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    Malvern Hills

    Try the A44 towards Leominster. Pretty good, easily falls into the "twisites" category.
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    Artic or Arctic

    Hang on artic roll is what happens on the M5 on a regular basis! Or could be a 44 ton lorry dipped in ice cream and covered with jam and sponge!
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    Artic or Arctic

    Artic roll? Ice cream surrounded by jam and sponge? A blast from the past.
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    Defection - the dark side

    Hippychick maybe my underperforming 172 has given me a false sense of a CTRs abilities? Did you have the hand brake on or something?
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    Defection - the dark side

    Tom satin silver. Have only driven approx 50 miles in it so far but compared to the 172 it feels alive. Like a terrier on a lead at the entrance to a rabbit warren. It just wants to go. Im even surprised by the way it pulls even before you enter the VTEC zone. Also way more solid and quite...
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    Defection - the dark side

    After my bitter disappointment on the PE rollers the 172 just had to go. Drastic, maybe - but hey what the hell. So Ive gone and done it and bought a VTEC bread van! Yes A CTR. Please feel free to stop me on my rounds. If you require anything extra (ladies) please leave me a note. Also...
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    172 Questions

    Oh yeah oil - supposed to use 5W 40 fully synthetic.
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    172 Questions

    Mitch I live in Worcester and use Hylton Renault in Bromyard. Have serviced my car twice now. A good job was done but I have found the service a little lacking. Like waiting 30 mins for my bill or taking 2.5 hrs to complete an oil change. Hmmm. Dont let me put you off, the work they do...
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    WHAT induction

    Green replacement element. £32 Demon Tweeks. Sorted!
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    Whats ya mileage

    24k on a 2001 Y
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    Best Airfilter and Xhaust combo

    Ill second Bikemans comments!
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    Where can I get a Magnex fitted (worcs)

    Yep full CAT back with 6 x 4" tail. If you want to check it out we cold meet up.
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    Where can I get a Magnex fitted (worcs)

    Mortster I also live in Worcester but made the trip to DT. Itll take you a couple of hours to get there but the return journey will be much more fun!
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    Green filter - my opinion

    Green replacement element £32 from Demon Tweeks. Would agree with Bike Man - seems to rev more freely.
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    Magnex being fitted!!!

    172 gal got mine fitted 2 weeks ago. Full CAT back with the monster 6 x 4 pipe. Sounds excellent at idle and when cruising slowly. However be prepared to put up with quite a bit of boom at 80mph until it beds in. Telford Mike reckons on about 2000 miles! Keep the ear plugs to hand.
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    Fitting silvervision bulbs

    Took me fappin ages! Even asked the girl friend to assist as she has smaller hands. Be a man, skin those knuckles and swear a bit. The end result is worth it. No more orangey lights!
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    FAO Telford Mike

    Mike check your PM.
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    What Air Filter

    Green replacement element. £28 Demon Tweeks! Speak to John Harris.
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    FAO mk1 172 drivers

    Agree with Vr6man. 90 ish 3rd, 120 ish 4th. 5th who knows - was too scared to go any faster for fear of being nicked!
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    Lumpy 172

    BrynO when started first thing in the morning mine is very lumpy. Obviously when it has warmed up it is better, but even after a hard charge the idle is far from smooth. I guess it is just a characteristic of the engine!
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    BenR I wanted a quick reply so posted twice!:oops: Thanks
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    Have I got this right Mk1 172 - 2 cats & 1 lambda sensor?
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    Have I got this right Mk1 172 - 2 cats, 1 lambda sensor? Im about to order a new exhaust and want to get this right! Thanks
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    FAO Telford Mike

    Mike check your PM Simon
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    Anyone for Optimax

    I always use it. Seems to make the car run better and it also seems to allow it pick up more smoothly. Having tried Tescos bargain fuel the difference is marked. IMHO.
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    FAO Telford Mike

    Mike check your PM. Simon
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    172 owners with K Tec or Magnex

    Is there anyone in the midlands area who would be willing to meet up and give me a demo (fit, looks, sound etc) Im right on the edge of making a decision - this may well help me.
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    Cup - Test drive

    Talizman Ive already got a Mk1 172 so need to know what the difference is between it and a Cup. i.e do I get my wallet out, put my mrs on the game and break open the piggy bank!
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    Cup - Test drive

    Cheers Tim I will give them a call.
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    squeek in engine

    Have you checked for any of the following:- Mice Guinea Pigs Sweep, the puppet dog from the Sooty Show