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  1. harey

    What TV????

    I need help with picking a TV. I want a 65" TV and have a budget of no more than £1200. I've no idea what is the best spec I can get for that money. Hisense seems the best value for money but will I be disappointed? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  2. harey

    Clio ph1 Max Power on Fb On the Max Power Facebook pages Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  3. harey

    In 5 years time

    How many 1*2s are going to be left and standard or close to? Seen so many Facebook posts of people breaking them or turning them into track cars lately You can already see that prices for a decent condition 1*2 have stabilised and they now surely will only go one way. Looking on how many left...
  4. harey

    Another Abs and service light help reqd

    For the past couple of days I've had the clio on axle stands to sort my exhaust. I had the front wheels off too to clean the arches etc. Once I'd sorted the exhaust I fired the car up to make sure the exhaust wasn't blowing and all was fine. Wheels etc all put back and car back on the ground...
  5. harey

    Decat lambda question

    I've just put a decat on the clio. When I removed the cat the sensor was seized in the hole so I unclipped it and left it with the cat. Is there anyone on here who sells sensors (rather than go to ecp) or would you just plug the port on the decat with an M18 bolt and live with the EML being on...
  6. harey

    Carbon Cansiter

    So after a little research I think my Carbon canister is spent. What does it do and can I unplug it? The noise is only there on idle and comes back after 10 seconds or so after being revved Sent from my ONEPLUS A6013 using Tapatalk
  7. harey

    Another anyone recognise this (sorry) 172 cup

    I'm off to view this cup this weekend but the MOT history is putting me off ever so slightly. It's had 5+ owners and only done 75k miles. I can't understand which the springs are "incomplete" other than the gypsy way of cutting the springs to lower it???? Thoughts and opinions please Sent...
  8. harey

    197/200 roll cage

    does anyone have or able to get hold of a drawing of a 197/200 roll cage? Either full cage or half cage. I can have them made and powdered way cheaper than they can be bought from anywhere without loosing any strength or quality. If I can get a drawing I might be able to get a group buy going...
  9. harey

    Help me with a decision

    So for the last year i've had a Sony a7ii and it's by far been the best camera i've had and i've had good results from it (i think) Max portrait by Jon Hare, on Flickr Normanton Church by Jon Hare, on Flickr I've just lost the enthusiasm at the minute and fancy trying something a little...
  10. harey

    Wheel alignment

    I’m having an mot done on Wednesday and thought whilst it’s there they could get the wheel alignment done. The car was lowered on H&R springs a few weeks ago and have cup shocks. What is the best set up for me? Thanks in advance Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. harey

    Changing to H&R springs

    I'm going to buy some H&R springs for my 200. How much should I roughly budget for a garage to switch them over? And... Does any one have any 197/200 pictures of how it'll sit? Thanks
  12. harey

    Harey's 200

    Hi, I've been a long time lurker on here for many years and now i'm back in a Clio I need to take part more. I had a Clio 172 several years ago and was smitten. It was a massive leap forward from the Saxo VTS's i'd had before. 172 on Rota Slipstreams by Jon Hare, on Flickr I have had a few...
  13. harey

    my new whip, Panda 100hp

    Hi all I don't post here often but I know these are greatly received by most. I got it last week with only 22k on the clock. I already love it and have never smiled so much driving a car. I have a few ideas for subtle mods including coilovers and a Ragazzon exhaust.
  14. harey

    car dilemma

    evening all, I am hoping you chaps can help me and the wife make a decision on our next car. We have narrowed it down to 2 (they are a little bit different to each other. car 1 (my choice) 2008 Clio 197 cup in white with Recaro seats the finance offer on this is our old car and 48 payments of...
  15. harey

    BRM Day in Bourne

    Today in Bourne (Lincs) they held a BRM day to commentate 50 years. It was a superb day where the high street was closed and some old F1 cars etc were driven down the street by people like Damon Hill and Jackie Stewart. just a couple of images
  16. harey

    Macbook Pro reboot without discs

    Sorry for sounding a spoon but.. Is it possible to reset my Macbook Pro without the discs. I lost them a while ago and now need to reset my Mac for sale. My mate has some discs but are for a different size screen. Does this matter? :o Thanks
  17. harey

    what and how?

    I have been given a MacBook pro. how do find out what model it is and I do I reset it back to day 1. I want to sell it and get an iPad.
  18. harey

    Liquid yellow worth extra £???

    I'm looking to buy a 182. There is a LY near me but it's looking about £500 more than any other colour. I will be keeping the car for about 3 years and my questions are is it worth the extra cash and will it hold the premium when I sell it. Thanks
  19. harey

    172 ph2 de cat pipe

    Does anyone know the dimensions of one of these as I can get them made where I work. All I need is length, width between centre of both ends and bore. Thanks
  20. harey

    Tw@t in 172 cup crowland

    As I was driving round the town trying to find a house I kept seeing you. Then when I got on the by-pass (which is 50mph.) you decided to show all your chavvy mates you were the man in the fastest car. Dickheads like you give us all a bad name.
  21. harey

    197 wheel in 172

    I have done a search and not found the answer I'm looking for. I have a 172 without c/c but I want to fit a 197 wheel. Is this possible, are the airbag connectors the same and is there a 197 wheel without c/c Thanks
  22. harey

    Yellow 172 ye**rro

    Bourne tesco now with massive sticker in back window
  23. harey


    Seen all the local rude boys sporting these. They must be packing real race pace now along with there peco big bore and lexus lights. What's it all about?
  24. harey

    Specialist needed

    Hello chaps, my old man has a 197 and needs a good service with a cambelt change. Can any recommend a good specialist in the Cheltenham area. Thanks
  25. harey

    Wanted pic Clio with pro race 2 rims

    As title. I have been offered some of these wheels for my iceberg 172 and want to see what they look like. Ta
  26. harey

    Team dynamics pro race 2s

    What do people think of these been offered them for £250 there 15s and going on an iceberg 172
  27. harey

    Ashley exhaust

    Has anyone ever had one of these. Been looking at OMP grp N but it seems all that is available now is the ashley one. Or should I go custom to get the rasp
  28. harey

    Not a Clio but...(pics)

    Saw this on my merry travels to Cheltenham this weekend and had to share it Sorry for the shoddy iPhone pics
  29. harey

    Not a fan of the Stickers

    Sorry if its yours. Also not sure on the 172 cup stickers when looking and what spoiler its wearing
  30. harey

    3m carbon

    Is there a guide anywhere how to apply this stuff. Is it easy or am I guaranteed wrinkles