress thread the car started life as my other halfs run around she fancied a 172 as at the time I had a cup, I wanted her to have abs and such so I picked her up the flamer for £400. It needed a new windscreen and had no tax and test so the...
  19. Damon65

    Black 182 Great Paxton

    About midday didn't catch the reg properly
  20. Damon65

    Monaco blue 172 papworth

    Parked on a driveway on summershill drive in papworth everard
  21. Damon65

    172 ph1 bedford

    Spotted a 172 phase 1 in silver with a roll cage passing nandos in the centre
  22. Damon65

    172 cup caxton

    About 10:30pm yesterday On a private reg looked clean
  23. Damon65

    172 st neots

    Spotted an iceberg 172 parked on market square about mid day today anyone on here?
  24. Damon65

    172 cup A428

    Let me past on my bike on thurs night had a twin exhaust was fairly loud
  25. Damon65

    aux belt problem

    I noticed recently that on full lock the steering has been making a horrible noise on full lock only and it got alot worse yesterday i looked at.the aux belt and the tensioner spring is resting on the belt wearing a nice groove in the centre. The tensioner is only 4 months old has the tensioner...
  26. Damon65

    lumpy idle

    my clio has always had a lumpy idle can be quite strong especially when cold I had a dig around in the engine bay and there seems to be a broken sensor on the front of the block (under the intake manifold) its a brown connector looks like a mechanic may have caught it whilst doing some work...
  27. Damon65

    My Renaults

    my two clios my clio and R5 GTT raider
  28. Damon65

    My 172 Cup

    only had it a few months will be happy once ive had the dephaser done and got some turini's on it
  29. Damon65

    New one

    Hi there my names damon, i have just bought a clio sport 172 cup. I only went to look at the car my friend owned as he had been raving about it i drove it and the rest is history i now own it :) i saw the tax disk holder in the car with the address of this place so i thought id give it a try