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  1. super_ted

    Help with fault codes please

    Hoping someone may be of help? Currently turning my 182 into a track car, fully stripped, etc. See project section. I'm nearly there but thought I'd plug it in just to check for any stored codes as it's a little lumpy. Obviously the airbag and service light are on but I also have some other...
  2. super_ted

    Alignment recommendations Oxford?

    As Title, Anyone got any ideas on who i can trust in Oxford to set my track car up?
  3. super_ted

    Ignition switch wiring

    Just wondering if anyone has tackled this already to save me some time with a multimeter. Just removed my ignition barrel from my track slag to disable the steering lock and fit a push start button in the dash. As I removed it, the whole thing fall apart. Anyone know which wire does what...
  4. super_ted

    Super_ted's 182 track car build

    Sooo..... Managed to pick this up very cheap so thought it would be rude not to buy it and turn it into a dedicated track car / trailer queen and hopefully take Part in the Tricolore series next year. It's a 2004 182 cup so I'm told but a few have already pointed out the lack of boot spoiler...
  5. super_ted

    Back in the fold with a 182

    Hi all, Back in the fold with a new 182 project. Had a few mk1 'valvers' around 10 years ago so I've always had a soft spot for the Clio. Had some great fun in them and even went over to 'the ring' with a group of members which was great fun. I picked this up yesterday, it needs some work but...