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  1. super_ted

    E36 3.0 ITB Race Build

    Love this thread!!
  2. super_ted

    STOP 'low battery'

    Check all the earth points are clean & tight.
  3. super_ted

    DIY ABS delete

    I really want to do this but was under the impression that the speedo works off the abs?
  4. super_ted

    Ring Doorbell

    I have one that I’m very happy with, only downside is the slight delay of around 4-5 seconds when using the app. I’ve found my battery to last around 2 months which I think is pretty good to be fair. You can also get a solar charger surround for it too.
  5. super_ted

    Alignment recommendations Oxford?

    I asked well over a year ago mate but never got a single reply. Took it to a local place who improved it slightly but it’s still not how I’d like it set up.
  6. super_ted

    Nissens Radiator

    Fitted one to mine recently, everything bolted up as factory.
  7. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    Thanks for following, I got this back together but forgot to update. Bent subframe, so replaced it. Found that one of the driveshaft gaiters had split so had to change that too Replaced radiator Then had the alignment sorted and gave it a clean. Looking forward to next year.
  8. super_ted

    '86 MK2 Golf GTI - Resto job.

    Nice, Jamie always does amazing work.
  9. super_ted

    '86 MK2 Golf GTI - Resto job.

    Nice project, will be following this. Currently thinking of selling my mk1 to get a mk2.
  10. super_ted

    AC Delete

    I’m also at this stage. So it’s K tec, pms or 172 cup set up?
  11. super_ted

    What's your favourite car related YouTube channel?

    Bad obsession motorsport - project binky.
  12. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    Thanks. Breaker already sourced for parts.
  13. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    This is the sheared ball joint which looks strangely like it may have been like this for awhile ? Doesn't look like a fresh break to me? Impact ripped the bushes clean out the wishbone Bent subframe Disc Broken arb mount Just a small list then.
  14. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    I was really enjoying the car, the track, it was amazing until I got a little carried away, touched the grass, spun me a few times and spat me out the other side into the barrier. Sheared the ball joint, bent wishbone, creased subframe, shuttered disc, bent driveshaft, radiator & headlight...
  15. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    About time I updated this. On the test drive I found the dished wheel too close so I swopped it for this which is much better I then finished the extinguisher plumbing and all cables. Then padded the cage. Then booked in for an evening session at Cadwell park to finally test the beast...
  16. super_ted

    So I've gone Volkswagen

    I bet. You didn't lose on it though did you?
  17. super_ted

    So I've gone Volkswagen

    Looks like a great laugh. Would love to do one of these trips sometime in my R.
  18. super_ted

    Roll Cage

    Another vote for Tom. That's my orange cage!
  19. super_ted

    Clioless - E46 M3 Racecar

    This is awesome!!
  20. super_ted

    Yoko AD08r track tyre review, after being on the track (Look worse for wear)

    I don't see what the problem is here? They look as you'd expect after some track time.
  21. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    Got half an hour this afternoon so I locked up, Chucked the trade plates in, went to the petrol station, filled her with super and went off to find some country roads to have a spirited 'test drive'. All I can say is wow! I love this car already, I can't wait to drive it in anger on a track...
  22. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    Few more bits done. Extinguisher is now all plumbed in, one outlet to the engine bay and one to the drivers seat. I forgot to take a picture of this. I then carefully removed all the unused brackets from inside, every little helps. I then gave it a clean inside and out. Just waiting...
  23. super_ted

    Help with fault codes please

    Nobody who can shed some light?
  24. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    Tackled the front brakes today, new discs, ds pads, good ridge braided lines and race fluid. Then ended up with these codes to sort......
  25. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    A few updates. I removed the steering lock, bypassed the immob and fitted the solid state electrical cut off's and extinguisher pull cables inside and out. I made a panel to house everything. Then tested my new ramp out at work... Then tackled the rear exhaust rubbers
  26. super_ted

    Help with fault codes please

    Hoping someone may be of help? Currently turning my 182 into a track car, fully stripped, etc. See project section. I'm nearly there but thought I'd plug it in just to check for any stored codes as it's a little lumpy. Obviously the airbag and service light are on but I also have some other...
  27. super_ted

    Alignment recommendations Oxford?

    As Title, Anyone got any ideas on who i can trust in Oxford to set my track car up?