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  1. Owen92

    Area Reps

    I stepped down last year. I'm still around but not enough to be a rep anymore.
  2. Owen92

    Tool boxes/chests to take to track/race days...

    I started my apprenticeship with a Teng Tools box. Should do the trick for you if you can get hold of one.
  3. Owen92

    The Dirty Car Christmas Competition 2016. Auto Finesse kit up for grabs!

    I'm doing quite well with mine. Silver car that's now looking more black. I'll get some pictures over the weekend after another few hundred miles.
  4. Owen92

    SKY Q

    We had Sky out because I told them they could take the lot back. Moved the mini box a foot further away from the tv and this sorted our wifi issue. They also turned off the eco mode on the main box, however found that if the mini box is turned off onto standby manually, we will still...
  5. Owen92

    Project cars

    I've got both on Xbox 1 and definitely think Project Cars is the better of the two.
  6. Owen92

    Enzo engined Honda Type R with 750bhp

    Totally forgot about the invisible Lotus!
  7. Owen92

    Just discover i have been driving with no air filter!!

    Evans Halshaw Peterborough are just as bad. Couldn't even pick up the phone to let me know the car wasn't ready on the day it was due to be collected. Five days running! Only found out when I arrived at the dealer to collect it because no one would answer the phone. This was on a car that I'd...
  8. Owen92


    I'll have one if ones still available please?
  9. Owen92

    Forza Horizon 3

    Joined the group the other day. Loving this so far!
  10. Owen92

    iPhone 7

    Ordered a black 256gb normal 7, from O2 the day after pre orders started. Got a text this morning saying it was ready for collection.
  11. Owen92

    SKY Q

    We had the same issues with the mini box. Ended up getting them out to have a look. All they did was turned off automatic standby mode and moved the box from next to the tv, albeit with the screen hanging over the top, to in front of the tv and not had an issue. Went from having to hard reset...
  12. Owen92

    Anyone in Peterborough able to do me a favour?

    I went past the car lot again yesterday and definitely saw your car. It was sat in a row of cars for sale, but couldn't see if it had a for sale sign in it.
  13. Owen92

    Anyone in Peterborough able to do me a favour?

    Drove past yesterday a couple of times. It definitely is still going by the name Auto Vogue, as this is the sign on the gate. I couldn't see your car from the road or by looking from our yard, although I haven't actually walked around their cars. @j4mes-c
  14. Owen92

    Anyone in Peterborough able to do me a favour?

    Not really heard anything about them to be honest. That plot though has had quite a few different names in the past few years.
  15. Owen92

    Anyone in Peterborough able to do me a favour?

    I work at Volvo so will have a look on my way in monday afternoon. Did you want to fire over your number in a pm and I'll text you as soon as I know?
  16. Owen92

    Anyone in Peterborough able to do me a favour?

    What's the address? Should be able to have a pass by tomorrow or in the week for you mate. Edit. I can guarantee there is still a dealer there, as that is the access road to my work! I'll double check the name on Monday, as it's been through a few different names. I will also have a poke around...
  17. Owen92

    CSF16 Picture Thread

    Gutted I missed this!!! A drunken weekend with you guys is just what I wanted. But as always work got in the way of it again and spent the whole of Saturday balls deep in an engine.
  18. Owen92

    Socket / Tool Sets?

    If you know someone with a Halfords trade card, then I'd definitely be going for the Halfords set.
  19. Owen92

    Does much happen in this region?

    I'm from Peterborough too. It's a bit quiet but hopefully aiming to get something organised later in the year.
  20. Owen92

    Bulbs not working after being changed

    Will need the earth points cleaning. The flashing fog light will be caused by a bad earth, so will need the earth points cleaning.
  21. Owen92

    Bulbs not working after being changed

    Sounds like a blown fuse. The fuse more than likely powers the rear sidelight, and possibly the front sidelight, as well. Check the fuse, if it's blown then replace it and recheck your lights. Also is the number plate LED bulb one with a metal base? If so, I guarantee you've pushed it in too...
  22. Owen92

    Tyre question reworded..

    Your tyre is fucked once you use tyre foam and is a short term fix. Your time on CS will be short term too.
  23. Owen92

    Car door caught in the wind

    Try it yourself. Between two people it should be easily manageable, as long as you haven't bent anything.
  24. Owen92

    Car door caught in the wind

    Should be able to loosen the hinges and adjust the door. It's happened to mine before and that's how I fixed it. Need to do the other side since passenger door flew out of my missus hand the other week.
  25. Owen92

    Fallout 4

    In all fairness I survived the mini nuclear bomb, albeit I had about a mm of health left on the screen.
  26. Owen92

    Fallout 4

    I was a bit too close. Was only about a desk away when I just thought "f**k it, let's see what it'll do".
  27. Owen92

    Fallout 4

    I learnt that killing Kellog. Only just survived.
  28. Owen92

    Mot Advice

    "All seat backs must be securable in the upright position" would probably be the reason for failure or a generalised "seat insecure". At the end of the day it all depends on the tester.
  29. Owen92

    steering wheel cable?

    The cable you are on about is called the contact reel.
  30. Owen92

    iPhone 6 thread.

    The usb lead falling out of the charging port.