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  1. Stefan.

    Stefans 182 trophy #43

    Mot time.... Passed no advisories
  2. Stefan.

    The life of... SharkyUK's Trophy

    Anything new on the T, Andy?
  3. Stefan.

    Stefans 182 trophy #43

    So havnt updated this In a while.. On 49k now with mot coming up decided to put new disc and pads all round and fit the new eibach oem springs. All abit past their best. Along with a few other jobs, new lamda post cat, and got a heater control panel to replace the original as it did the common...
  4. Stefan.

    Low Milage LY V6

    That the one that sold on collecting cars recently?
  5. Stefan.

    Giving a 172 Cup some TLC

    Awesome work 👍
  6. Stefan.

    Making an offer - 172 Cup

    End of the day if he is using it I agree £500 is a slap in the face, what's he gonna get for £500? If it were sat there doing nothing then maybe but its being used.
  7. Stefan.

    Gaz’s turbo ep3

    Fair play. See this on dcc
  8. Stefan.

    Stefans Lupo Gti

    So going in from last post, the lupo had a couple of niggles I wanted to sort out.. The car came with a coin holder that wouldn't close and the previous chap used it connect his phone to play music through, wasn't for me so replaced with another cup holder.. Before After Next was a...
  9. Stefan.

    Stefans Lupo Gti

    Hello So I purchased this lupo gti on 3rd October 2020, I happened to just be browsing autotrader/pistonheads/ebay for cars like you do when you're bored, always kept my eye on lupo gti's as they don't often come on the market. So fast forward I happen to see this one come up, was very much an...
  10. Stefan.

    Cat replacement

    No they don't go for as much iirc
  11. Stefan.

    MarkCup's BMW M140i

    #Lockdownhaircut Had to get the clippers out sadly...
  12. Stefan.

    Michelin pilot 4 tyres, any good in the wet ?

    I've got them on the trophy, they don't compare. If michelin did the ps4 in 16 I'd have those
  13. Stefan.

    Michelin pilot 4 tyres, any good in the wet ?

    Best tyres I've had! More then fine in the rain
  14. Stefan.

    I bought my dream car.

    So gone in 60 seconds. Looks ace 😍
  15. Stefan.

    RyG’s Porsche Cayman GT4

    Awesome car 👍
  16. Stefan.

    Clio 172 Phase 1 - Barn find

    You can de bobble the seats easy enough. Great work on the clean up. Looks great!
  17. Stefan.

    I bought my dream car.

    Yes yes yes Looks bang on now, liking the Ambers Inside not so much but meh
  18. Stefan.

    It’s that time of year again... car insurance

  19. Stefan.

    Clio 172 Phase 1 - Barn find

    Awesome!!! Great find
  20. Stefan.

    182 Trophy Advice

    As above the amount of owners, miles and still potential work needed on it, seems too strong money imo.
  21. Stefan.

    Pistachio's Racing Blue 182 Project Thread

    I know likes of @Dr Jekyll restores them to as new. If they are waxed/coated they last longer. But yeah black looks good on it.
  22. Stefan.

    Pistachio's Racing Blue 182 Project Thread

    Why didn't you get the headlights restored? Looks nice still.
  23. Stefan.

    AG200 Rescue

    Best wheels for them, very nice
  24. Stefan.

    Frayz's Inferno 182 - Back in the old flame

    Lovely wheels 👍
  25. Stefan.

    Matt's Racing Blue 182

    Nice. Any clips of your exhaust and how it sounds? This is the ktec centre line I take it?
  26. Stefan.

    Big Steve's RB Clio 182 Cup Restoration

    No lambda sensor needed now?
  27. Stefan.

    22b 99k

    That had an estimate of £80-90k aswell. They are cool and if you got tons of money why not.
  28. Stefan.

    Loose Read End

    Are the rear dampers/springs in good order..?
  29. Stefan.

    My New Forester Sti

    FLOL no wonder you sell cars so quickly if tax is a biggie.