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  1. IRD05

    amazing random find in rhodes

    Been there two years running, will be back next year. Love that hotel! Must look out for that F1 edition! Great find!
  2. IRD05

    Mk3 1.2TCe gearbox oil leak

    My lovely little (pain the behind) Clio has developed a gearbox oil leak 😧 The car has left lovely little puddles in my garage, on the drive and at work so may have been leaking for a little while. Appears to be coming from the passenger side, was just wondering if anyone has had...
  3. IRD05

    2007 Clio 1.2tCE Battery Issues

    Thanks for the reply Glowworm :) I will have that checked out just in case, not entirely sure what the issue could be! Im hoping it's just because "it's French" as my mechanic keeps reminding me and nothing more serious
  4. IRD05

    2007 Clio 1.2tCE Battery Issues

    Thanks for the reply Martin! When I tried to turn the car over literally nothing happened orignally - no noises or responses from the engine. When I gave it a couple of mins and tried again, the dials worked (petrol gauge moved etc...) and the engine tried to fire but it only turned over once...
  5. IRD05

    2007 Clio 1.2tCE Battery Issues

    Evening all, First post so go easy on me please! :) I have a 57 Reg 1.2tCE Clio which today decided - out of nowhere - to not fire. Was driven all day yesterday, driven to work this morning all fine, then in the afternoon I went out to it and all kind of electrical hell had broke loose...