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    Valeo Clutch Kit ( extra parts in box) ?

    Just had my clutch kit delivered today and there is a spacer type thing with the kit. There is a picture saying where it goes but I can't see a use for it as there wasn't one originally :S Anyone know what it is for? And if its actually needed? Heres a pic
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    Project 'I'ts a keeper'

    This project thread isn't really going to be a project as such.. There will be bare minimum modifications, I'm just sharing my time with the car :D So the car in question is a 182, which I've owned from new since 2004.. Here's the only picture I have from around that time Since owning the...
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    RB in Bentley West Mids

    Yesterday at about dinner time ish driving past Bentley pavilion towards the Bentley green Also at about half 7 last night by goals (might not have been the same car tho as it was dark)
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    Newbie From West Mids

    Hey everyone i'm new to the club but not new to the clio. I've had my clio182 since 2004 when it was registered and before that I had a clio Williams :D Loved my williams to bits but unfortunately I needed something newer and more reliable so the obvious choich was the 182 In the time I have...